The Worst Hobbies Men Find ANNOYING in Women

By Krystal Brown

Engaging in hobbies is wonderful, but if you’re a woman and you partake in any of these 15 activities, it could potentially discourage the men in your life.


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While a lot of men like women to wear some make-up they do not like it when they can no longer recognize their partner. Wearing heavy makeup means hiding the natural beauty that men love so when your hobby is constantly being around make-up it may put some men off. 


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A woman who is too built-up is a turn-off for some men who like their women to be dainty and have fewer muscles than them. Whether this is down to jealousy or personal taste, it seems women who have a serious gym hobby may struggle to get men. 

Only Fans

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Many men are not a fan of their love interest showing their bodies to other men for cash. If women model suggestively for Only Fans or other sites then it may put their partner off wanting to be with them. 


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Bingo is great if you are 70 years old! That is the view of many men who think that a young woman enjoying going to the bingo is just wrong. Perhaps if the woman was assisting their Grandmother to a night at the bingo it would be ok but when she is a dab hand with a dabber, it is a no from some men. 

Watching Reality TV

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Men love to watch TV with their girlfriends as a way to relax and unwind together but reality TV is not on the radar for some men. Men find that women who are more concerned about what the Kardashians are up to than what they can be getting up to need to get a better hobby. 


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Lots of men seem to want women that have a fun and exciting hobby and not something boring like walking. Another reason men may not like the woman in their life walking everywhere is that they will be roped into hikes at the weekend when they can be relaxing in front of the TV. 

Abstract Art

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It appears that some men do not enjoy the creative side of their girlfriends and believe that what they call art is something that a 5-year-old can do. For women who love art, it is likely to be better to find a man who appreciates art like you do as some people just don’t get it. 

Riding Motorcycles

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Some men are stereotypical in their opinions of women and that means that, in their eyes, women should not do “manly” activities such as riding motorcycles or playing football. As well as being dangerous, men think that women should stay clean and look good for them rather than be covered in oil and sweat from their bikes and leathers. 

Going to the Gym

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Going to the gym is not bad in itself but some men find that when women go to the gym too often they can become too obsessed and talk about little else. It is great to see women getting fit and improving their well-being, but men don’t need to hear about it 24/7.


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Drinking alcohol is not necessarily a hobby but when a woman turns it into one it can be a turn-off for men. Some men say that when women want to go out day-drinking with their friends or are constantly arranging fun nights out that they worry about how much they are drinking and how little they are spending time with them. 


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Men want you to solely concentrate on being with them and looking to build a long-term relationship. This means that women who are looking to play the field until they find out that they like someone are not for them. 

Martial Arts

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Like motorcycle riding and bodybuilding, many men feel threatened by a woman who can hold her own. Martial arts is practiced by both men and women in many cultures yet some men still believe that women should not have such a masculine hobby. 


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Some women treat Instagram as a hobby rather than a social media platform. By constantly looking for great photo opportunities to monitor their likes and share for hours on end, this hobby is a huge turn-off for some men. 


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It feels like some women see gossiping as a hobby as it takes up a lot of their time and men do not like it. A man wants you to spend the time you have together talking about your relationship and not what your friend’s aunt’s workmate did at the weekend. 


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Similar to walking, some men find gardening a boring hobby for old women. Some men want their woman to have a more exciting hobby that keeps their nails clean and doesn’t involve heading to the garden center every weekend. 

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