14 of the Best Breastfeeding Snacks

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Are you a breastfeeding mom looking for breastfeeding snacks? 

Have you had enough of buying lactation cookies and want real food snacks?

Are you happy to make your own healthy breastfeeding snacks from a recipe? 

When I was breastfeeding my babies I was always on the lookout for snacks. If you are breastfeeding you will know how ravenous you can get and the only thing that gets you through the day is having snacks in between.

Fruit is a great snack but I just got bored I needed some filling breastfeeding snacks that were not fruit.

How many Calories do breastfeeding moms need?

Breastfeeding moms need on average 1800-2200 calories a day. Studies have shown that eating within this range will help give you an abundant supply of milk. However, eating less than 1800 calories could potentially tank your milk supply. 

What are healthy snacks for breastfeeding moms?

Some great healthy breastfeeding snacks are:

Hard boiled eggs 

Trail mix and dried fruit 

Dark chocolate and raspberries 

Apple slices and peanut butter 

Hummus and carrot sticks 

Green smoothies

Mozzarella and tomatoes

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When I had my fourth baby I was really struggling to eat. I was busy with 4 children and I was eating junk food which I knew long term would not be good for both the baby and I. I bought so many lactation cookies from amazon and soon got bored.

I decided it was time that I started to look into some good snacks when breastfeeding. I didn’t just want lactation bars and cookies I wanted tasty lactation smoothies and snacks with different textures.

I needed a wide variety of snacks that would stop me from getting bored. I still bought the lactation cookies and bars but didn’t have them as often as I was before.

I liked the idea that I knew exactly what was going into the breastfeeding snacks that I was making and eating. 

So here is a list of the BEST BREASTFEEDING SNACKS that you will find. These are quick and easy snacks to make and make excellent snacks to take to work while you are pumping.

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The Best Lactation Recipes

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