Cloaked in Prosperity: Unmasking the Signs of Stealth Wealth

By Krystal Brown

In a world where opulence often takes center stage, there exists a realm of discreet affluence, where individuals mask their wealth behind an unassuming facade—this article aims to unravel the signs of stealth wealth.

Drive Modest and Practical Car

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You would assume wealthy people drive the latest Rollce Royce, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. But this is not the reality of the stealthily wealthy ones among them; these people often prefer to drive practical cars that are reliable and modest because they believe that flashy cars are mere material things that do not worth the weight of their attention. Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Ballmer belong to this school of thought. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook boss with an estimated net worth of $97 billion, drives around in an Acura TSX valued at $30,000. His reason for driving this kind of reliable and not too ostentatious car can be attributed to his practice of stealth wealth.

Small Friendship Circle 

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Rich people are very selective and have a discerning taste of who they keep around them. They have the notion of placing quality ahead of quantity which is why they mostly subject people to a series of tests to ascertain their level of trustworthiness before entering their cliques. Wealthy people are mostly value-oriented, which is apparent in their connection with small friendship circles of like minds. As a result, they seek to be around a small number of people who are even more successful than them to challenge them to be better. 

Living in a Modest Home 

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Living in a modest and minimalist home is the most glaring sign of stealth wealth. Most wealthy people choose to live in a modest home with simple decor at the expense of more glamorous and expensive mansions because of their economic principles and the act of keeping a low profile. A survey of over 600 millionaires in the US by a director of the Affluent Market Institute found that most of the millionaire in the United state has never bought a house that cost beyond their annual income, which can be seen as a means of shunning show off. 

Being Humble 

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One of the most visible traits of a wealthy person that is stealthily wealthy is their down-to-earth and easygoing lifestyle. They understand that being humble in all facet of life not only help them develop a one-of-a-kind humility but also make it easy for people to get along with them without wearing an intimidating look that will shield them from the reality of others and broaden their perspective about the world they live in.

Casual Spending on Expensive Hobbies 

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Wealthy people enjoy entertainment space and expensive hobbies such as golfing, skiing, and surfing that are unavailable to others below their social class. For instance, the annual membership price to join a golf club in the United States is $6000. This is a no-go area for average people and a sign that anyone who casually pays such a huge amount annually for their hobby is rich regardless of their outlook.

Low Digital Footprint 

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Maintaining a low digital footprint is another sign of stealthy wealthy people. This is common among those with generational wealth who keep a very low profile, possibly due to their family history and status. You rarely meet anyone from the Rothschild family on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media. Even if you see their accounts, they aren’t controlling them. A spectrum analysis index estimated that more than 31% of American wealthiest shy away from social media of any kind. They base their premise on the fear of their information getting into the wrong hands and also the fact they attribute no purpose to engaging any platform that will put them in the spotlight.

Enjoys Escargot and Caviar 

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You can tell the enormity of someone’s wealth by the quality of their taste. There’s no gain in saying that stealthily wealthy people love exclusive dishes like escargot, caviars, and a wider range of fresh vegetables. Escargot and Caviar are expensive delicacies that are only served in high-end restaurants. Seeing such an exclusive delicacy that costs around $60 on any table already tells that person’s class.

Traveling Without Luggage 

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 Another sign of stealth wealth that you should keep a close eye on is anyone that strolls to the airport without any luggage. Most wealthy people often have multiple vacation homes with separate wardrobes making it unnecessary to carry any luggage while traveling. It’s easier to keep a low profile and make it harder for people to know their destination when they can casually board the plane or take their private jet with just one carry-on bag and their family.

Avoiding Money Discussions 

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Money discussion is a sensitive topic that most wealthy people avoid at all costs. Apart from the obvious security risk attributed to it, money discussion is also an unnecessary talk that can be seen as bragging or showing off. People that are truly wealthy are mostly confident in their finances that they see no need to talk about it and also avoid such to shield themselves from the envy of others.

Shunning Designer Clothes 

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The fact that there is no such thing as exclusivity and the fanciful outlook of most designer cloth has put off most rich people who want to keep a low profile. They understand that flashy designer clothes like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc., will call unnecessary attention to them, making it hard to keep their stealthy nature. Instead of wearing flashy designer clothes, they tend to wear custom-made shirts with simple pair of jeans. One popular example of a wealthy person that keys into this idea is Mark Zuckerberg, who wears an expensive colored unbranded shirt and jeans every day.

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