Getting Motivated To Clean When You Are Pregnant

By admin

Unfortunately, the cleaning fairy doesn’t visit your home when you are pregnant, and when you have other children to care for and no home help then you will need to try and clean your home.

I understand that it can be terribly overwhelming when you are feeling awful from morning sickness or just shattered from not being able to sleep but these easy tips will really help get you motivated to get those jobs done!

Its ok to cut yourself some slack when you really are suffering and just can’t face cleaning but here are a few tips that I used just to get my house semi decent while I was pregnant.

Breaking down my daily tasks into smaller manageable jobs lasting a few minutes actually made it easier to cope with mentally and physically:

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1. Empty the dishwasher first thing – 5mins

Even if you cope with putting the dishes away, I just take out the clean plates and leave them on top of my counter to deal with later.

This means that the dishwasher has space for the dirty dishes which is far more important. Pop everything in the dishwasher even the things you would normally wash by hand.

2.Wipe down the counter tops regularly- 2 mins

Having clean counters always makes you feel like the kitchen is clean. A few minutes doing this will instantly make the kitchen look cleaner and make you feel better.

3.Clean the sink while you are brushing your teeth – 5mins (including toilet and shower)

It’s the easiest and quickest way to get the sink clean in the morning, just a quick wipe down and its done for the day.

I also give the toilet a quick 2 minute clean when I’ve been. The shower also gets the same treatment giving it a quick rinse when I’m just getting out.

4.Put your clothes in the laundry hamper straight away- 1min

As soon as you get in the shower or getting ready for bed (if you have even got out of your pajamas in the first place) it’s a good idea to put your clothes in the hamper straight away.

This means that you aren’t then spending ages picking up dirty clothes off the floor

5.Try and pick up glasses and coffee cups- 1min

Pick up any plates, glasses or cups you have used out of the living area when you get up to go to the toilet or to get another biscuit.

Try and put them straight in the dishwasher that you have already emptied.

6. Sweep up or hoover at the end of the day 5mins

I have recently replaced my long-handled dustpan and brush which was an absolute must have during my pregnancy with a cordless hoover.

The cordless hoover is very light and easy to use and I can whizz around in no time at all.

This means that the house looks very tidy and clean its so easy and light you could get one of your kids to use it. You may also be able to convince your partner to use it!

7. If you have kids get them to help

If you have older kids then you can ask them to do simple tasks such as putting the toys in the toy box, putting their shoes nicely, putting their coat away and putting their plates in the sink.  

You would be surprised how much getting them to help means less work for you. With my kids it has actually become a habit so when baby arrived it had already become second nature for them.

8. Save big jobs for the third trimester

Sounds a bit odd but trust me on this! The third trimester is when most of us go through the nesting phase and actually want to and enjoy cleaning.

I have actually painted doors whilst being heavily pregnant, cleared my closet and not to mention a full house move at 38 weeks pregnant with my 4th child.

Save cleaning the pantry, ovens, the fridge and the windows for this time as trust me you will actively be searching for cleaning jobs to complete

A quick note on cleaning products

Being pregnant means that you need to be careful of harmful chemicals. You can try the ideas below to help you stay away from harsh chemicals and toxic substances.

Read labels

When buying household cleaners be sure to read the labels as they will state not to be used for pregnant women.

Avoid any cleaning product that says ‘toxic’ ‘corrosive’ danger or poison. 

Even if you have used the products for over 20 years chances are you will react differently now that you are pregnant.

Natural cleaners

White distilled vinegar, borax and baking soda are all excellent for cleaning.

Vinegar, in particular, is excellent if you can handle the smell, it is brilliant for cleaning the windows.

Unfortunately, vinegar cannot be used on some worktops such as granite, Corian, marble or tile as it is acidic and over time will etch the surface.

I use an empty spray bottle filled with water and literally one drop of washing up liquid and a few drops of my favorite essential oil on my counters as I cannot fathom the smell of vinegar whilst I am pregnant.

Coupled with a microfiber cloth it works wonders without the need for harsh chemicals.

Avoid air fresheners

Air fresheners especially plug ins are known to be highly toxic, the air that you are continuously breathing in can cause sinus infections.

Instead try opening windows to get the smell out that you are trying to mask, or look for natural ways to freshen your home.

Wear gloves

Protect yourself even from natural cleaners by wearing gloves. Pregnant or not this is something that I now adhere to all the time.

Open windows

Open windows and get fresh air flowing through your home, I was so addicted to the strong smell of cleaning products and needed to smell them to feel that my home was clean.

This is where morning sickness was a blessing, I started vomiting from the pine fresh smell that I was totally addicted to.

Instead, the beautiful fresh smell from my garden made me feel so much better and broke my long-standing addiction to these products that I had been using.

In the summer I was cutting fresh flowers and bringing them inside (using gloves of course), to make my home smell lovely.

The bottom line

Using these methods will take you a long way. Trust me if you tell yourself it will only take 15 mins it really does make it manageable

These simple daily tasks will only take you approximately 15-20mins. Honestly, you will feel so much better for it. If my home was messy, I felt that my mind was a mess.  truthfully, I would rather puke in a clean-living room then a messy one tripping over toys on my way to the toilet.

Keeping the kitchen clean is also important when you have morning sickness. I can assure you that coming down to the stench of a sink full of dirty dishes first thing will send you to that bathroom pronto!

I sometimes challenge myself to get the cleaning done by the time I have listened to 4 songs or I set a quick timer. This is a brilliant way of distracting myself from the job I am doing.

The jobs that take a lot longer such as a deep bathroom clean or cleaning the kitchen cupboards can be done on days where you feel slightly better but again don’t overdo it. Little and often is far better than working so hard that you are in bed for a week, and if you have other kids then this isn’t an option.

I also tell myself that I can’t have my cup of coffee until I have done one quick job this is also reinforcing for me to just pick up a few things or wipe the counter

Even when I’m not pregnant I really have to motivate myself to clean. I know that ten minutes before bed picking up saves me over an hour doing it in the morning, and for me, I just can’t handle seeing the mess in the morning when I come downstairs and this is motivating enough for me to get up and get it done. I hate cleaning but I love a clean house.

If after all this you are still struggling then have a read of this excellent way to get you motivated and organized