10 Essential Life Lessons That Give You an Edge Over 97% of the Population

By Krystal Brown

If you want to get ahead in life pay attention to these 10 life lessons that will put you ahead of 97% of people.

It is Important to Look After Your Health

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Taking care of your mental and physical health is essential if you want to lead a long and productive life. There are, of course, certain diseases that we cannot avoid but by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise we can make the most of our wellbeing. By staying healthy you are much more likely to be able to tackle the difficult things that we have to encounter as we grow. 

Never Compare Yourself to Others

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This journey through life is your journey and it is unique. While it is natural to compare our looks or our abilities to others, it is not productive. There are certain things that you will be great at and others not so great and there are things that you are not so great at, which is ok. When we spend our time comparing ourselves to others we are wasting time working on ourselves. You are only ever going to be happy when you feel happy in your unique self. 

Focus on What is in Your Control

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Life is stressful at times and it is easy to become overwhelmed with what is happening in the world. One important life lesson is that there are often things that will be out of your control and you must respect that. When we focus on the things that we can control we can get things done as we have the skills and the ability to do so. When we try to step outside and fix the things that we have no control over, we are setting ourselves up to become more stressed. 

Consistency is Key

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When things don’t go quite our way or a task seems too difficult to achieve, it is important to keep on trying. Things are not handed to us on a plate, we must work hard and be consistent in our practice. Giving up will get you nowhere and you will lose respect for yourself. 

Happiness is a Choice

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Of course, we do not choose for bad things to happen to us or for us to feel pain but life is not fair and sometimes we have to roll with the punches. When life throws us a curveball we need to reframe our thoughts and choose to be happy. While other people bring us joy, ultimately we can only make ourselves happy. If something is making us unhappy we need to remove that from our lives as much as possible and make a conscious effort to do the things we love. 

It Doesn’t Matter What People Think Of You

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It is nice to know that people like you and enjoy spending time in your company but not everyone you meet is going to share that feeling. When people talk about us or tell others that they don’t like us it hurts but it shouldn’t. It is easy to become demoralized when we hear negative things from other people but don’t let it eat away at you. If you are happy with yourself and your actions, that is all that matters. 

Overthinking Will Make You Sick

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Overthinking everything will make you sick and will make you unproductive. When you are faced with a task, try to remain calm and think of the easiest solution rather than overcomplicating things by becoming stressed. If a situation panics, think about the most likely outcome and the small steps that you can take to achieve what you need to. 

Where There is Anger There is Fear

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Some people say that anger is a way to hide our fears and our real emotions. If you find yourself getting angry all of the time it can become very self-destructive. Instead of getting stressed about how quickly you lose your temper, search deeper and ask yourself what you are afraid of or what feelings are coming up for you. 

It is Important to Forgive

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If you find that you are bottling up anger and resentment for others, forgiving them could offer a huge release. Anger, jealousy, and hate can eat us up so when we allow ourselves to offer forgiveness we can lift a weight from above our heads. When we forgive people, we are not necessarily condoning their behavior, we are simply recognizing that we are not going to let their actions hurt us any longer. 

Money Cannot Buy Happiness

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You can have all of the money in the world and live in the best house that your money can buy but those things will not necessarily make you happy. What makes us happy are the people that we spend our lives with and the things that we experience outside of our wealth. Doing what you want in life often involves money but there are plenty of people who are fulfilled on a much lower budget. 

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