Woman Slammed for Being Embarrassed by Her Cheapskate Boyfriend

By Emma Williams

In an online forum a woman sought support after facing criticism for expressing dissatisfaction with her boyfriend’s penchant for shopping in sales and avidly using coupons. With a four-month relationship at stake, the woman grappled with whether her concerns were valid or if she was in the wrong for disapproving of her boyfriend’s frugal shopping habits. The debate ignited discussions about financial values and the balance between responsible spending and personal preferences in a relationship.

He Was a VP at His Company

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While using coupons and shopping in sales is an everyday occurrence for many, the woman pointed out that her boyfriend was very successful and was a VP at the company he works for. Despite her boyfriend being “cute and smart,” the original poster (OP) cannot stand that he will never buy anything at the total price. 

Dinner Can Be Unpredictable

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To give readers an idea about how discount-obsessed her boyfriend is, she said that he plans his cooking for the week around what deals they have on at the grocery store or what coupons he has for the week. She said all his clothes, including his underwear, had been bought while on sale, and she could not recall him buying anything without worrying about the price tag. 

The Woman Was Embarrassed in Front of Her Friend

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When a friend of OP’s commented on the boyfriend’s shirt one day, he said he got it in a clearance for $20. The OP was “mortified” by her boyfriend’s embarrassing behavior, but she did not say how her friend reacted to this comment. 

Things Blew up at a Restaurant

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Not only does the boyfriend buy his clothes and groceries with discount coupons, but he will only go to a restaurant if there is an offer. When a restaurant is running special offers, the boyfriend is happy to eat out, which is what happened recently. The couple enjoyed a ‘buy one, get one free’ digital offer. All was going well until it came to paying for their meal, and the coupon would not register. 

They Caused a Huge Line

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The restaurant’s computer did not register the code; no matter what the cashier tried, it would not work. The computer problem caused a massive line at the restaurant, once again leaving the OP feeling embarrassed. When the boyfriend held up the bar even further while waiting for the manager, the woman left the restaurant to return to the car while he sorted it out.

They Argued the Whole Way Home

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The couple argued on the drive home, ending their evening early despite having free cinema tickets (from another deal). The OP’s boyfriend dropped her home, and they did not text each other the next day. After telling her friends what happened, they said they didn’t have an issue with it. 

She Was Frustrated by Her Friends

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The OP could not understand why all of their friends were okay with her boyfriend’s behavior or why they did not empathize with how embarrassed she was. It appears that the woman was not happy with her friends as well as her boyfriend. Looking to Reddit readers for support, it turns out that the majority agreed that she was the one in the wrong. 

The Boyfriend Was Commended for Being Smart with His Money

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Straightaway, one reader commented, “YTA,. Stuff is expensive right now, especially with inflation. He’s being money smart and frugal”. Others wanted to get on board with the boyfriend’s money-saving ways, saying, “Wait, there’s legit couponing apps? Please tell me more”. There was a lot of love for the boyfriend’s actions, with another reader saying, “And if I had a boyfriend that had the drive and energy to plan out meals based on sales I would hand all that planning over to him and always do the dishes in exchange.”

Rich People Are Often More Frugal

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Some readers pointed out that he is doing well for himself because he is careful with his money. One reader said it seems to be expected for people to have money to watch how they spend it, saying, “The richest person in my close friend group (totally self-made, props to them) never makes a retail purchase without checking their couponing apps.”

Some People Found the Boyfriend’s Behavior a Bit Too Much

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Despite a lot of support for the OP’s boyfriend, a few people thought his behavior was a little over the top. One reader said, “Yeah, I think there’s a line between getting a good deal and then over-extending other peoples courtesy in order to save a few bucks. If they were in line long enough, people were getting irritated and the hostess would be flustered and uncomfortable.”

Couponing is a great idea, and many people think that the boyfriend should concentrate on doing what he enjoys and try to find somebody like-minded. 

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