Food That Need an Expiration Date, The Food Fads That Have Overstayed Their Welcome!

By Krystal Brown

Everything in life comes and goes, and this includes food and cooking trends. In the 1950’s, TV dinners were a thing, in the 1960’s you had gelatin-encased salads and in the 2000’s, it was kale. However, there are some that just shouldn’t have even been a thing in the first place. 

Bone Broth

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Believe it or not, these bone broth stocks were encased in mason jars and people were being charged an incredible $6. The funny thing is, now that we look back at it, it might’ve tasted great, but you could make a huge batch at home for much cheaper. 

Golden Food 

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Fine dining and expensive meals is something that is experienced every once in a while. However, imagine gold leaf on your food. This is over the line for some people, and thankfully, it isn’t popular everywhere. 

Great Looking, Awful Tasting 

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We know that making a cake look good gives extra bonus points to the maker. However, we expect the cake to taste as good as it looks and there is nothing worse than having a wonderful looking cake that tastes awful. 

Mason Jar Salads

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Even though this might look aesthetically pleasing, have you ever tried to eat a salad from a small mason jar? It makes a lot more sense to make your salad in a bowl and store it in a storage container that is big enough to get your fork into. 

Rainbow Food 

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This looks cool, and it’s great for the kids, but we just can’t help but think this is one of the worst food fads at the moment. Whether you see rainbow grilled cheese, bagels or pasta, it’s visually appealing, but it just doesn’t taste like anything special. Maybe we should lower our expectations? Or maybe this fad should just come to an end. 

Too Much Truffle 

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When you go to a restaurant or you read up on a recipe, you’re most likely going to eat or cook something that involves truffles. One of the most popular truffle products is olive oil. Yes, truffle-infused olive oil. Why do we feel the need to put the dirt tasting truffle on everything? 

Keurig Coffee

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There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to freshly brewed coffee. However, the new Keurig coffee fad is an idea of passing boiling water through a plastic cup for a burnt and under-extracted coffee. We honestly couldn’t think of anything worse in the morning. 


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A good cheese board is a favorite to many people, however, there is a fad called charcuterie, which is literally any food thrown onto a cheese board in a fancy looking way. Some people put pancakes, syrup and fruit on the cheese board. Once upon a time, charcuterie was one or two nice cheeses with herbed olive oil, cured meats and bread or crackers on the side. 

Charcoal Food 

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Charcoal is known to not be consumed, so where this fad came from, we have no idea. Charcoal food is literally any food containing it. The most popular are charcoal burger buns and ice cream. Could you think of anything worse?

Cauliflower Foods

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IgorVetushko via

We understand that if you have children then feeding them vegetables can be a difficult challenge. However, we think that it’s gone too far this time. Cauliflower food fad is being put on everything, from pizza crust and rice, to fried ‘cauliflower’ wings. We’re definitely giving cauliflower a complex, and it should just be left as it is.

Deconstructed Food 

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We appreciate the fact that chefs work hard to make their food look presentable, but we just want what we ordered. If we order a cheesecake, we want the full cheesecake, we don’t want it splattered around our plate in little sections. 

Secret Menu 

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This is a fad that we simply can’t understand. Believe it or not, but the ‘secret menu’ you hear about that is believed most restaurants have, they don’t. This menu has been made up by people on the internet, and it can be frustrating for a waiter or barista to constantly explain that there is no secret menu. 

Pumpkin Flavored Food

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In a similar manner to the cauliflower flavored everything, it’s the same with pumpkin. You can get pumpkin flavored everything, including dog treats, pretzels, smoothies, applesauce, cereal, pancakes and hand soap. There has to be some boundaries set with this at some point. 

Over The Top Milkshakes

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What happened to a good old plain milkshake that was packed with flavor without adding three different desserts on top of each other? When you go to a milkshake store now, you’re likely to be introduced to milkshakes that have chocolate-covered pretzels, donuts and cookies all placed on top of each other, and we’re paying a huge amount for these when we usually don’t even finish them because of how sickly they are. 

Meal Delivery Services 

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We’re all meant to be saving the planet little by little at a time by reducing wasteful packaging and ensuring that we recycle. However, introducing meal delivery services does the complete opposite. Each meal comes in plastic packaging due to the fact that each ingredient is usually individually wrapped.

Homemade Ketchup

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There is nothing worse than ordering a burger and really craving the traditional, good old-fashioned Heinz, and then arriving with a fancy, homemade ketchup creation. Sometimes we just need plain and simple, and Heinz ketchup is popular for a reason.

Sushi Everything

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There was once a time when sushi wasn’t popular. Nobody really wanted it apart from the select few. Whatever you order, you are most likely able to get a sushi version; burgers, burritos, pizza. You made it, and sushi will do it. However, we think it’s too extravagant, just leave sushi alone to be in its minimalist form. 

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