How to Make Breastmilk Lotion

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Breastmilk Lotion is a very Easy lotion to make at home and has numerous benefits for you and your baby. The lotion is made of Grapeseed oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E oil, essential oil of your choice, and of course your Breastmilk.

Breastmilk has the perfect composition for a homemade DIY breast milk lotion recipe.

With just a few simple steps and some ingredients, you can have your homemade breast milk lotion.

But before we start to make breast milk lotion, let’s find out why it works.

Here is how to make a lotion out of breastmilk

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What Is In Breastmilk

Breast milk is the miracle liquid that feeds your new baby. While the white and thin appearance may not seem that interesting, it is packed with antibodies and nutrients.

So what exactly is in Breast milk?

Proteins: Whey and casein are in Breast milk, which aids digestion. About 60-80% of all protein in human milk is whey protein.

Fats: Fatty acids are needed for the development of the brain, retina, and nervous system development.

Vitamins: Breast milk is full of different types of vitamins, which are essential to a developing baby. The content of the vitamins varies as it is correlated to how much vitamin intake the mother has. The more vitamins the mother eats, the more vitamins will be present in her Breast milk.

Carbohydrates: The primary carbohydrate of Breastmilk is lactose, which accounts for 40% of the total calories. Lactose prevents the buildup of unhealthy bacteria in the stomach.

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Is Breastmilk Good For Your Skin

The nutrients in Breast milk can make it healthy for your skin. Not only does Breast milk heal minor skin irritations, it can also offer moisture to dry skin. Breast milk lotion is thought to be a miracle lotion that can be used for the whole household.

Breast milk itself is good for your skin but the added ingredients of breast milk lotion, like grapeseed oil and beeswax, makes the mixture even more beneficial.

One added feature of using breast milk lotion vs. Breast milk itself is that it is easier to handle. Breast milk has qualities that can boost the health of your skin, but it is thin and can be challenging to apply. Making the breast milk a thicker consistency will make it easier to use.

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Easy Breastmilk Lotion Recipe

Now that we understand why it works let’s figure out how to make breast milk lotion. There are many different breast milk lotion recipes but let’s start with this one first:


• 100 ml grapeseed oil

• 1 tbsp beeswax

• Few drops of Vitamin E oil

• 100 ml fresh Breastmilk, at room temperature

• Couple drops of essential oil for scent


1. Using the low setting on the microwave, heat the oil and beeswax together until the beeswax is barely melted. 

2. Add Vitamin E oil.

3. Slowly pour in the Breast milk and whisk the mixture. It should thicken.

4. Allow to cool and thicken before using it.

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• Store in a dry, dark, cool place. The beeswax will discolor if left out in a well-lit area.

• If you store the lotion in the refrigerator, it will harden, so allow it to come to room temperature before using it.

• Beeswax is highly combustible, so be sure to store it away from any heat source.

• Storing it in the freezer will alter the mixture.

• Stays fresh for three months

• If your baby has a dairy allergy, they will react if the Breast milk you use has dairy in it.

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Breastmilk Lotion Bar Recipe

This recipe is for making homemade lotion bars. These bars are an alternative to a regular lotion bottle, and they can make it easy to apply the lotion. The recipe is:


3 oz of Breast milk

3 tablespoons of beeswax

3 tablespoons of coconut oil

Few drops of Vitamin E oil

Essential Oils for Scent


1. Mix the beeswax, coconut oil and vitamin E oil.

2. Add the Breast milk slowly and whisk vigorously.

3. Add essential oils for scent

4. Pour into a silicone mold.

5. Freeze for at least 3 hours

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• Leave out the essential oils if you are going to be using it on a new baby.

• Use a silicone cupcake pan to make small fun-shaped bars.

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Does Breastmilk Lotion Go Bad Quickly?

Due to the makeup of Breast milk, breast milk lotion goes bad quickly if not stored in the refrigerator. It can last up to three months if stored in the fridge. If stored in the cabinet, it will be easier to use.

However, it won’t last as long. If you are storing your breast milk lotion in the refrigerator, be sure to put it on the counter to warm to room temperature before use.

Avoid storing the breast milk lotion in the freezer (unless you are making lotion bars) because it will ruin the texture.

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Does Breastmilk Lotion Have Preservatives?

Fresh Breastmilk can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days before it starts to go bad. If placed in a deep freezer, fresh Breastmilk can be stored for up to 12 months.

Breastmilk typically sours quickly if not stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Breastmilk lotion has the added ingredients of Vitamin E oil and grapeseed oil, which both act as a preservative and help keep the breastmilk lotion fresh.

A breastmilk lotion preservative is also essential oils, which can also add more preservatives that keep the lotion fresh. 

If you are opting to skip the oils for your breastmilk lotion, just keep in mind that it may go bad faster than if there was oil in it. The lack of preservatives in the breastmilk lotion will speed up the process of it going sour.

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How to Make Breastmilk Lotion Without Beeswax?

Are there recipes out there to make breast milk lotion without beeswax?

Well, no, not really. Almost all of the recipes I have come across include beeswax.

Beeswax is an essential ingredient in breast milk lotion and is truly the trick that gives breast milk lotion its consistency of thick and creamy.

The lotion will not set without beeswax.

Grapeseed oil is also an essential ingredient for breastmilk lotion.

You can use other oils if desired, but grapeseed is best for sensitive skin.

The essential oils in breast milk lotion are not necessary and are purely for scent.

If your baby has sensitive skin, it would probably be a good idea to leave the essential oils out. 

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Can My Baby Be Allergic To Breastmilk Lotion?

Before lathering your baby up in your new breast milk lotion, it is a good idea to do a small test first.

Apply the lotion to a clean area on their skin and watch for a reaction.

If there is no reaction to the breastmilk lotion, then your baby is likely safe to use it. 

If there is a reaction, however, it is safest not to use it. But can the baby be allergic to Breast milk?

This is extremely unlikely as it is almost unheard of for a baby to be allergic to Breast milk.

The baby can be allergic to something in the Breast milk, like dairy or peanuts, which then can cause a reaction.

The baby can also be allergic to the essential oils in the breast milk lotion. Some opt to leave out the essential oils to prevent a possible skin reaction.

If your baby has a reaction to the breast milk lotion, it is likely due to the oils put in the lotion or a possible allergy to something in the Breast milk.

It is incredibly rare for a baby to be allergic to their mother’s Breast milk.

Most reactions from Breast milk are due to the makeup of Breast milk, which is a direct result of what the mother eats.

So if a baby is reacting to the Breast milk, it would be a good idea to consider the diet of the mother and possibly find what foods are causing the reaction.

Other Uses For Breastmilk

With its unique makeup, Breast milk can be helpful for many different reasons.

There are many other uses for Breast milk but here are some:

Eye Infections/Ear Infections: Breast milk can be used to treat an eye infection, including conjunctivitis. It can also help clear up ear infections.

Treat cuts, minor burns or scrapes: Breast milk can be used to treat minor burns, cuts, or scrapes. It can help wounds heal faster and prevent them from getting infected.

Immune System Booster: It is believed that if you are sick, you can drink Breast milk to boost your immune system.

Warts: Some people put Breast milk on warts in hopes that they will dry up and fall off.

Itching and Stinging: Breast milk can help treat itching and stings, such as an insect bite, bee stings, poison oak and more.

Cracked Nipples: Breast milk can help relieve the pain of cracked nipples, and it also speeds up the healing process.

A Sore Throat: Use Breast milk as a gargle to treat a sore throat.

Contact Lenses Cleaner: Breast milk has been used as a contact solution for contact lenses.

Eczema – Breast milk lotion eczema treatment is a miracle for many babies who suffer from eczema.