How to stop feet from swelling while pregnant

By admin

Pregnancy can be a very exciting period for you as a woman. After all, you’re bringing new life into this world and soon, you’ll be a mother. You now prepare for the baby showers your friends are going to throw for you, or even baby room shopping and even refurbishing a room in the house to convert it into a nursery. 

What people don’t prepare you though is swollen feet. In pregnancy, this is very normal as the body releases more fluids due to increased blood flow and the pressure caused by your uterus growing. In this article, we will be giving you tips on how to avoid it or even alleviate the discomfort caused by swollen feet during your pregnancy.

stop feet from swelling while pregnant

1. Try to have a regular exercise

Please consult your doctor before engaging in any strenuous activities during your pregnancy. After the green light from your obstetrician, do your best to participate in a regular exercise, or even just walking. This may help you avoid feet swelling because it forces the fluids away from your tissues thus avoiding accumulation and swelling.

2. Do not stand for extended periods

Always take breaks when you’re out and about. This tip is solely to avoid further swelling as your body reacts to things differently and it is best for you to take even 5-minute sitting breaks when outside. 

3. Prop up your feet when at home

When you notice just a bit of swelling you can elevate your feet by propping it on some pillows or just rest both feet on a wall. This relieves any pressure on the feet. 

4. Do not wear overly tight socks or even footwear

You aim to be as comfortable as you can whilst pregnant and wearing tight clothing or shoes may cut the circulation and make your feet swell even more. You have to let the fluids and the blood flow around the area to be as normal as possible.

5. Wear shoes with good cushioning

As a soon-to-be-mom, foot comfort is everything. Especially when there is a high chance of getting swollen feet. Choose pregnancy shoes that are breathable and that are gentle on your feet. There are even orthopedic shoes that can ease leg and back pain during pregnancy as your body is now carrying all that extra weight. 

6. Avoid too much sodium

Don’t eat too much salty food but also do not cut it out completely as the lack or the presence of too much salt can trigger swelling, and you wouldn’t want that. So take note of your sodium intake. 

7. Last but not least

Take water. This is important because drinking your 8-10 glassed can help your body get rid of the excess sodium and other dirt your body has that can contribute to the swelling. 

We hope this article was of help to you. Always take note of the tips above to avoid swelling or to just make your feet feel a little bit better if it can’t be avoided. We wish you a happy pregnancy and a wonderful adventure into motherhood.