Woman Shuts Down “Black” Names For Her Child Because She Believes It Will Make Life Harder For Them

By Emma Williams

A woman shuts down “black” names for her future child because she believes that having one will make life hard for them.

New Baby

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Her and her husband are having a child. With her being of mixed race (white and black) and her husband being black.

Name Preference

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They don’t know the gender yet. However, her husband already has some ideas for their baby’s name.

Boys Name

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He prefers names that most people call black names for boys. Names like Trayvon, DeVonte, Marquis, etc.


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She states that she grew up with a name tied to black culture. Claiming that she’s hated it for a majority of her life.


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She goes by a shortened version of her name professionally. Dee for Denaisha. This is because she has seen how people have reacted to her “government” name.

Passed Up

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She is convinced that her full name has sabotaged her. Being sure that she’s been passed up jobs as well as other opportunities because of how others perceive it.


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Her husband has a name that is more common for white men, going by the name of Jake. He tells his wife he wants a strong black name for the baby.


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He explains that this is because he never got to have a strong black name growing up. He doesn’t think that giving their child a white name to “avoid” racism isn’t helping anyone.


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She doesn’t disagree with his reasoning. But she also does not want to use their child as “a test dummy.”


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She knows that they have to pick a name, but it has become a battle between them. As she continues to write off any and all “black” names.

Mixed Reactions

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She faces backlash from some readers as half take the side of the husband. Believing that his point is the one that makes more sense as he wants their child to have pride in his race. With the name being the message that it is okay to be black.

On The Other Hand

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On the other hand other readers believe that she is doing the right thing. With their child’s name not being the thing that defines their pride for their race. Arguing with the others that she is protecting her child’s future.


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The couple came to a compromise. Deciding on the name ‘Miles Trayvon’. That way their child can have the choice of either using just Miles or using both names Miles Trayvon if he feels more connected to that name.

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