15 Hilarious and Unmistakable Signs You’re Becoming an Expert in the Art of Aging Ungracefully!

By Krystal Brown

Despite our best efforts to defy the inevitable aging process, time marches on, leaving its unmistakable traces. Embracing the humorous side of this universal journey, we bring you 15 amusing signs that aging has stealthily woven its way into our lives. From unexpected quirks to comical realizations, these signs serve as a lighthearted reminder that the passage of time is an inevitable, and often amusing, part of the human experience.

Losing Your Hair

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If you are a man you may have started to lose your hair as early as your 20s and for women, you will gradually see your hair thinning out in your 30s and 40s. This is one of the most stressful signs of aging but it happens to us all. 

Forgetting People’s Names

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You will likely recall your grandparents calling you by your cousin’s name every time you went to visit. You probably rolled your eyes and corrected them but now you know exactly how they feel when you constantly get your kids’ names wrong. 

Your Remote Control is Your Best Friend

Couples watching movie
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No longer do you enjoy wild nights out as you struggle to leave your sofa and your TV remote alone. Netflix and Prime are your best friends and the idea of going wild is starting a movie at 9 pm.

All of Your Friends Are Getting Married or Are Pregnant

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If you suddenly start getting invites to weddings and baby showers and you cannot book a friend date anymore, you are likely to be getting old and will feel the pressure to catch up with your peers. 

You Live in Your Pajamas

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If you get through your front door and the first thing that you do is strip off and get into your PJs you are old! Your mall days are now spent in the nightwear section rather than the clubbing section. 

You’re Now a Morning Person

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Gone are the days when you went to bed at 2 am and slept in until midday as these days you struggle to sleep in. If you find yourself waking up at 6 am even on weekends, it is a surefire sign that you are getting old. 

You Are Slowly Turning Into Your Parents

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“I’m never going to be like you” or “I will never yell at my kids”’ are phrases that are long in the past as you soon morph into your parents and find yourself uttering the dreaded words that you never thought would leave your mouth. 

You Have a Mortgage

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Being young is all about renting but once you realize how much wasted money you are spending each month. Signing up for a mortgage and a lifetime of responsibility sure means you are maturing!

You Buy Fresh Flowers Each Week

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Not only do you keep your house looking fresh with flowers, but you also enjoy arranging them to look pretty in your vase. This is a drastic difference from the times when being house proud meant vacuuming once every two months. 

You Cannot Understand Your Nephew’s Texts

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A definite sign of aging is not understanding a word that young people say and if you have to pretend that you are down with the kids it is just cringe. It may be best that you don’t understand that last text you got from your nephew!

Family Trump Friends

Gathering with friends and family
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As you get older you will realize that spending quality time with your family is just as important, if not more important, than hanging out with your friends every night. When you spend more time with your nanna than at bars with your college buddies, you may be ready to hang up your dancing shoes. 

You Struggle to Lose Weight

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Remember when you could eat three donuts in a row every day and not put on weight? Well, now that you are old you only need to smell a donut and you put on 5 pounds and no amount of yoga is going to shift them anytime soon. 

Always Remembering to Take a Coat

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No matter what the weather is like you will know that you are old when you take a coat out “just in case”. This is very different from the days you would freeze getting home from a club rather than be seen taking a coat out with you. The same goes for umbrellas, a spare pair of comfy shoes, and some gloves. 

You Are More Assertive

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Growing old is not all bad as when you age you tend to be more assertive and take less nonsense from others. You have been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt which means that you are less tolerant of people trying to abuse your goodwill. As you grow older you realize that saying “no” is sometimes more important than saying “yes”.

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