The Most OFFENSIVE and LIFE THREATENING Trends That Started on TikTok

By Krystal Brown

TikTok, like any social media platform, has seen its share of controversial trends, some of which have been deemed offensive and even posed potential threats to users’ safety.

Removing Beauty Marks DIY Edition

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TikTokers who are uncomfortable with their beauty marks have attempted to remove them using random chemicals or creams without proper consultation. They showcase these DIY removal methods as tutorials, putting themselves and others at risk.

Blackout Challenge

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This dangerous challenge involves intentionally blocking the oxygen supply to induce immediate blackout. People attempt this by suffocating themselves or others, which can lead to serious injury or even death.

Full Face Wax Challenge

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The Full Face Wax Challenge involves applying wax all over the face, including the lips, eyes, and nose, and attempting to remove it in one quick motion. However, this trend is not only potentially damaging to the skin but also dangerous as it obstructs the person’s ability to breathe properly.

Skull Breaker Challenge

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In this trend, two people would trick a third person into jumping while they kicked them, causing the victim to fall and potentially injure themselves. This challenge has resulted in multiple injuries.

Dry Pre-Workout Challenge

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People would dry-scoop pre-workout supplements, thinking it would give them an extra boost. However, this can be dangerous and lead to health complications, as shown in a video where a TikToker suffered brain bleeding.

Milk Crate Challenge

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The Milk Crate Challenge gained popularity for its absurdity. Participants stack milk crates in a pyramid shape and try to climb up and down the unstable structure. However, many people end up falling and getting injured in the process.

Benadryl Challenge

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The Benadryl Challenge, a disturbing and dangerous trend that gained popularity on TikTok, has been alarming parents and authorities. This challenge involves teenagers intentionally consuming excessive amounts of Benadryl, an over-the-counter allergy medication. Tragically, this trend has led to the death of a 15-year-old in Oklahoma and several other incidents across the country.

The Autism Challenge

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This trend involved people pretending to have autism and making repetitive movements to a soundtrack. It was seen as insensitive and cringey.

The George Floyd Challenge

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This offensive challenge involved imitating the incident in which George Floyd was killed, with one person kneeling on another person’s neck. It sparked outrage and was widely condemned.

Dipping Testicles in Soy Sauce Taste Test

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This trend involved people jokingly dipping their testicles in soy sauce to see if they could taste it, claiming that testicles have taste buds. It was a bizarre and humorous but ultimately meaningless trend.

Corn Cob Challenge

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The Corn Cob Challenge has garnered significant attention, despite its clear potential for danger. Many individuals, including singer Jason Derulo, have attempted this challenge, leading to various injuries. The premise involves placing a cooked corn on the cob onto a spinning drill and trying to eat the kernels while it rotates.

Veneers and Super Gluing Fake Fangs

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Some TikTokers copied influencers who got dental veneers, leading them to shave down their natural teeth. Additionally, others tried to glue fake fangs to their teeth, often resulting in visits to the hospital to have them removed.

COVID Patients and Shots of Everclear

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Some TikTokers took shots of high-proof alcohol like Everclear, claiming it could help with COVID-19 symptoms. This was not based on scientific evidence and potentially harmful.

Penny Challenge

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The Penny Challenge involves partially inserting a charger into an electrical outlet and then dropping a penny into the gap. This can result in sparks, short-circuits, and even electrical fires, posing a significant risk to safety.

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