10 Worst Boomer Pieces of Relationship Advice Millennials Wish They Could Unhear

By Krystal Brown

Get ready to cringe as we unveil the 10 most cringeworthy pieces of relationship advice from Boomers that Millennials would rather not hear, because let’s face it, times have changed! In a world where dating apps, gender roles, and communication dynamics have evolved, we’re about to explore the outdated gems of wisdom that make you wonder if Boomers were living in an entirely different romantic era.

You Have to Get Married Before You’re 30

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This is one of the most common and pressure-inducing pieces of advice that boomers give to millennials. They think that if you don’t settle down by a certain age, you’ll miss out on your chance to find a partner and start a family. But millennials know that there’s no one right timeline for love and that getting married later in life has many benefits, such as more financial stability, personal growth, and career opportunities.

You Have to Stick to Your Kind

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Boomers often have a narrow-minded view of who makes a suitable partner for their children. They might have prejudices or stereotypes about people from different races, cultures, religions, or backgrounds. They might also have unrealistic expectations or standards for their potential in-laws. But love is not limited by these boundaries, and that diversity and inclusion are important values in a relationship.

You Have to Compromise on Everything

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Boomers often tell millennials that they have to sacrifice their happiness and needs for the sake of their partner. They think that compromise is the key to a successful relationship and that being selfish or stubborn will lead to conflict and resentment. But this is not always true. Compromise is not always the best solution, and sometimes it’s better to agree to disagree or to find a win-win situation.

You Have to Stay Together No Matter What

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Baby boomers usually advise today’s millennials to stay with their relationships through good times and bad, even if they’re unhappy or dissatisfied. They argue that breaking up or divorcing is a sign of failure or weakness and that they have to work on their problems instead of giving up. But sometimes it’s better to end a relationship that’s not working and that they deserve to be happy and fulfilled. They’re entitled to exit any toxic or violent relationships since staying is neither healthy nor safe.

You Have to Follow Traditional Gender Roles


It is unfortunate that some individuals hold rigid beliefs about gender roles and enforce them upon younger generations. These beliefs limit personal freedom and hinder progress toward a more inclusive society. Thankfully, many millennials are challenging these outdated notions, advocating for equality, and embracing the freedom to express themselves authentically in relationships. They understand that everyone, regardless of gender, should have the right to determine their roles and contributions within a partnership.

You Have to Share Everything With Your Partner

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Boomers tend to stress the significance of complete openness and transparency with one’s partner, considering any form of secrecy or concealment as a sign of dishonesty or mistrust. They also believe that couples should engage in shared activities and possess mutual interests and hobbies. However, millennials hold a contrasting viewpoint. They understand the importance of privacy and independence within a relationship, recognizing that not everything needs to be disclosed to their partner. They appreciate the value of personal space, individuality, and the pursuit of their passions and goals. This mindset fosters a healthy and mutually beneficial connection between partners.

You Have to Make Your Partner Happy

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Millennials understand that happiness comes from within and that it’s not their responsibility to make their partner happy. They respect their partner’s individuality and autonomy and don’t try to control or change them. This differs from the belief of some Boomers who think that one must do whatever it takes to make their partner happy in a relationship and that their happiness depends on them.

You Have to Find Your Soulmate

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Millennials have a different perspective on relationships than boomers. While boomers often believe in the concept of a soulmate and the idea that there is only one perfect person for them, millennials understand that there are many potential partners who can bring happiness. They also recognize that relationships require effort and acceptance of imperfections and differences, rather than being fairy tales with perfect compatibility.

Always Prioritize Your Partner

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Millennials understand the importance of balance and moderation in relationships. While Boomers may advise prioritizing one’s partner above all else, Millennials recognize that it’s important to also consider other aspects of their lives, such as friends, family, work, and hobbies. They know that taking care of their well-being is crucial and that supporting their partner unconditionally doesn’t mean ignoring their own needs or blindly agreeing with everything their partner does.”

You Need to Buy a House Before Starting a Family

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Owning a home is often seen as a necessary step before starting a family by the baby boomer generation. However, for millennials, financial obstacles such as high levels of student debt and increasing housing prices have shifted their priorities toward achieving financial stability and flexibility. As a result, they are exploring other options such as renting or living together before making long-term commitments.