10 Celebs Whose UNFORGIVABLE Actions Are Still Haunting the Spotlight

By Krystal Brown

Being a celebrity can be difficult as you are never away from the spotlight and when you get things wrong the world is there to see it. Although we can forgive most celebs for being human, here are 10 celebs that we just can’t forgive.

Chris Brown

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Chris Brown was once adored for his musical skills and we even liked him when he ventured into acting. However, things took a turn for the worse with brown when he assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Rihanna was left with visible injuries from the assault and stories of his domestic violence meant that his work was withdrawn from many platforms. While he did try to apologize to Rihanna, fans did not forgive him and he took a further downward spiral being involved in brawls and drunken incidents.

Bill Cosby

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Famous for playing Cliff Huxtable on the popular The Cosby Show, actor Bill Cosby turned out to be far from the father figure that everyone grew to love. Cosby was disgraced when it came to light that he had sexually assaulted a number of women and after further people came forward he was accused of rape, child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct, among other accusations. Despite pleading not guilty, Cosby has failed to restore his reputation and he was eventually found responsible for three counts of aggravated indecent assault which resulted in a prison sentence.

Roseanne Barr

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One time sitcom favorite Roseanne Barr was canceled in 2018 after sending racist tweets about Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Barack Obama during his residency. Barr was riding high after the return of Roseanne after a 20-year hiatus but she was quickly axed despite showing remorse.

Kevin Spacey

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Spacey was at the height of his career when it all came tumbling down after allegations of sexual assault from numerous men. The news shook Hollywood after people came forward to tell of the trauma caused by Spacey, feeling empowered by the many people telling their stories about the disgraced Harvey Weinstein. Spacey came out to say he was horrified at the accusations but Netflix canceled his contract and more cancellations kept on coming. He has now been charged in the UK but he is still aiming to make a comeback with a film called Peter Five Eight.

Harvey Weintstein

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The ‘Me Too’ movement was started in response to the stories that came to light about the once respected Hollywood mogul. Women and girls came forward to accuse Weinstein of rape and serious sexual assault and he was convicted of a catalogue of offenses. The Me Too movement led to many other offenders in the movie industry and beyond being outed and reprimanded for their actions.

R Kelly

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R&B singer R Kelly has aced allegations of child sexual abuse and kidnapping for over 20 years. Suspicions about Kelly arose when, in 1994, he married singer ​​Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was 27. After years of alllegations he was jailed for 30 years in 2022 for sex trafficking and was later convicted with child sexual abuse

Felicity Huffman

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Desperate Housewives actress Huffman became embroiled in a fraud scandal when she pleaded guilty to paying an alleged $15,000 fee to get her daughters SAT questions corrected in a bid to get a college spot. This resulted in a 2 week prison sentence and a $30,000 plus community service. The ordeal also lost her considerable favor in Hollywood as fans took a dislike at the thought of celebs being able to pay for whatever they want.

Bryan Adams

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Musician Adams has been accused of ‘manipulative behavior’ after several women claimed that he offered them support in their career only for that support to be rescinded when the women turned down his sexual advances. Sexually explicit messages between Adams and his young fans were also revealed, casting a huge shadow on the once influential rock star.

Todd and Julie Chrisley

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Reality TV stars Todd and Julie were indicted by a federal grand jury for tax evasion in 2019. Their production company concealed income thus holding millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. They have continued to deny the accusations but their fans just cannot forgive them for their actions.

Amanda Bynes

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From DUIs to embarrassing herself in public and getting into car accidents, Bynes has had a rough ride in recent years. She was arrested in 2013 for throwing glass out of an apartment window but this did not stop her unruly behavior. After being admitted to mental institution for psychiatric support, Bynes then attended rehab and went on to sign-up for fashion school. While on the path to redemption, for a lot of fans she is untrustworthy and had a lot more work to do if she wants to get back to the good old All That days.

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