Learn how to Exclusively Breast Pump like a Pro in Just 90 Minutes

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If there was one thing that I was sure of, it’s the fact that I knew I was going to be a mother long before I became one.

It was something that I longed for.

I cannot count the number of times I imagined myself holding my children in my arms and kissing their cute chubby cheeks.

However, little did I know that there’s more to motherhood than just cuddles and soft kisses.

Before pregnancy, most of the planning I did revolved around baby gear, outfits, and educational toys I was going to buy for my child.

When I finally got pregnant, my biggest worries then revolved around breastfeeding and transitioning from breastfeeding to exclusively pumping.

How I was going to pump at work, especially because I was still working at that time.

I knew that it was going to be a challenge since I planned on feeding my child breastmilk exclusively for as long as I could. 

The nature of my job called for irregular work schedules and out of town traveling.

Meaning, it would be have been hard to maintain a breastfeeding schedule for my baby once my maternity leave was done.

What I wasn’t ready for was my first child not latching on and me having to rent a hospital grade pump to start exclusively pumping from birth. 

I had decided on exclusively pumping breast milk and store as much as I could so that my baby could feed on time even if I was at work or away on a business trip. 

Not a popular route, but I just felt that it was the best solution since he wouldn’t latch.

I was desperate for him to have the benefits of breastmilk and I was going for the mantra “Fed is Best.”

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How to exclusively pump breast milk?

Once my decision was made, so many questions started popping into my mind.

There were so many things that I was worried about! Like,

How to exclusively pump from day 1?

How often should I pump if exclusively pumping?

Is it possible to go back to breastfeeding after exclusively pumping

How to exclusively pump and not lose supply?

Looking for Exclusive breast pumping Tips and tricks

I desperately searched for exclusively pumping tips wherever possible.

I even looked for exclusively pumping breast milk books for dummies!

But after careful and lengthy research I found very little online with regards to exclusively pumping. 

When I was struggling with exclusive pumping there was literally no information online.

Even my lactation consultant felt it would be too stressful and that I would give up due to the demanding nature of pumping. 

A few years later when I took the ultimate breastfeeding course because of previous breastfeeding issues, I came across this fantastic course which I felt would have been amazing had I known about it when exclusively pumping for my first child. 

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class

I came upon The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class by Milkology and thought it was the answer to all the questions that were once worrying me when I wanted to pump exclusively.

I did not know there were so many things to think about, and I felt that going through an online course would have helped me make sure I was doing things right the first time as opposed to needless trial and error.

(I made a lot of mistakes that I wouldn’t have had I taken this course)

Before I enrolled in the Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class by Milkology, I did thoroughly research it first because I did not want my readers spending money on something that wouldn’t help in the long run. 

The reviews on the course from other moms who have gone through it were looking good. 

I read nothing but positive reviews on how the course helped them, and I felt that other moms too could become a confident & empowered milk-making mama! 

Also, the course has a money-back guarantee if you feel it hasn’t been a good fit.

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How to exclusively pump successfully

If you are reading this, then I am assuming that you are in the same boat that I was in before.

I know exactly what it’s like to be lost in the dark looking for answers, so, I will give you a full review of the course so you, too, can reap the benefits. 

This review will include the course information and what I think about every single one of them.

And before we continue, I want you to know that if you decide to enroll in the said course, later on, I have a discount code exclusive to my readers!

You can use the discount code EP10 when you check out for a 10% discount rate making it even more affordable!

Let’s first talk about some frequently asked questions about exclusive pumping and The Ultimate Exclusive pumping Online Class.

I have found out through discussions with friends and family members that not many people are familiar or on-board with exclusive pumping as a way to feed a child.

Reasons why you may want to Pump exclusively

I already mentioned my personal reasons why I decided to pump exclusively, but there are a lot of other reasons why many women choose to go this route.

A lot of moms may have started out intending to breastfeed their babies but later on decided or resorted to exclusive pumping due to the following reasons: 

‣ Latching Problems – We may think that since sucking or breastfeeding is a natural reflex or something that’s innate, it will be automatic that when the breast is offered, the baby will start suckling right away with no problem.

Unfortunately, a lot of babies are unable to due to physical deformities (like cleft palate) and are unable to create the suction needed during breastfeeding.

Babies with Down Syndrome who also happen to have low muscle tone can also have weak suction or swallowing reflexes making it hard to breastfeed and may not be getting enough nourishment from the mother’s breast.

‣ Premature Birth –A baby who was born prior to 34 weeks may struggle to breastfeed due to a lack of sucking and swallowing coordination.

‣ Work-Related Reasons – Some mothers who may need to go back to work right away may choose to exclusively pump, especially those who travel a lot just so the baby will be able to continue to feed on breastmilk.

‣Other physical, emotional, and other circumstances that make breastfeeding difficult for either the mother or the child.

One example is Breastfeeding Aversion.

Not fully understood by many, but it happens.

Breastfeeding aversion is when the mother develops negative feelings or thoughts about breastfeeding her child.

It has something to do with the pregnancy hormones and her mental being. May or may not be related to post-partum depression, a mother finds it hard or is unable to allow the child to breastfeed from her.

In some cases, the mother has no problem using a breast pump and so she is able to continue feeding the child her precious milk.

These are just some of the many reasons why some mothers decide to exclusively pump just so that she can ensure that her baby can continue to feed on her precious breastmilk. 

What are the Benefits of Taking the Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class Course?

“Why should I take the Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class?” I know that this question has been floating on your mind since you started reading this article. Really, why do we need to take a course for something that’s supposed to be easy as breast pumping? Believe me. I asked this question, too.

Preparing you for a successful exclusive breast pumping journey

It all boils down to preparation.

The better prepared you are, the more successful you will be at it. We study or go through training to learn specific skills when we start a job, right?

And why not do the same thing for something as important, if not more, which is feeding and nourishing our very own precious child?

It may seem like an as easy task, but exclusively pumping for a long period of time is something we can’t take lightly.

It takes dedication and pure love. Believe me, as someone who has done it.

I say that it’s not just a matter of deciding how long you exclusively pump or how much milk you get every session; there’s also the possibility of a sudden drop in milk supply. And not to mention the emotional side of it!

There were definitely days when I felt like hurling my breast pump across the room! 

Confidence to exclusively pump

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class gives you the preparation that you need and the proper guidance to ensure that you pull this through successfully.

Exclusive pumping preparation is something that is almost always not given much thought.

Some women jump right into it but then gave up after a few months due to frustration or inability to reach their goals.

I think it’s imperative that more women and mothers understand that proper knowledge in lactation and proper pumping can help promote confidence, and that type of faith will empower you to become successful in your exclusive pumping goals.

Is the Course Creator Credible?

Let’s talk about the content creator and founder of Milkology, Stacy Stewart.

The course instructor is a Certified Lactation Expert and a mom of three, so this woman knows what she’s talking about.

Backed by years of practice and teaching thousands of women about lactation, Stacy is more than qualified to help you achieve your exclusive breast pumping goals.

She has made it a personal mission to learn everything there is to know so she can educate and empower women from across the globe, to help them reach their lactation, breastfeeding, and breast pumping goals confidently and with ease.

Motherhood is already hard as it is; everything else shouldn’t be as such.

That’s why I’m very thankful for women like Stacey, who pave the way and help make it easy for the rest of us moms!

How Long is the Course and How Soon Should I Finish it?

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping course contains 11 video tutorials (with voice-overs) that you can stream on demand and on any device.

It takes 90 minutes to complete, but you can go through the course at your own pace and time, whenever and wherever you can since you will have 24/7 access to the modules.

This also means that your one-time enrollment gives you unlimited and lifetime access to all the exclusive pumping information that you need.

Even for future pregnancies! Talk about value for your money.

What Can I Expect from the Course?

In this course, the following topics were discussed in detail:

‣Secrets to a successful exclusive pumping journey

‣Tips on how to increase milk supply when exclusively pumping, and;

‣How to maximize your milk output each time.

‣You will also learn the best ways to store breastmilk, proven, and practical ways on how not to lose your mind when your breast pump is driving you up a wall.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Just so you will have a background of the class modules and topics, here’s an overview of The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class curriculum:

Intro to Exclusive Pumping – This will help you prepare for the journey that’s up ahead.

Step 1- Get Your Gear 

-Finding the best breast pump for exclusively pumping moms is half of the success, so it is essential that you find one that suits your needs.

This part of the curriculum gives you step-by-step guidance to help you do just that as well as finding other breast pumping gear that can help make exclusive pumping a tad easier for moms.

Step 2 – Pump Like a Pro

Personally, though the initial parts of the course are just as important, this is the meat of the class.

Step 2 explains lactation thoroughly so you will have a better understanding of how our body produces milk.

You will also learn how to familiarize yourself with your pumping gear and make your products work to your advantage.

This is very important because, just like with everything else, if you know how something works, the more you can produce better output.

This stage also explains the best and most effective way to store your precious milk output, so your stash stays fresh and safe for your baby.

Lastly, you will learn how to maximize every milk expression and get answers to frequently asked questions like, “How often you should pump if you are exclusively pumping?”

Step 3 – Prepare for Success

This step includes mastering your milk supply, additional information broken down into bite-sized pieces, so it’s easy to understand and yet without dragging the class hours unnecessarily.

What I love about this step is that Stacey stresses the mechanics and possible challenges that you may encounter along the way, but more importantly, she discusses what you can do to overcome these challenges.

Special Bonuses!

With each enrollment, you also get the Exclusive Pumping Pro Tips bonus e-book that will help guide you along the road of exclusive pumping.

Something that you can refer to from time to time should you need to refresh your memory.

You also get Printable Pumping Door Signs that you can use at home or at work, so you don’t get disturbed while breast pumping.

In case you didn’t know, you get better milk output if you are able to pump undisturbed and fully relax. 

Lastly, you will also get The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Troubleshooting Guide, a PDF file you can download for reference. The Troubleshooting guide provides answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding exclusive pumping and every single detail and information that you might need during your EP journey.

How Do I Take the Course?

The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class is hosted on an online course platform called Teachable.

After purchasing the online course, you will get the login instructions as well as how to access your lessons on your device.

Although it is a video-slide presentation with a voice-over, you can also download and use a PDF file (which you can also print!) that’s available should you prefer reading the content of the class.

How Different is The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class from the Other Courses Online?

There may be other pumping classes available offline and online, but what sets The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class apart is that it is the very first and detailed online course that was specially created for exclusive pumpers.

Everything that is discussed in the course is geared towards the success of anyone who chooses to pump exclusively.

Because the class is so practical, it guarantees that you too will be pump like a pro in 90 minutes or you get your money back!

That’s how confident the instructor is with the course. If, after completing the class and you still, in any way, are not satisfied with the course, or you feel like it has not helped you feel completely prepared to pump exclusively, you can get a full refund.

You just need to email Milkology within 30-days, and you get your money- back with no questions.

Can the other courses give you the same guarantee? 

Other Courses from Milkology Worth Checking Out

Aside from The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class, Milkology also offers two other Online Courses.

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class – This one was made, especially for moms planning to breastfeed.

It promises to help moms breastfeed like a Pro in 90 Minutes. A personal favorite of mine. You can read my honest review here

They are also offered with a money-back guarantee.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class -This class is specially designed for working mothers to help them transition back to work with ease and peace of mind that they will be able to continue feeding their child breastmilk.

In this course, you will learn how to pump properly and effectively, how often you should do it, maintain a good and steady milk supply — all this plus other great information regarding bottle feeding (among others!).

What did I like about the Course?

I was delighted with the entire course for the following reasons:

‣ The topics were divided and presented in a manner or order that is easy to understand.

Subtopics were introduced with highlights on relevancy and application, making it very easy to follow and digest.

‣I also like the fact it is self-paced and gives you 24/7 access, which allowed me to go through the class whenever I wanted or needed to.

Life can be busy, and I don’t think I will learn anything if I’m forced to sit in front of a computer when there are other things in my mind, like the laundry or the impending shift at work.

‣It provides insights and ideas that never even crossed my mind prior to taking the course, which I think made me better prepared and fully ready to embrace exclusive pumping.

‣ You can take the course in the comfort of your own home without needing to get out of your nightgown.

I mean, I was pregnant when I took the ultimate breastfeeding class and changing out of my pajamas to go somewhere to attend a class was out of the question.

I think most moms can relate to this.

‣Super affordable. At $19, you get more than what you pay for. In my opinion, a course like this can easily go for $100+, especially with Stacey’s experience in lactation.

But since it is the content creator’s mission to help empower women across the globe, she kept the rate low so that more women can afford to take the course.

Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class: Final Verdict

I think the Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Online Class offers a very comprehensive guide on exclusive pumping. From the basics of lactation down to every possible troubleshooting steps on the dreaded low milk supply and other pumping issues.

Even those who are not exclusively pumping can gain vital information on milk production and milk supply from the class.

It does not matter if this is for your first, second, or fifth child. The course is an excellent source of information that is critical and crucial in developing high confidence when it comes to pumping. 

Everything that Stacey discusses in all the videos will help with any worries you may have and remove doubts from any exclusive pumping mother.

I would even say that some lactation experts can benefit from the class since nothing was left out when it comes to ensuring a successful exclusive pumping journey.

And as promised, here is that discount code that you can use!

Use the coupon code EP10 at the check-out so you can enroll in the course and get 10% off!

Enjoy your exclusive pumping journey!