“She Did Not Ask That!” Woman Reveals the Controversial Question She Asks on Every First Date

By Emma Williams

A young woman has revealed to her TikTok subscribers that she always asks men about their financial status on first dates. Sofia Franklyn, who has over 300k followers on the social media site, says she is not afraid to ask men about their bank balance. 

Her Approach Is Controversial

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Sofia told viewers: “I’m not joking; I’ve asked the last three dudes I’ve dated for their bank account info on the first date.” When asked why she did this, she explained it was: “Because I only want to date a wealthy guy that has money.” A woman wrote, “Money isn’t happiness, so focus on something else on your first date; don’t go in with money in your mind. You may miss out on all the good they offer.”

Sofia Is Successful

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The influential TikToker went on to say, “I think, you know, I have a job, I’m very successful. So I think I have every right to be like, hi, are we on the same level, or am I wasting my time?” An impressive 4000-plus commentators certainly had something to say about Sofia’s dating tactics. One fan was pleased that Sofia was honest about her approach to finding a successful man; she wrote, “Bravo! For her, 100 % nothing wrong with a woman knowing what she wants!”

Where Is the Romance?

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One person responded to the post asking, “Does love and genuine connection just not exist anymore?” Another wrote, “Podcast equipment should come with a license.” Men were turned off by her post, with one saying, “she could have a billion dollars, if she asks this I’m leaving and not paying for the date lol.” Another man concurred when he wrote, “ Even if I had a hundred million, if someone asked me that I’d be gone in five seconds.”

People Begged Sofia to Look Deeper

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Feeling that Sofia was doing everything wrong in her pursuit of love, many people urged her to search deeper. One person wrote, “Sofia, you have a platform to change the world. You’re amazing in so many areas; please take time to look deeper into happiness/relationships.” Another said, “She said that with so much confidence like she thought everyone was gonna agree.”

She May Be Setting Herself up for a Fall

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In looking for people with a healthy bank balance, Sofia may be putting men off and missing out on a great relationship. As one person pointed out, “People who have money don’t usually gloat about having money or seek to be on the same level as someone.” Some readers also noted that Sofia has said that she has asked this question on her last three dates, which indicates that her approach has not been successful. 

Date Protocol

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Whether or not to ask about financial status on a first date is a controversial topic. There are some people who believe that it is important to know about someone’s financial status before getting into a relationship, while others believe that it is rude and inappropriate to ask about money on a first date. It is important to get to know the other person by asking them questions about their life, their interests, and their goals. This will show that you’re interested in getting to know them as a person.

This Does Not Sound like a Fun Date

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The main issue with asking about financial details on a date is that it comes across as being too invasive and heavy. One TikToker commented, “She seems like a fun date.” Many people advise that first dates should not be too stressful. It is often unwise to spend the whole date thinking about the past or the future. Instead, you should focus on the present moment and enjoy the other person’s company. If a natural connection is made on the first date, then as the relationship develops, financial details can be discussed. 

Sofia Did Have Some Support

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While many of the comments on Sofia’s post were negative, there was some support for the assertive young woman. One woman said, “she wants someone who is on the same level; she works hard and makes money with hard work. She wants to see if the man she’s spending time on does too.” One man asked the question, “You have tons of money, why does it matter what he makes?” In response, it seems that Sofia may be looking at a person’s work ethic and sense of commitment as opposed to wanting to know exactly how much money a date has in their bank. One woman said, “she’s not asking to be earning the same or more or less, but to know if they are actually working people and not someone who will depend on her.”

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