Repetitive Rants: 10 Tiresome Phrases Americans Wish Would Fade Away

By Krystal Brown

Get ready to discover the common remarks that tend to wear on Americans’ patience as we unveil the 10 repetitive statements that have become tiresome to hear time and time again.

The Donald Trump Jokes

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This is number one on every Americans list, whether they are a fan of the orange man or can’t stand him. Since the 2016 election, US citizens, comedians and people from around the world have been making jabs at the controversial 45th president of the United states. At first they were funny but after 7 years, 2 impeachments and 1 new president running the show, Americans are just tired of the same old jokes. 

That Their Food is Unhealthy

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A stereotype that has permeated the cultural sphere for decades is that American food is unhealthy, full of fat and sugar and 3x the size of food in other countries. Although some of this may ring true, the average American has no power to stop it. Big business and multimillion dollar companies create high sugar foods at low costs, and although US citizens may be aware, they are tired of hearing about it when nothing is being done by those in power to stop it. 

They Are All Obese

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Whilst the US have stereotypes of British citizens being frigid folk with rotten teeth, the stereotype that Americans here the most by the rest of the world is that they are all obese. Reality TV shows such as My 600 lb Life and 1000 lb Sisters have not helped this stigma, but the reality is that less than half of the American population is classified as obese. Even if they were all struggling with their weight, the last thing that’s needed is to constantly hear about it. 

How the USA is the Worst

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Half of them already know, and the other half don’t want to admit it!

We’re just kidding, but this is an opinion that Americans have to face everyday on social media and from people in countries around the world. The dissatisfaction and criticism of the US is palpable, with some of it coming from American citizens themselves. Either way, they are all sick of hearing about how much better it is to live anywhere other than the USA.

How USA is the Best

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On the other hand, many US citizens are tired of the constant expressions of love for America that some of their more patriotic counterparts engage in. America has long been held as the place where dreams come true, and many Americans still hold their homeland as the best place in the world. However, with political controversies, major world events and the internet making the outside world closer than ever, patriotism is in deep decline among US citizens.. 

That Americans Are Dumb

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Another insulting stereotype that Americans are just sick of hearing is that they are uneducated, stupid and just plain dumb. With 53.7% of American citizens having a degree or post secondary education, it is clear that they aren’t all uneducated, and many of them are far from being stupid too. From images of the southern hick to portrayals of superficial and stupid LA celebs, the average American has had enough of proving that they have a brain. 

About the Kardashians

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If those of us in other countries find the amount of times the Kardashians pop up on our newsfeed annoying, we don’t know the half of it. Americans are sick and tired of the celebrity obsessed media updating them every 5 seconds on what the Kardashians are currently up to. The vast majority are not interested, and even the fans do not want an update every time one of them gets up to go to the bathroom!

About Their Healthcare System

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Whether they agree or disagree with their healthcare system, Americans have heard all of the criticisms before. Any time there is an accident, medication is needed or a baby is born, thousands of dollars are needed just to access basic medical care. Whether it’s on insurance or out of pocket, people are always quick to remind them about their broken healthcare system. Akin to the lack of healthy food, the lack of accessible healthcare is something that needs to be challenged rather than simply talked about.

The Pledge of Allegiance

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The pledge of allegiance was and still is an everyday occurrence for young Americans who have to recite the pledge every day at school. However, the requirement to recite the pledge has been a controversial topic for many years, and several Americans are not only sick of hearing the pledge but sick of themselves and their children being made to recite it. The pledge remains a divisive topic, and some people are just tired of hearing about the debate all together. 

About Their Gun Laws

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This continuous topic is brought up daily, especially in the wake of traumatic school shootings and the rise of horrific mass shootings. The gun debate needs to be a priority, but with a lot of talk and little action, US citizens and frustrated onlookers are both frustrated, sick and tired of hearing the back and forth of politicians and those in power promising change and delivering nothing. 

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