Revealing the Flaws: The 10 Worst States in America

By Krystal Brown

We look at some of the challenges faced by some of america’s lowest-ranked states.


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Texas has the highest number of people without health insurance and the second lowest number of primary care physicians. This is a far cry from what people were used to back in the day. With more than 200,000 people coming to Texas yearly, they have a dismal health sector and a densely populated area to meet. Every year there has been the constant occurrence of one violence or the other, ranking the lone star state number thirteen on the nation’s crime rate. The economic opportunities Texas offers are shiny optics that attract people to this state without regard for the number of issues that are bedeviling the state. 


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Missouri is the birthplace of Walt Disney and Harry Truman. Despite having some of the foremost people in American history, Missouri has failed to remove itself from the worst state in America. The problem can be attributed to high crime rates that have recently caused violence and death. There is also the raging problem of strict reproductive law and economic downturn. The overall atmosphere in Missouri can be regarded as being unimpressive, which has left a sour aftertaste on its ranking among other states in America. 


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Widely regarded as the trash can state with no nuance of civilizations and enjoyment. This can be further illustrated by the number of old rundown cities with nothing to offer besides becoming a harbour for illicit activities. The high rate of discrimination and racial undertone in the resident’s hearts has made the state very toxic for visitors and tourists. Lastly, Ohio State’s entertainment landscape has a negative connotation, making it a dormant state with no innovative approach to change its worst tag.


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Mississippi is a state lacking in basic amenities and other means of livelihood that can be described as a state lacking urgency and tact. A critical look into what plunged Mississippi into the group of the worst states in America unravels systemic problems like low-quality education and lack of diversity, which have been deeply enshrined in their history, making the state a terrible one for immigrants or people from another state. Mississippi has been in the shackles of docile economic growth leading to a yearly increase in the number of people living in abject poverty.


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If you are not the type that loves paying taxes, you should do yourself a favor by avoiding Illinois. This is regarded as the state of unreasonably high taxes where you pay through your nose for everything you do. The problem lies with the government’s inability to find the state budget, thereby resulting in a financial deficit, and also handling their pension crisis through heavy taxation on citizens. This can only result in one which is  financial woes for everyone, including the state. 


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Louisiana has one of the nation’s highest drug abuse rates and the second-highest rate of people without health insurance. These are child play if we look at the stringent laws the state government passes against reproductive rights. Many couldn’t contain their disdain for this state due to a series of unpopular decisions the state government has made regarding human rights and other factors such as high crime rates, over-dependence on oil and gas, limited job opportunities, and others. Despite being one of the most endowed states with gems in its nook and crannies, Louisiana remains one of the worst states in the United States, offering the least allure and enchantment. 

New Jersey

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With a call of New Jersey as your state, you are bound to light up the atmosphere. But in a more actual sense, New Jersey is one of the worst states in America with the constant clash with the natives and the outrageous population that’s making the once thriving state become home for all sorts of people in the urban and rural parts of the state. Although New Jersey boasts lively vibes, beautiful beaches, and a fascinating art scene. This doesn’t remove the high cost of living in New Jersey, which has made the state unbearable for many. 


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Indiana state can only offer ten licensed childcare facilities per 100,000 residents, making it hard for families to participate in the state’s economic development. It is a sorry state with no law against discrimination, making it a hotbed for various forms of racial discrimination and prejudice. Additionally, Indiana’s life, health, and inclusion score is 113 out of 350 points, showing obvious weakness in childcare and inclusiveness. 


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Tennessee has seen hordes of bad policies and increased crime rates plunge their rating and pull them into the list of the worst state in the United state. The state lacks clarity on inclusivity and health care policy leading to a series of discriminations, access to childcare, and poor air quality. Although Tennessee has witnessed significant economic growth, like Ford’s electric motor facility, this doesn’t cancel the negativity in the state metric due to its laxity in providing basic amenities. 


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Often praised for its beautiful scenery and enjoyable activities, Arkansas reeks of various downsides to be considered a great place to live. According to a report by CNN, it was established that Arkansas’s life health and inclusion score is 118 out of 350 points. This abysmal showing outlines various issues of poor healthcare, increased crime rate, and low inclusivity. The scourge of illegal drugs being domiciled in Arkansas is a scary prospect for everyone looking to live here. At the same time, getting a dentist appointment is impossible because there are just 42 dentists for 100,000 residents. 

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