Age is Just a Number: Inspiring Celebrity Moms Who Had Children After 40

By Krystal Brown

While the chances of conceiving without complications decrease with age, many women worldwide, including celebrities, have become mothers after 40, defying stereotypes and showing that starting a family later in life is possible.

Eva Longoria

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At the age of 42, Eva Longoria announced her pregnancy and gave birth to her son, Santiago, six months later. Santiago is her first child with husband Jose Baston, and Longoria expressed that the timing felt right for motherhood in her life.

Rebel Wilson

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Rebel is a 43 year old comedian and actress, and announced the birth of her baby, via surrogate in November 2022. Rebel took to Instagram saying, “Beyond proud to announce the birth of my first child, Royce Lillian, born this past week via surrogate.” 

Hilary Swank

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At age 48, Hilary Swank gave birth to twins. She announced her pregnancy in October 2022, and by April 2023, she took to Instagram to post a sunset photo with her son and daughter. “It wasn’t easy, but boy (and girl!) was it worth it. From pure Heaven.” 

Paris Hilton

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Paris, 42, took to Twitter to announce the news that she had given birth in January 2023. “You are already loved beyond words.” Paris’ son was born via surrogate as it was always her dream to become a mother. 

Alanis Morissette

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Alanis Morissette, at the age of 36, gave birth to her first son in 2010. Later, at the ages of 42 and 45, she welcomed two more children, named Onyx and Winter, respectively, in 2016 and 2019. Morissette expressed her enjoyment of pregnancy and her increased ability to sense her body’s changes during her later pregnancies in an interview with Self in 2019.

Maria Menounos

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Maria is 44 years old and in February 2023, announced that she was having her first child via surrogate, after a decade of trying everything. Maria added, “Definitely didn’t think it was going to take this long. It’s been years. We’ve used different services, different people, including IVF. It’s just been a very frustrating process.” 

Michelle Williams

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Michelle, at 42, gave birth to her third child in October 2022. She explains, “It’s totally joyous. As the years go on, you sort of wonder what they might hold for you or not hold for you. It’s exciting to discover that something you want again and again is available one more time. The good fortune is not lost on me or my family.” 

Olivia Munn

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Munn welcomed her first child in November 2021, when she was 41 years old. Speaking about her pregnancy at the time, Olivia said, “I feel good. I feel scared, I feel nervous and I’m excited.” 

Naomi Campbell

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Defying the odds, Naomi Campbell fell pregnant when she was 50 years old. Naomi said, “A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother, so honored to have this gentle soul in my life there are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you my angel. There is no greater love.” She has since welcomed a son in June 2023.

Christina Ricci 

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Christina gave birth to her daughter, Cleopatra, in December 2021 at the age of 41. The announcement was made on Instagram with Christina saying, “Baby Cleo is here. We are so in love with her.” Accompanying her words was a video of the baby girl. 

Mena Suvari 

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In April 2021, at the age of 42, Mena gave birth to her first child. Whilst pregnant, she stated, “It’s still this process for me of believing it and accepting that something this beautiful could happen for me. It’s been a very emotional experience. It’s very weird finding out – I was like, I can’t believe it!” 

Janet Jackson

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Another incredible woman defying the odds, Janet Jackson gave birth to her first son, Eissa Al Mana, in January 2017. She said, “For someone like me, raised in show business where self-concern is always a priority, how fortunate I am now to be concerned, first and foremost, with the welfare of someone else. Day after day and night after night, holding my baby in my arms, I am at peace. I am blessed. I feel bliss. In those moments, all is right with the world.” 

Kristen Wiig

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Even though her pregnancy and even the birth was kept very much a secret until December 2020, where she confirmed that she had had a rough year, but it wasn’t all bad because she had given birth to twins. 

Cameron Diaz

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At age 47, Cameron took to Instagram in January 2020 to announce that she had given birth to her first child, Raddix. Her announcement said, “Happy New Year from the Maddens! We are so happy, blessed and grateful to begin this new decade by announcing the birth of our daughter, Raddix Madden. She has instantly captured our hearts and completed our family.” 

Rachel Weisz

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Rachel gave birth to her first child when she was 48. Even though her and Daniel Craig had children from previous relationships, this was their first child together and the baby was born in September 2018. Rachel announced her pregnancy to New York Times saying, “Daniel and I are so happy. We’re going to have a little human. We can’t wait to meet him or her. It’s all such a mystery.”

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