10 Things You’re Far Too Old to Be Doing Anymore: Isn’t It Time for a Change?

By Krystal Brown

Aging is not a lot of fun but it is inevitable as you will discover when you find that you are too old to be doing these things. 

1. Pull an All-nighter

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In the height of our teens and our twenties, even our thirties for some of us, pulling an all-nighter was the highlight of our week. Long evenings drinking with friends and then clubbing until the early hours are remembered fondly but are now definitely a thing of the past. As soon as we start to age we will do anything for a good night of sleep and the thought of doing anything that does not involve getting under the blankets and catching some zzz’s is out of the question. 

2. Partying

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When all-nighters are out of the question, partying is very low down on the list too. Drinking and dancing was all we could think about when we were young but now we are lucky to see past 10 pm and one cocktail will have our head spinning. There are times when we are lulled into a false sense of security by having the stamina to stay out until 2 am but the reality sets in the next day when energy levels are on the floor and you aren’t able to lift your head off the pillow nevermind jump on an 8 am conference call.

3. Drama

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It is easy to get involved in drama when we are young but as we grow older we realize that the dramatics are best left behind in high school as we take a more mature outlook on life. Gone is gossiping about other people, getting involved in trivial family disputes, and taking off like a fifteen-year-old when you don’t get your way as we enter adult conversations and walk away from those who are immature. 

5. Standing at Concerts

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In the early days of attending concerts, it was all about getting as close to the mosh pit as possible and lining up for hours to get near the stage without a thought of how to get to the bathroom. Fast forward 10 years and now you will only book concert tickets if you are guaranteed a comfortable seat, not too loud, and has easy access to the bathroom.

6. Eating Rubbish Food

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We all enjoy a little junk food now and again no matter how old we are but one thing that older people do leave behind is bad food. Life is too short and the calories too guilt-laden for us to waste on awful food. The student days of packet noodles topped with nuggets are over and the microwave is nowhere to be seen when the kitchen is packed with crockpots, air fryers, and Nutri bullets. 

7. Caring About People Who Don’t Care About You

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We try very hard when we are young to please people and look after people even when they are unkind to us. As we reach maturity we realize that we cannot please everyone and sometimes people will continue to treat us badly no matter what we do. When we are older we realize that life is too short to keep toxic people in our lives. 

8. Making an Appointment After 9pm

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Whether it be dinner with your partner, drinks with friends, or a phone call with your cousin, every activity outside of work needs to be completed by 9 pm. A few years ago 9 pm would be when the party started or we pressed play on a movie but now it is the time when we finally give up trying to stay awake and bed head. 

Smoking cigarettes and vaping are out of the question for most people as they grow older and realize how dumb they have been in the past. Health becomes more of a priority as we age and giving up smoking is the best thing that we can do for our health alongside eating a healthy diet. 

9. Acting Dumb

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Messing about and playing dumb can be forgiven when we are young and carefree but as we get older we realize that we need to leave the games in the playground and take a more mature outlook on life. Of course, a few small pranks among family is OK once in a while!

10. Relationship Dramas

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Just as we want to avoid the drama that friendships bring, we have no time for relationship dramas. If things are not working out in a relationship then there is little chance that arguing and throwing tantrums will sort it out. 

12. Arguments

It is not always easy but sometimes we need to find our inner peace and argue less to avoid conflict. We should always stand up for ourselves and sometimes small arguments are a way to get things off our chest but constant arguing is not what we want to do when we are older. 

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