FREE 3D Farm Animals Printable Craft

By Rhazia Parkar

Get ready for a barnyard bonanza with our 3D Farm Animals – the coolest, cutest, and freest little farm buddies your kids can whip up!

No need to stress about complicated setups or high-tech gadgets. We’re talking about easy-peasy, snip-snip, fold-and-hold kind of fun. These paper pals aren’t just adorable; they’re like a mini DIY farm project that your kiddos can dive into anytime, anywhere.

What is Included

You will receive a Free pdf document, that you can download and print as many times as you would like. You will receive six animals they are, horse, chicken, cow, pig, goat and rabbit. Once made up they will look like the images below:

3D Horse

3D Chicken

3D Cow

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3D Pig

3D Goat

3D Rabbit