Unmasking FAKE Friendship: 10 Subtle Telltale Signs

By Nuha

If you are struggling to know if your friendship is the real deal, take a look at these 10 subtle signs of a fake friend. 

They Are Very Competitive With You

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It is healthy to have some level of competition between friends as it can motivate you to achieve your goals and enjoy a little banter along the way. However, a fake friend will become overly competitive and show signs of jealousy if you are winning at something. If you notice that your friend is not light-hearted about you leading in things, they might not have genuine friendly feelings towards you. 

They Use You

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A true friend would never use you to get what they want. If you constantly find that your friend contacts you and is overly nice just before asking for you to help with something then they may be fake. You see this a lot when a friend comes out of a long-term relationship and they are needing company but as soon as they meet someone else you are last on the list to spend time with. 

They Overload You

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Friends can be very supportive of one another when emotions are running high and one needs a shoulder to cry on. If, however, you find that you are becoming emotionally drained by your friend and they do not offer the same level of support, you have to question what are their true motives within the friendship.

They Make You Feel Bad 

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There are some fake friends who delight in making fun of their ‘friends’ which is not how a friendship should roll. Often, to make themselves look and feel better they will put you down and make out that they are better than you. This can happen when you are alone with a fake friend but is even worse when your friend will talk badly of you in front of other people too. 

They Get Angry With You When You Call Them Out

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All friendships go through a rough patch and sometimes arguing is a way to get things that have been nagging at you off your chest. If you feel that a friend is crossing the boundaries of your friendship, whether that be abusing your trust or taking advantage of your kindness, then you should call it out. If that friend is a true friend they will listen to what you are saying and try to change their behavior. If they become angry and start to shout at you then this is a sign that they are fake. 

They Never Keep Their Promises

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If your friend constantly lets you down, especially when they know that you need them the most, they might not be who they say they are. Signs that they are trying to avoid being supportive of you are if they are always canceling plans with you or they are always busy when you call to ask for help, even if it is on a day you know they are usually available. 

They Put Pressure on You

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Nobody should ever put pressure on you to do something that you are not comfortable with. When a friend pushes you to go out of your comfort zone this may be acceptable but once you have said no and you do not give consent then they should respect your decision. Peer pressure can happen at any age and is not just about your teenage friends foreign you to drink alcohol or skip school.

 They Don’t Celebrate With You

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When a friend cannot celebrate your success alongside you there is something to worry about. Even if there is a teeny bit of jealousy about your success, your friend should be happy that you are happy. If you think about it, this type of friend would be very unhappy if you did not celebrate with them so you have to question if it really is a two-way relationship.

They Hold Grudges

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It is natural to fall out with friends from time to time, just as you would with any other relationship. However, if you find that your friend says they are over an argument but they then go on to bring up something you said up a few weeks later, they are definitely resentful of you in some way. Life is too short to hold grudges and it is definitely too short to keep friends who cannot let go of something you did months ago. 

They Judge You

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A true friend will love you however, you are, how you dress and however you behave. If they begin to judge you and tell you to act a certain way or do a certain thing then they are not a genuine friend. The same goes for when a friend tries to change who you are, starting with subtle changes and then policing everything you do.

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