Woman Supported After She Leaves Her Vegan Sister-In-Law Out of the Family BBQ

By Emma Williams

Navigating BBQs can get tricky when there are vegan guests in the mix, and for one woman, it unexpectedly turned into a potential family feud. Sharing her dilemma on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA), she delved into why she thinks her vegan sister-in-law might be in need of a “reality check.”

Hardcore Vegan

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The woman told readers that she and her spouse threw a backyard BBQ when they moved into their new house near both of their family members. During their first BBQ, the woman’s sister-in-law caused chaos by giving everyone a lecture on eating meat. The sister-in-law, known as Erin, is referred to as a hardcore vegan with “ everything out of her mouth was something vegan related.”

Frozen Vegan Patties Were On The Menu

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Erin was so hardcore that upon seeing how much meat was on display at the BBQ, she went out to the store and brought back mounds of vegan patties that she insisted were cooked. The original poster (OP) and her spouse cooked in one box that nobody touched, so they refused to cook the rest of them. The OP went on to say that Erin became very tiresome and constantly talked about how meat was bad for people’s health. 

Erin Blamed Meat For The Woman’s Dad Having Diabetes

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The sister-in-law was so obnoxious that she went on to tell the OP’s dad that he has diabetes because he eats meat. It was revealed later on that the OP’s mother challenged Erin about her choice of words, but this did not stop her from continuing with her lectures. While the OP’s spouse can put up with his sister’s behavior, she finds it unacceptable, as does her family. 

An Ex-Vegan Cousin Could Not Help

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Even the OP’s cousin Erin, who is a vegan, cannot tolerate this determined woman, as she was accused of being ignorant when she told Erin she was no longer vegan. It transpired that both sides of the family had trouble taming Erin and her unwanted opinions, but nobody was brave enough to do anything about it. 

Erin Did Not Get An Invite To The Next BBQ

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In a bid to free other guests from Erin’s lectures on eating meat, the OP planned to have their next BBQ on a day when Erin would be on vacation. The woman told her spouse they would be having a BBQ on a particular day and organized the day without even mentioning Erin’s name. The BBQ went perfectly, with not one person mentioning Erin other than the OP’s mom, who was pleased to hear she would not be turning up. 

Facebook Revealed All

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Facebook photographs alerted Erin to the BBQ that she missed, and she was not happy at all. Erin texted her brother to tell him that his wife was evil, bringing up lots of personal insults and insisting that she would not forget how she had been treated. This led the OP to ask AITA readers if her actions were out of line. 

Some Wondered Why She Would Want to Be at The BBQ

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One confused reader wondered why Erin would want to be invited, saying, “She made the party miserable last year. It’s sort of astounding that she would WANT to go to another seared-flesh fest.”. One person could slightly understand where Erin was coming from but said, “I agree with her and everyone who makes a choice concerning their diet. I do not agree with someone who looks forward to battling…not politely attempting to convert for healthy/ethical reasons.”

She Gives Vegans A Bad Name

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Some readers were disappointed to read Erin’s story as they said, “I’m not saying all vegans are like this, but the vocal ones are and make a bad name for those that do their own thing and let others too.” However, when explaining that her vegan friend would not act in this way, one reader said,”This ‘Erin’ isn’t annoying because she’s a vegan, she’s annoying because she’s Erin.” We think there may be something in this as it seems like a massive overreaction to her sister-in-law wanting a lovely family BBQ. 

Life Choices Should Be Embraced

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It was agreed among many readers that vegans should be entitled to their opinion, but so should meat eaters. One Reddit user summed it up nicely by saying, “Nothing more annoying than someone commenting on your life choices when you didn’t invite it.”

The Husband Knew It Was Deliberate

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In an edit to her post, the woman revealed that her husband and mother-in-law knew she had deliberately chosen a day that Erin could not attend. This information came about when her spouse was showing her screenshots of messages Erin had sent telling him his wife was “a malignancy on her family that needs to be cut off.”It was a relief for the OP to hear that her husband’s family had her back, as did Reddit readers.

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