My Pregnant Belly Look Smaller Some Days?

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During pregnancy, you will be amazed at what your body is capable of and how much it changes during the course of your pregnancy.

After all, you are growing a small human inside of you. Of course, as your pregnancy progresses you expect your body to change and your bump to grow bigger as your baby develops.

However, it may seem that your baby bump appears smaller some days than the day or week before. 

Is this normal and why does it happen? The short answer is yes, it is normal and there are a few reasons why it could happen, as this article explains. 

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Is it normal that my baby bump looks smaller? 

Yes, it is normal.

Although it is expected for a baby bump to continue to grow in size as the weeks pass by, not all women’s pregnancies develop at the same rate, and as long as you are having a low-risk pregnancy, and your healthcare provider has checked your pregnancy is developing healthily, then there should not be a reason for concern.

So why does my baby bump look smaller? 

There are a few reasons why your bump could look smaller on some days and it depends on a few factors: 

Are you already a mom? 

Women who are expecting a baby after previously giving birth are more likely to have a baby bump early on in the pregnancy. This is because during previous pregnancies your core muscles were stretched out and your baby bump starts to show early.

This could be as early as the first trimester. 

Your baby has changed position. 

Depending on the position of your baby, your baby bump could look bigger or smaller. This is more likely to happen in the third trimester as the baby is getting bigger.

If the baby moves into a more vertical position your bump could appear smaller, especially if you are taller. 

As you come towards the end of your pregnancy your baby will start to re-position with its head down, in anticipation of the birth. This change in position could change the shape and size of your belly but it is perfectly normal and natural for the baby to do this. 

Tighter stomach muscles

In the morning after a good night’s rest, your muscles will be tighter and stronger and your baby bump may look more pulled in. However, as the day moves on your body reacts to the weight of pregnancy, and your muscles release.

By the evening you may look considerably more pregnant than when you started the day. 

You haven’t eaten yet.

In the morning your stomach is empty, you wake up and go to the toilet and you are ready to start the day anew. However, as you work your way through the day, eating and drinking, your stomach will contribute to how big or small your bump looks.

Although eating and drinking will contribute to you looking a little larger, it is important for you and your baby to eat regularly, and drink plenty of water. 

You are bloated. 

Bloating is a common pregnancy symptom and can often be the cause of an early pregnancy bump in the first trimester. Bloating can be caused by eating a large meal, gas, and constipation, which although aren’t glamorous are all common during pregnancy.

Bloating can fluctuate so this could be the cause of a changing baby bump size. 

Does the size of my baby bump indicate the size my baby will be? 

Not at all. During your pregnancy, there is a lot going on in your uterus and despite what other people may tell you, the size of your bump does not indicate how big or small your baby will be.

The placenta, the organ that develops during pregnancy to provide oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby, can take up a lot of space in the uterus and contribute to the overall size of your bump. 

Your own size and height can also contribute to how big your bump appears. For example, a taller woman may have more room vertically for a baby to develop, whereas a shorter woman may have less space and therefore have a larger-looking bump. 

How can I prevent myself from getting too big during pregnancy? 

It is normal for any woman to gain weight during pregnancy, after all, your body is changing daily.

If you are concerned about gaining too much weight during pregnancy it is a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider about how to stay healthy during pregnancy. 

However, there are some safe ways you can ensure that you are staying healthy during pregnancy. 

Stay active

As long as your doctor is happy, some light exercise during pregnancy is good for both you and the baby. Walking can help reduce bloating and is a great way to safely manage weight. 

Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is very important during pregnancy and is vital for blood circulation for both you and the baby. 

Keep a balanced diet

It is tempting to indulge during pregnancy, and there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a treat after a long day. Make sure you balance out any indulgent snacks by eating a good mixture of fruit and vegetables.

If you are having a sweet treat, like chocolate make it work for you by combining it with chopped fruit and yogurt. 

When should I worry about the size of my baby bump?

It is normal for an expectant mum to notice changes to their baby bump, for some of the reasons mentioned above. However, if you are worried about your weight, or the progress of your pregnancy speak to a doctor or healthcare advisor as soon as possible. 

Your healthcare provider will be able to chart your growth compared to the stage of your pregnancy and will be able to tell you whether you are developing at a healthy pace. 

Remember that women have different body types, shapes, and sizes before pregnancy, so no two pregnancies will develop at the same rate or look the same. However, if you are concerned for any reason please seek out the advice of a medical professional.