The Box Office Blunders: Hollywood’s HILARIOUSLY Awful Product Placements that RUINED Films!

By Krystal Brown

See below for a list of films that have featured noticeable and frequently criticized occurrences of poorly executed product placements.

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

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This film is known for its excessive product placements, with brands like Bud Light, Beats by Dre, and Victoria’s Secret appearing prominently throughout the movie. The placements were so blatant that they drew criticism from audiences and reviewers.

I, Robot (2004)

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This sci-fi film set in a future world had numerous product placements, including prominent placements for Converse shoes and Audi cars. These placements were seen as distracting and unnecessary, taking away from the story and atmosphere.

The Island (2005)

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Directed by Michael Bay, this film featured heavy product placements, such as for MSN Search, Xbox, and Calvin Klein. The placements were seen as forced and took away from the movie’s overall experience.

World War Z (2013)

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In this apocalyptic zombie film, there are several instances of product placements, most notably for Pepsi. The placement was criticized for being too obvious and out of place in a chaotic and grim setting.

Man of Steel (2013)

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While this superhero film received overall positive reviews, it had some noticeable product placements, including Sears and IHOP. The placements were seen as jarring and unnecessary, with critics feeling they disrupted the flow of the movie.

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002)

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In this installment of the Star Wars saga, there is a scene set in a futuristic diner where various brands are prominently featured, including Jamba Juice and American Idol. The scene was widely criticized for its out-of-place product placements that clashed with the established universe of the franchise.

The Emoji Movie (2017)

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Given its premise centered around smartphone apps and emojis, this animated film was expected to have product placements. However, the movie went overboard by heavily featuring real-world apps like Candy Crush, Dropbox, and Spotify, which were integrated in a way that felt forced and served as blatant advertisements.

Jack and Jill (2011)

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This comedy film starring Adam Sandler prominently featured several product placements, including for brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Pepsi, and Royal Caribbean. The placements were seen as crass and excessive, detracting from the overall quality of the film.

Josie and the Pussycats (2001)

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This film, based on the Archie Comics characters, heavily incorporated product placements as part of its satirical commentary on consumerism. However, the placements, including for brands like McDonald’s, Target, and MCI Worldcom, were seen as heavy-handed and undermined the film’s message.

Blade: Trinity (2004)

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This superhero film featured a particularly egregious product placement for the iPod. In one scene, the main characters have a conversation about the iPod’s features, which felt forced and out of place in the context of the movie.

Aloha (2015)

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This romantic comedy-drama faced backlash for its heavy placements for Hawaiian Airlines. The airline’s logo and branding were prominently featured throughout the film, leading to accusations of excessive product placement.

The Internship (2013)

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This comedy film starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson heavily featured placements for Google. While the film was set at the company’s headquarters, the constant and overt showcasing of Google’s products and services felt more like an advertisement than an organic part of the story.

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

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Another entry in the “Transformers” franchise, this film was criticized for its excessive product placements, including for brands like Budweiser, Mercedes-Benz, and Dr Pepper. The placements were seen as distracting and detracted from the film’s narrative.

Rampage (2018)

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This action-adventure film starring Dwayne Johnson featured notable placements for brands like Microsoft, Pepsi, and Gorilla Tape. The placements were seen as heavy-handed and blatant, with critics pointing out that they felt like commercials within the movie.

Mission: Impossible III (2006)

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In this action film, Tom Cruise’s character is shown using a Nokia phone in various scenes. The placements were seen as heavy-handed and detracted from the overall viewing experience.

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