Best Breast Milk Storage Containers

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If you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby, then we know it can be tiring and take so much energy. Even though pumping can release your breasts, it isn’t easy.

However, storing your breast milk doesn’t need to be difficult. Storing your breast milk has never been easier.

There are so many storage options, including bags, bottles, pods, and ice chest combinations. Each option is there to make storing breastmilk a breeze. 

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Whether you’re going back to work or just like to know that you have spare bottles to hand if needed, pumping is a great way of stocking up.

Thankfully, breast milk storage is something brands are getting right, and we’re really grateful. 

Breastmilk containers are reusable and will save you money in the long run, especially when the bags need to be thrown out after every use.

We have compiled a list of the best breast milk storage containers on the market.

How to best store breast milk 

There is a simple rule when it comes to storing breastmilk. Use the fridge for short-term storage and the freezer for longer-term storage.

If you’re storing it in the freezer, your breast milk will last for months if it is done properly. However, it won’t be as nutritious for your baby as if it were fresh.

Freezing breast milk can kill off some of its natural vitamins, including important antioxidants.

Breast milk kept in the fridge retains its nutritional quality. Although, it will spoil quicker. 

How to store breast milk in the fridge 

Keeping your breast milk in the fridge usually means that it’s going to be one of your baby’s next meals. You also don’t have to worry about thawing it either.

Any milk that is placed in the fridge should be used within 24 hours. However, if it is stored properly, it can last as long as four days. 

  • Start with the right container. The containers listed above can be used for breast milk storage in the fridge. 
  • Location. It is best to place freshly pumped milk towards the back of the fridge. This is the coldest area. Storing your breastmilk in the door is the worst place due to the temperature fluctuating every time it’s opened or closed. 
  • You can mix milk from several pumping sessions. You don’t get enough milk from one pumping sessions sometimes, and this may lead you to wonder if you can mix milks. Yes, you can. However, remember to always chill the new milk before adding it to the older one. 
  • Avoid reheating already-warmed milk. Breastmilk should only be warmed once, as otherwise, it will increase the res of bacteria growth. 

How to freeze breast milk 

If you’re on a mission of creating lots of precious gold liquid, you might want to consider making room in your freezer for the long term.

Breastmilk can be stored in the freezer for a maximum of 12 months. However, it is best to be used within 6 months. 

  • Consider your container. As above, you can choose any of the containers that we’ve listed above. They are all suitable for freezing. 
  • Store milk in small batches and label it. As soon as you thaw your breastmilk, it can’t be refrozen. So, it’s best to store milk in small batches of 2-4 ounces to avoid wasting. Be mindful to label your milk so you know which one to use first. 
  • Store where the temperature is constant. In the back centre of your freezer is where breast milk is best stored. Avoid placing your milk in the freezer door as the temperature remains inconsistent. 

Best Overall Breast Milk Storage Container 

Mama Of Five Best Choice: #1 Baby Lemon Breast Milk Storage Bags with Spout 

These storage bags are leakproof, extra thick, and have a double zipper. This ensures that there are no leaky corners due to poor seals or torn bags from frozen food boxes.

The perforated top provides you with a consistently straight opening every time.

The matte texture allows you to write with a regular pen anywhere on the bag, so you’re able to keep track of feedings.

You don’t have to worry about getting milk caught in the zipper because you can cut the convenient pour out to ensure that you get every last drop of your liquid gold. 

Every bag is pre-sterilized and ready to use out of the box. They are freezer-safe and BPA/BPS-free.

The back of every bag shows the CDC-recommended storage guidelines so you don’t have to guess how long you can store your milk.

The bags are designed by parents after many tears and experiencing inconveniences of certain brands. 


  • Designed by parents for parents 
  • Leak proof, extra thick and double zipper
  • BPA/BPS free 

As you’ve seen above, we have 14 other storage bags and containers for you to choose from. We have gone through each one to ensure that they are the best choice, including looking at reviews from other parents.

We hope that you find the perfect breastmilk storage for you. 

Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Cups And Lids, 10 6oz Containers, SCF618/10
Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Cups And Lids, 10 6oz Containers, SCF618/10
Write-on cups and lids so that you can conveniently track dates and contents; Stackable cups and lids for easy storage
NUK Simply Natural Seal n' Go Breast Milk Bags, 100 CT
NUK Simply Natural Seal n' Go Breast Milk Bags, 100 CT
100% leak-proof double zipper seal for extra security; Rounded bottom helps prevent leaks from corners of bag
Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Breast Pump Bottles, 4 Count
Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Breast Pump Bottles, 4 Count
INCLUDED PARTS- Four 5oz breastmilk storage bottles and four storage caps
Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage and Collection Bottles - 4 Oz (Pack of 4)
Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage and Collection Bottles - 4 Oz (Pack of 4)
Dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer safe for easy cleaning, BPA-free, 0m+
Tommee Tippee Breast Milk Pouches (70 Count) Compatible with All Leading Breast Pumps and Bottle Nipples, BPA-Free
Tommee Tippee Breast Milk Pouches (70 Count) Compatible with All Leading Breast Pumps and Bottle Nipples, BPA-Free
Baby-safe: The Tommee Tippee breast milk storage bags are BPA-free for total reassurance
Cozytots Breastmilk Storage Bags 8.5 OZ Pre-Sterilized Breast Milk Storing Bags 250ml Self Standing Milk Bags Breastfeeding Breastmilk Storage Container Milk Saver Nursing Bags 100 Count
Cozytots Breastmilk Storage Bags 8.5 OZ Pre-Sterilized Breast Milk Storing Bags 250ml Self Standing Milk Bags Breastfeeding Breastmilk Storage Container Milk Saver Nursing Bags 100 Count
Leak-proof. The secure seal with double zipper is safe for fridge and freezer storage.; Large Capacity. The milk storage bag can hold up to 250ml breastmilk in each.

Philips Avent SCF618/10 Reusable Breast Milk Storage Cups 

The Phillips Avent Breast Milk storage cups are BPA-Free and dishwasher safe. Once they’ve been filled and used, you can put it in the dishwasher all ready for your next pumping session.

They are leakproof so you don’t have to worry about any accidents and the twist-on lid gives safe storage in the fridge or freezer. 

Your breast milk will be completely safe and contamination-free because you can express, store and feed from the same container, there is no need to transfer your breast milk.

You are able to write on the cups or lids so you can conveniently track dates and contents, ensuring no waste. You can easily store these cups because they are stackable. 


  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Easy to store 


  • Only one size available 

NUK Simply Natural Seal n’ Go Breast Milk Bags 

This product is 100% leakproof and has a double zipper seal for extra security. You don’t have to worry about any spilling accidents when using this storage bag.

There is a gravity-fed pour spout which helps to prevent spills during any transfers. 

The unique gusset-free bottom prevents leaks from the corners of the bags too. They are pre-sterilized and are freezer-safe.

You can store the NUK Simply Natural Seal n’ Go Breast Milk Bags easily due to the fact they are self-standing. 


  • 100% leak proof 
  • Double zipper
  • Pre-sterilised 


  • May take longer to heat up due to thicker material 

Matyz Glass Breastmilk Storage Containers 

When purchasing the Matyz Glass Breastmilk Storage Containers, you get a pack of 6 and you can choose from multiple colors. The containers are made of food-grade borosilicate glass which has low coefficients of thermal expansion, which makes it thermal shock resistant.

It is chemically stable, has no plastic taste, is CPC certified food grade and the wide neck makes it easier to clean and use. 

The clear sealing disk can be replaced with nipples, giving you complete convenience to store and feed from the same glass bottle.

The bottles work with most wide-neck pumps such as Spectra and Philips. A bottle converter is included in the product package for narrow neck pumps. 


  • Multiple colour choice
  • Thermal shock resistant 
  • Can add nipple to neck for feeding 


  • Thinly made 

Medela Breast Milk Storage Solution Set 

This breast milk storage product is the #1 physician recommended. The set includes varying sizes, lids, breast milk storage bags, and a storage tray.

The supplies are everything you need to store, organize and protect your breast milk. 

The tray included makes it easy to store your breastmilk in the fridge, freezer, or for counter organization. You are able to label the lids to identify which bottle should be used next and to ensure that you’re not wasting any of your hard-worked for milk.

All of the breast milk bottles, pump parts, and accessories are made without BPA, giving you complete peace of mind. 


  • #1 physician recommended 
  • Accessories included 
  • Storage tray 


  • Unable to purchase separately 

Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle Gift Set 

This gift set is designed to be just like mom. The natural latch silicone nipple encourages your baby to latch properly which promotes healthy feeding and allows you to easily switch between breast and bottle feeding.

This gift is perfect for moms going back to work. The liner which is soft and disposable contracts while the baby feeds, mimicking breastfeeding.

This prevents air from mixing with milk and allows air-free feeding, which reduces colic, gas, and fussiness. 

The set includes four bottles with silicone nipples and 60 disposable liners which are perfect for breastmilk and saving time by removing the pods from the fridge or freezer and popping them straight into the bottle.

The liners are also pre-sterilized so are perfect for being on the go. 


  • Naturalatch silicone nipples 
  • Colic prevention 
  • Drop in liners 


  • Heavier than some other bottles 

Haakaa Silicone Milk Storage Bags 

These silicone storage bags are made from 100% premium quality silicone. They are the perfect solution for safely storing your precious breastmilk.

You can store them standing up, or laying down, whichever fits your fridge, and you don’t have to worry about spillages.

They are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic milk storage bags and are made from food-grade silicone, so they can be used over and over again. 

They are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, as well as being dishwasher safe. You can continue using these storage bags as your baby gets older and moves onto solid foods.

To use these bags, all you have to do is express your milk, pour it into the bag, and firmly push in the leakproof stopper.

There are labels included for you to use to ensure no milk goes to waste. 


  • 100% premium quality silicone
  • Leaf-proof 
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate-free


  • Silicone may absorb smells 

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Breast Pump Bottles 

The Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bottles are portable and convenient for you to store your milk after pumping.

They are Lansinoh compatible so you can directly attach the bottles to any Lansinoh breast pump, including the Signature Pro, Smart pump/Smartpump2.0, or Manual Breast Pump. 

The Linsinoh bottles are designed for safe and secure milk storage and are easy to use. You can put them in the dishwasher and freezer and are BPA and BPS free.

The storage bottles come with a solid plastic cap that securely twists to ensure the safety of your milk and reduce the risk of spills. 


  • Compatible with multiple pumps 
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • BPS and BPA free 


  • Rubber in lid can be temperamental 

Kiinde Twist Pouch Direct-Feed Twist Cap Breast Milk Storage Bags 

This product is great for pumping, storing, and feeding using the same pouch. You can use the twist-locking adapters, kozii pro bottle warmer and kiinde squeeze natural feeding bottle and active latch nipples with these bags.

The kiinde twist pouches feature threaded caps which keep your milk completely safe. 

You are able to safely transfer your milk from work to home in the cooler without worrying about any leaks. You can accurately monitor how much your baby is intaking with the markings.

You can choose between 6oz and 8oz packs when purchasing. They are also BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free. 


  • Twist-locking adapters 
  • Can be used with other products 
  • Leak free


  • Quite bulky for storage 

Dr.Brown’s Breastmilk Collection Bottles 

Dr. Brown’s breastmilk collection bottles come in. Pack of 4 which are clearly marked for you to see how much you’re producing and how much your little one is taking in.

You can pump and store these bottles in the fridge for upcoming meals or freeze the bottles for future use. 

You can feed from the same bottle by purchasing the bottle parts and teat, which are sold separately. The bottles tightly seal so you don’t have to worry about any accidents or spillages.

These bottles can be used in the dishwasher (top rack) and are sterilizer safe for easy cleaning.

They are BPA-free and can be used from 0m+. 


  • 4 pack 
  • Measurements marked
  • BPA free 


  • Bottle parts and teats not included 

Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Breast Milk Storage Bags 

The Tommee Tippee Milk Storage Bags are great because you are able to pump directly into the pre-sterilized pouch using whichever pump you like.

The pouch clicks securely into the pump and breast milk pouch bottle, so there is no need to transfer milk. 

The single-use pouch is completely safe to use and you can choose between a pack of 10, 35, or 70. The screw-top lid is perfect for storing in the fridge or freezer and gives you peace of mind with no spillages.

You can use the Pump and Go Breast Pump Adapter Set which fits pumps from all major brands. 


  • Pre-sterilised 
  • Multiple pack choices 
  • Scew lid top 


  • Bulky 

Cozytots 100 PCS Breastmilk Storage Bags 

The Cozytots Breastmilk storage bags are pre-sterilized and are made from food-grade material which is also BPA-free.

They include a secure seal with a double zipper which is safe for fridge and freezer storage. You can have peace of mind away from spillages or accidents. 

The storage bags can hold up to 250ml breastmilk in each and can stand upright on any flat surface.

There is a write-on area on the bag for labeling the date, time, and volume so you’re able to keep up with how much milk you have, when your baby’s next feed is and how much they’re having. 


  • Pre-sterilised 
  • BPA free 
  • Can store up to 250ml 


  • Unable to use in the microwave 

Milkies Freeze Organiser for Breast Milk Storage Bags 

These storage bags protect your precious breast milk, and they contain no BPA or phthalates. They’re great for whether you’re breastfeeding, pumping, or a mom on the go.

The storage bags fit perfectly in the container, which is sold separately. The system is great and is a ‘first in, first out’ technique.

This means that the oldest milk gets used first, so no confusion is caused. 

You can store up to 60 ounces of breast milk and the novel tray not only helps the bags to stay slim but it enhances the speed of freezing milk. This means that the nutrients in your breast milk are preserved. 


  • BPA and phthalates free 
  • First in, first out system 
  • Store up to 60ounces of milk 


  • Storage container is sold separately 

DiRose Breast Milk Storage Bags 

These pre-sterilized milk bags are designed exclusively for storing breast milk. They are 100% leakproof with double zipper seals.

They feature a convenient pour spout and a large tab on top to record your information. Each bag can hold up to 6 ounces of milk, so you can definitely keep track of how much your baby is drinking.

They have two zippered closures, extra-thick plastic, a gusset-free bottom, and reinforced side seams that ensure no spillages. 

They are made of sturdy food-grade BPA plastic and keep your breastmilk sanitary, safe, and organized. The oxygen barrier keeps your milk fresh during storage, too.

They are great for space-saving as you can stand them up or lay them flat in the fridge or freezer.

There are accurate measurements on the front which helps moms to assess how much milk to our into each bag. 


  • Pre-sterilised 
  • Each bag holds up to 6 ounces of milk 
  • Extra thick plastic and two zippered closures 


  • Better to cut the bag once full 

Nanobebe 25 Breastmilk Storage Bags & Organiser 

This award-winning breastmilk bag and storage due give you a premium experience that can store up to 5 ounces of breastmilk and stacks flat to maximize space in your fridge or freezer.

The breast milk storage bags defrost and warm 2 times faster than standard freezer bags to preserve the gold liquid. 

The bags are pre-sterilized and have a medical-grade BPA-free material that won’t puncture or tear.

The nursing supplies and breastfeeding accessories are covered by Nanobebe’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


  • Store up to 5 ounces of milk 
  • Maximises space 
  • Pre-sterilised 


  • Bag shape once milk is frozen makes it hard to carry 

We hope that you’ve found the perfect way of storing your golden liquid.

We advise keeping an eye on the material used with each product, how much they can store, and how much you produce along with the bottle compatibility.