Enchanting Escapades: Exciting Games for 7-Year-Olds

By Nina Roman

As your children get older, it becomes slightly more difficult to figure out which games to invest in. Will my child enjoy it? Is it a popular game? Will it develop my child’s skills? 

So many questions pop into mind whilst we do our research and decide which games to gift our little ones. You want them to be played with, enjoyed and at the same time benefit. 

This article has complied a list of popular games that will not only develop your 7 year old’s skills but also be fun to play with. 

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The Floor Is Lava

This game is great for those wet raining days when the kids are stuck indoors and they need some exercise done for the day. It involves lots of jumping, leaping and balancing! Look out for the challenges on the question tile! 

The Original The Floor is Lava! Game by Endless Games - Interactive Game For Kids And Adults - Promotes Physical Activity - Indoor And Outdoor Safe
  • ENDLESS GAMES PRESENTS: The Floor is Lava! is a family board game that promotes physical activity, an active imagination, and engaging excitement for kids and adults.
  • ACTIVE FUN: Turn every floor into an exciting “lava jumping” adventure with The Floor is Lava! Get your child up off the couch or away from video games with this fun interactive game!
  • EVERYONE LEAP: Real entertainment and laugh out loud fun challenges the whole family. Popular for birthdays, holiday parties, or game night. For 2 or more players ages 5 -105!

Scavenger Hunt

This game is great for all seasons, as it covers both outdoor and indoor items to search for. This particular version comes with walkie talkies to get the children really into it! 

It’s particularly popular with children who enjoy spy games. Develop cognitive skills as well as your teamwork and observation skills.   

Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids - Walkie Talkies Outdoor Activities for Kids Camping Games for Families Outdoor Spy Kit for Kids Treasure Hunt Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids Board Games Girls Boys Teens
  • ⚡️ FAMILY GAME FUN EVERYONE CAN ENJOY - Get your family off their devices and outdoors for nature exploration and fun playing yard games for family. Your children will jump at the chance to spend quality time with the adults in their lives, and you’ll enjoy it too. Camping trip is coming up? The game is perfect as a camping party kid activities. Stuck at home in your boring room? No worries - we have included 32 cards for indoor play too.
  • ⚡️ BECOME A SUPER SPY - Watch your kids as they play pretend and transform from their usual zombie selves into clever mystery spies and detectives. They’ll learn secret handshakes and become Spy Master, Mission, and Base Leaders, they will learn how code and decode and how to communicate over Walkie Talkies in a secret spy language in code. Suitable for kids ages 8-12 and also adults and kids under the age of 8 will enjoy a simple play of Hide and Seek using Walky Talky.
  • ⚡️ GET OUTSIDE AND GET ACTIVE WITH TRENDY PRO KIDS SCAVENGER HUNT GAME - Escape the boredom and keep your Outdoor Explorer moving! We will do our part with the game activity set and inspirational quotes. We count on you to lead by example.


The original 3D magnetic tiles are ideal for developing your child’s imaginative playing skills. The endless possibilities there are to create and build. 

This STEM game is known to develop children’s mathematical skills, spatial skills and science skills. It is also durable, like lego and can be played with across several age groups. 

MAGNA-TILES Classic 100-Piece Magnetic Construction Set, The ORIGINAL Magnetic Building Brand
  • What’s Included: 100 translucent geometric shapes in 6 different colors. This set includes Squares (4 Large, 50 Small) and Triangles (20 Equilateral, 11 Right, 15 Isosceles)
  • What Makes It Unique: You’re looking at the original and most celebrated set in magnetic construction! Features 100 classic geometric shapes in primary colors.
  • Developmental: Certified STEAM toy, per Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide, in partnership with The Toy Association, for aiding in the development of fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, cognitive skills, executive functioning, creativity and more!


Lego is one of the most versatile toys for children out there. You can extract hours of endless fun from a single set of lego. It is unto the discretion of the child if they wish to follow the book to build or use their own imagination to build something themselves. 

LEGO Super Mario Creativity Toolbox Maker Set 71418, Create Your Own Levels with Figures, Grass, Desert and Lava Builds, Starter Course Expansion, Toy Gift Idea for Kids 6 Plus
  • LEGO Super Mario players upgrade and create new levels with this Creative Toolbox toy set featuring grass, lava, desert builds and 3 characters
  • Includes buildable LEGO trees, flowers, hills, mushrooms, pyramids, signs and a Checkpoint Flag, plus classic look cloud and bush elements
  • Features a fruit for Super Mario LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach (figures not included), a gift box and a Super Mushroom with an Action Tag

Building Blocks 

Blocks are another example of a versatile toy for all ages. It develops fine motor skills as well as hand eye co ordination, whilst also promoting creativity.

iPlay, iLearn Kid Wooden Building Block Set, Toddler Natural Wood Block Montessori Learning Toy, Large Hardwood Stacking Brick Castle Unit, Preschool Classroom Gift 2 3 4 5 6 8 Year Old Boy Girl Child
  • Beneficial to All Ages: Inspiring classic creativity and improving dexterity, this classic wooden block set and carry case includes 13 different shapes for your children to build to their heart's content. Their imagination will run wild creating unique masterpieces with the variety of shapes. Each suitable size for children to handle including: square, rectangle, circle, half-circle, triangle, cylinder, arch and more! This toy can also serve as a "communication tool" for the young and old!
  • High-Grade Quality: Hardwood blocks are sturdy, solid and safe for kids. 72 naturally finished and smooth-sanded hardwood blocks. Case size is 13” L x 12” W x 2” H. Packaged in a handsome, wooden storage crate for easy storage. Suitable for children ages 3 and up. Durability for indoor or outdoor use including: lawns, patios, living rooms, preschools, kindergartens & anywhere else. Make your own dream castle anywhere!
  • Development: Block play helps promote creativity, independent play, cooperative play, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. When building, children must consider proportions, symmetry, size and more, which benefit early cultivation of concepts. This product is conducive to your child's imagination, allowing various kinds of combinations to be built.

Taco vs Burrito 

This card game will develop your child’s strategic skills whilst also providing plenty of fun. It is quick to learn how to play and children can understand the rules pretty easily. 

Each game runs for approximately 15 minutes and up to 4 players can play it. It may be necessary to point out here, whilst some parents may find the ingredients funny, others may find it inappropriate. 

Taco vs Burrito Family Board Games for Kids 6-8, 8-12 & Up - Fun Travel Family Card Games for Everyone, Gifts for 7, 8, 9 and 10 Year Old Boys and Girls
  • Engaging and Fast-Paced Fun: Dive into the delightful world of Taco vs Burrito! This thrilling card game, perfect for kids aged 6-12, guarantees endless fun and laughter during family game nights.
  • Easy to Learn, Quick to Play: Ideal for busy families and young minds, this game is a breeze to pick up and plays in just 15 minutes. Perfect for 2 to 4 players, it's the go-to activity for birthday parties and casual gatherings.
  • Boosts Creativity and Strategy: Created by a 7-year-old, this game sparks imagination and strategic thinking. It's not just about fun; it's a unique way to enhance cognitive skills and analytical skills.


This board game is extremely popular with children and adults, making it a great family game. Up to four players can get involved and each game will take around 20-30 minutes. 

Being a maze game, it promotes strategic play as well as critical thinking skills. Even though it has a simple concept, it is a challenging game which teaches cause and effect. 

Ravensburger Labyrinth - Enthralling Family Board Game | Ideal for Kids and Adults Aged 7 and Up | Offers Great Replay Value | Designed for 2-4 Players | Globally Celebrated | ASIN: 26448
  • INTRIGUING GAMEPLAY: Navigate through the ever-changing Labyrinth in this Ravensburger classic. Aim for the shortest route to claim your treasures and targets, fostering strategic thinking and problem-solving skills
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS: The game set includes a durable playing board, 34 unique maze cards, 24 treasure cards, and 4 playing pieces, ensuring a different game every time you play
  • CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS: With easy-to-understand guidelines, embark on your adventurous journey in no time. Ideal for players aged 7 and up, offering a fun, shared experience for the whole family

Guess Who 

This game develops your child’s logical thinking skills whilst keeping them busy. By asking questions, the players learn how to eliminate. 2 players can play at a time and each round of game takes approximately 10-15 minutes. 

Guess Who? Board Game with Classic Characters by Winning Moves Games USA, Classic Children's Mystery Board Game of Deduction for 2 Players, Ages 6+ (1191)
  • A CHILDREN'S FAVORITE: There's a mystery person on your opponent's card. Can you find the matching face in the crowd. Guess Who is a light game of deduction best suited for young kids.
  • BELOVED CLASSIC: This is the original mystery face game from the 1980's featuring all the same cast of characters!
  • THE SETUP: Both players set up their 24 character cards in their plastic game units. Each player then picks a mystery face card and the fun begins!

Connect 4

This classic game is an all time favorite. 2 players play a round which lasts approximately 10 minutes. The rule are easy to learn therefore a fun option for young children. It also develops problem solving skills since players have to plan their next move. 

Hasbro Gaming Connect 4 Classic Grid,4 in a Row Game,Strategy Board Games for Kids,2 Player .for Family and Kids,Ages 6 and Up
  • Choose yellow or red discs. For 2 players
  • Classic Connect 4 game is disc dropping fun
  • Includes grid, 2 legs, slider bar, 21 red discs, 21 yellow discs and instructions

Mastermind for Kids

This codebreaking board game is an easier version of its adult counterpart. As there are three levels of play, it suits all skill levels from the youngest players. Players use their problem solving skills to crack the codes and find the clues. 

Pressman Mastermind for Kids - Codebreaking Game With Three Levels of Play Multicolor, 5"
  • 3 levels of play make this the easiest Mastermind to learn
  • Players take turns setting secret codes and solving the codes
  • Jungle animal pieces add a fun element kids love

Catan Junior 

This is the shortened version of the popular game, ideal for young children, taking up to 30 minutes. This game will develop your child’s strategic skills. It’s a perfect board game for family night games, as adults can get involved too. 

CATAN Junior Board Game | Civilization Building Strategy Game | Adventure Game | Fun Family Game for Kids and Adults | Ages 6+ | 2-4 Players | Average Playtime 30 Minutes | Made by CATAN Studio
  • PERFECT FOR YOUNG PIRATES: Introduce your kids to the world of CATAN with CATAN Junior, featuring simplified rules tailored for younger players.
  • FRIENDLY AND FUN: CATAN Junior offers a kid-friendly approach to trading and the "robber" mechanic, making it an ideal entry point to the CATAN series.
  • SWASHBUCKLING ADVENTURES: Set sail on a ring of islands, collect resources, build hideouts, and seek help from Coco the Parrot in this exciting pirate-themed game.


Another family strategy game, ideal for those wet winter weekends at home. There are 21 pieces on the board, and each piece must touch the other piece but only the corners. 

It requires problem solving, thereby developing your child’s cognitive skills. It’s also easy to learn and play, saving time for parents. It promotes brain activity, thereby making it a great option for parents to choose from. 

Mattel Games Blokus XL Strategy Board Game, Family Game for Kids & Adults with Colorful Oversized Pieces & Just One Rule (Amazon Exclusive)
  • The XL game board measures 12 x 12 inches – almost 2 inches larger than the regular game!
  • Perfect strategy game for the whole family -- less than a minute to learn with fun challenges for all ages!
  • Players take turns placing their 21 pieces on the board: each piece must touch another of the same color, but only at the corners!

Guess in 10 

This card game offers children the opportunity to learn whilst having fun. You have the option of 50 cards with different animals, and clue cards. You have to ask strategic questions to help your opponent guess the animal. It makes a great travel game as well as boosting memory. 

Battleship for kids

Another travel friendly classic game that’s a favorite. It’s loved by both children and adults because of its realistic designs and details. This game provides excitement and suspense – allowing the children to develop planning skills that are used to destroy their opponent. 

Hasbro Gaming Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game for Ages 7 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • A twist on the classic battleship game: This battleship game features airplanes in addition to Ships for awesome strategic gameplay and epic battles
  • Sink Ships and crash Planes: with this edition, fans of the battleship game can crash enemy Planes in addition to sinking Ships to win
  • Portable Game: the battleship game includes 2 portable battle cases so players can take it with them, and Dive into an instant game on the go


This family guessing game is simple but fun to play. There are 69 picture cards that you can choose from, providing sample question cards to help young ones. 

It is a fast paced game, therefore limiting the chances of your little ones getting board. Not only does this game improve communication skills, but also deductive reasoning. Parents have also suggested it is a great game to improve speech and is often used by speech therapists. 

Sequence for kids 

This game comes with two decks of playing cards, and a folding game board. It is one of the rare board games that allow up to 12 participants, making it an ideal family get together board game. 

It is also ideal for developing STEM skills from an early age. It is also known for improving focus in children, which is particularly useful for children who may have ADHD. 

SEQUENCE- Original SEQUENCE Game with Folding Board, Cards and Chips by Jax ( Packaging may Vary ) White, 10.3" x 8.1" x 2.31"
  • Play a card from your hand, and place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board - when you have five in a row, it’s a SEQUENCE
  • Each player or team tries to score the required number of five-card SEQUENCES before their opponents
  • Easy enough for children, challenging for adults!

Scrabble Junior 

This game has two levels, making it easier for the younger players where all they have to do is match the letters to the words. This game will develop the players’ vocabularly skills, particuarly reading and spelling. It is also a game that grows with the child, as the complexity of the words can increase with age. 

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel 

Your 7 year old can get their younger siblings involved with this one, as it is also suitable for preschoolers. This game develops social and emotional skills, as well as hand eye co ordination and one motor skills. It is easy set up and learn how to play. 

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game, 4 players, for Preschoolers & Toddlers, Gift for Toddlers Ages 3+
  • SPARK MORE TOGETHERNESS! Perfect for spending quality, unplugged time together as a family, The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game also builds key early learning skills and develops social emotional skills including taking turns, sharing, and winning and losing gracefully
  • BEST-SELLING PRESCHOOL GAME 5 YEARS RUNNING! Reinforce color learning, develop matching skills (a key early math skill!), encourage strategic thinking, and build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with this engaging, quick-play board game for kids
  • A SWEET STRATEGY GAME FOR PRESCHOOLERS: Easy to set up, understand—no reading required!, play, and clean up (box doubles as game board and storage!)

Pete The Cat

This board game is inspired by a famous book series, so if your little one is a fan of them then this is the game to buy for them! Although it is suitable for pre schoolers, older children can get a lot of out of it too. 

This game develops strategic thinking and problem solving skills, as players have to find a way to get the missing cupcakes back from the grumpy toad. It also develops good team working skills, and social skills. 

Briarpatch Pete the Cat The Missing Cupcakes Game, Fans of Pete the Cat Books, Ages 3+
  • Pete the Cat Adventure: Embark on an exciting adventure with the Pete the Cat Missing Cupcakes Board Game, inspired by the New York Times best-selling book series. Let Pete the Cat guide preschoolers through a delightful gaming experience full of fun and learning.
  • Preschool-Friendly Board Game: Tailored for preschoolers aged 3 and above, this board game is thoughtfully designed to capture the attention and imagination of young players. It provides age-appropriate challenges and entertainment.
  • No Reading Required: Enjoy hassle-free gameplay as no reading is required for kids to play. The game is accessible and engaging, allowing even the youngest players to participate in the excitement without any literacy barriers.

Don’t Rock The Boat 

This is a balancing game, which requires the players to apply deep concentration during the game. The pieces are required to be placed with delicacy and precision. 

Whoever fails to balance the boat accurately, loses the game. It provides adequate level of challenge for the players whilst also being educational. 

Don't Rock the Boat Game - Perfect 5 Year Old Boy Gift - Engaging Board Games for Kids 4-6 - Fun Penguin & Pirate Ship Balancing Toy - Kids Games for Ages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • PIRATE SHIP TOY: Do your kids love pirate toys, boat toys, and penguin toys? Don’t Rock the Boat balancing game is a fun preschool board game that features all of these
  • BALANCE GAME: Take turns balancing the cute figures on the pirate ship…but don’t tip it over! It only takes one too many to send them all to sea
  • EDUCATIONAL GAMES: Add this pirate board game to your set of kindergarten games or preschool board games. It can help with focus, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination

Dragon Adventure 

Up to four players can play this board game. It promotes creativity and develops imaginative skills. It is also educational since it requires players to use mathematical skills. 

The aim is to become the hero and convince the drain to relight the marshmallow fire. It is easy to learn and play al though may be difficult to follow for the more younger players. 

JH5 My First Dragon Adventure! Beginner Fantasy Adventure Board Game for Kids 5+, Exciting Hands-On Fun for The Whole Family
  • CONVINCE THE DRAGON TO SAVE THE S'MORES - It's a race to become the hero of the kingdom and relight the magical marshmallow fire. Move your character through enchanted lands while overcoming obstacles and collecting precious treasures to be the first one to convince the dragon to come down from their nest to relight the fire at the castle! Suitable for 2-4 players ages 5 and up.
  • SKILL BUILDING THROUGH PLAY - Not only will kids have fun playing My First Dragon Adventure, they will develop basic counting skills, strategic thinking, turn-taking, and social skills. Our games are designed to aid in early childhood development while having fun through hands-on play.
  • STORY DRIVEN GAMEPLAY - My First Dragon Adventure encourages kids to get creative and use their imagination while the detailed board and themed cards help to form an adventurous story from beginning to end. Gameplay uses images and numbers from 1-10 to help develop early counting skills, with limited reading and simple instructions.

Ticket to Ride First Journey

This game takes up to 30 minutes to complete and promotes strategic thinking. It is easy to learn and play. It is fun for the children as it involves geography, with names of detinations on the maps. If you feel the concept might be a little complicated for your little one, you may want to wait until they are 7 and older. 

Ticket to Ride Europe First Journey Board Game - Strategy Game, Train Adventure Game, Fun Family Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 6+, 2-4 Players, 15-30 Minute Playtime, Made by Days of Wonder
  • INTRODUCTORY RAILWAY ADVENTURE: Ticket to Ride: Europe First Journey simplifies the beloved Ticket to Ride gameplay, making it ideal for a younger audience.
  • COLLECT TRAIN CARDS: Gather train cards, claim routes on the European map, and strive to connect the cities on your tickets in this engaging board game.
  • COMPETE FOR VICTORY: The first player to successfully complete six tickets becomes the triumphant conductor of this exciting railway journey.

Five Second Rule Junior 

This game contains silly nonsensical questions for younger children, the aim is to get as many correct in five seconds. The aim is to have fun and since it is a timed game, they’ll be lots of squeal and laughter! 

5 Second Rule Game Jr. - Simple Questions Card Game for Family Fun, Party, Kids, Travel, Game Night & Sleepovers - Think Fast and Shout Out Answers - For Ages 6+
  • Fast-paced: Think quickly and name three items in your category before the 5-second timer runs out! This competitive element of our fun card games adds excitement and pressure, making each round thrilling.
  • Family-friendly: Designed for ages 6 and up, these kids party games are the perfect game that parents, children, and grandparents can enjoy together. Share laughter and bonding moments with those you love.
  • Silly fun: The rush to answer prompts in just 5 seconds leads to hilarious slip-ups. Whether the answer is right or hilariously wrong, the shared laughter makes every birthday party game memorable.

Clue Junior 

The junior version of this classic board game is a must have in your home for game night. However, if you feel your child is ready then you can purchase the normal adult version which is for ages 8 and above. This board game also promotes strategic thinking and problem solving skills. 

Hasbro Gaming Clue Junior Board Game for Kids Ages 5 and Up, Case of The Broken Toy, Classic Mystery Game for 2-6 Players
  • CLUE GAME FOR YOUNGER KIDS: Introduce kids ages 5 and up to the iconic mystery board game. The Clue Junior game features classic Clue gameplay and a broken toy mystery theme
  • UH-OH A FAVORITE TOY IS BROKEN: Oh no! Somebody broke a toy! In this Clue Junior game players use strategy and the process of elimination to solve the mystery
  • WHO, WHAT, WHERE: Players try to solve the mystery of the broken toy. Discover which toy it was, who broke it, and what time it was broken


In summary, discussed in this article were 24 different ways in which you can keep your little ones entertained at home. Every game mentioned develops a skill, whilst also entertaining the children. So don’t waste time and purchase some board games for your next family game night!