Revealing the Unexpected Request: Woman’s Bold Bid to Plan Her Own Funeral Overrules Parents – A Story of Life, Death, and Family Conflict

By Emma Williams

A woman wants to take the plans for her own funeral into her own hands, taking it out of her parents’ control when they don’t listen to her wishes.

Sad Start

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The woman starts off her story by explaining that she has cystic fibrosis. After two rejected lung transplants, unfortunately, doctors have explained to her that there isn’t anything else they can do except keep her comfortable in her last few weeks.


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She began making preparations for her funeral, thinking it would be a breath of fresh air for her, allowing her to come to terms with what’s happening. But she couldn’t have been more wrong.


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Her parents are both very strict Southern Baptists, desiring a very traditional funeral for her. This includes hymns to be sung during the memorial, a casket and graveside service, a viewing, countless prayers, and more.


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She had issues with everything about this idea, being the complete opposite of her parents and not being religious in the slightest. She realized that everything they wanted and were attempting to plan did not reflect her as a person.


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At 25, she married her husband, the love of her life, who was torn about the entire situation. He wanted her to have exactly what she wanted, but he didn’t want to deal with her parents after the fact while he was actively grieving.

Her Plan

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She wanted her service to be a joyful one, filled with laughter, funny stories, pictures, and upbeat music. More importantly, she wanted to be cremated, with her ashes placed in a cat-shaped urn as both she and her husband were avid cat lovers.

Party Favors

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She also informed her husband that she wanted some of her ashes to be handed out like party favors in vials so her closest friends and family could take home a part of her. Her husband looked horrified.

Not On Board

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Her parents were absolutely not on board with this idea, essentially ignoring her wishes and taking control of the plans. They attempted to take her “shopping” to pick out things for essentially their version of her funeral, which she obviously did not appreciate.


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She understood her parents were grieving and tried to compromise with a mixture of both of their views, but they were not open to this. The discussion of her funeral plans turned into something stressful and agonizing, when she simply wanted to enjoy the time she had left without leaving a bomb of emotion and disappointment behind.


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She and her husband talked with her parents, and somehow they reached a compromise. They explained that with their daughter’s impending passing, they were losing faith, and their way of trying to regain it was to take control and guide their daughter to the afterlife. Apologizing for the stress they have been putting her through.


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She has since passed, with her husband posting a statement to readers about the beauty of his wife. He shared her final goodbyes, in which she told readers to take care of themselves and enjoy their one life. In the end she did get the funeral that she had hoped for, and it was beautiful.

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