Woman Falls Out With Her Sister After She Wasn’t Happy With Her Pregnancy Announcement

By Emma Williams

A young woman was deemed to be a bad sister when she rolled her eyes when she found out her sister was pregnant with twins. The woman told readers of Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) that her sister has been married for eight years and already has six children, the youngest of which is five months old. 

The Sister Had a Big Announcement

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The woman said her sister announced that she was three months pregnant with twins, much to the delight of everyone around her. The original poster (OP) said, “oh my god, again? Can’t your stupid husband leave you alone??” loud enough for everyone to hear her. She told readers she didn’t mean to say it out loud but did so in her anger.

Her Sister Was Not Happy

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Hearing what her sister had said about her pregnancy, she said: “Why did you say that?”. The OP replied to say that she thought it was too much that she had been pregnant every year for eight years, and she was worried about her having so many babies to manage or something bad happening to her. 

She Was Told to Worry About Her Own Problems

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As expected, an argument ensued with the OP’s sister shouting, “How about YOU leave us alone and worry about your own s**t? This is MY life”. The OP’s mother chimed in to insist that she apologize, but she refused as she said she was just concerned for her sister. While she was still worried about her sister, the OP went on to admit that it had crossed her mind that she was “being a jerk.”

General Readers Could Not Believe the Woman Said What She Did

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Readers were quick to call out the OP for her behavior, saying, “​​What is wrong with you? You said this out loud, and still think you may not be the a**hole? Get out of here with that nonsense.” There were, however, some people who thought that while the woman may have been right in her thoughts, she was not right to insult her sister.

Could the Sister Just Have Been Being Honest?

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One person said, ‘OP can be right and still be TA. And they are.’ This train of thought was felt by many who thought that a lot of people would think the sister had a valid but never dare to say anything as it was not their place. Sometimes, the things that we want for ourselves may not be what is best for others, even the people very close to us. 

She Did Not Truly Take Ownership of Her Actions

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Many people thought the OP seemed to use her stupidity as an excuse for not truly saying sorry. They got this from when the OP was protesting that she didn’t mean to say it out loud and that her sister is used to her doing dumb things. This was no excuse, according to one reader who said, “You are a **hole, and the worst kind at that: the kind that doesn’t take responsibility for your a**holery. While this seems harsh, you have to put yourself in the sister’s shoes and imagine how she felt being dismissed by her sister in front of everyone. 

Some People Sided With the Woman

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There were some readers who took the side of the OP as they agreed that there was some concern over having so many children. One said, “There is no way one set of parents has enough time and energy to give the one on one attention EIGHT children need.” Another said, “Seriously, when you have that many kids the older ones wind up raising the younger ones. It’s borderline abusive, it’s very common in families.”

The Woman Posted an Update

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The OP seemingly took on some of the comments and posted an update to say that she had apologized to her sister for calling her husband stupid and making rude comments. She did stress, however, that her sister does know that she is concerned about her general well-being due to the strain of so many pregnancies. 

Did It Come From a Place of Love?

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The OP also said in her update that her sister and brother-in-law can afford to have children as they both run successful businesses. The OP is happy to help babysit the children, although she does admit they are hard work as they don’t seem to be parented as well as some other kids.

Good Intentions

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It seems, then, that the sister does have some good intentions but is frustrated at the thought of her sister putting her body under strain just to make her husband happy. As readers pointed out, though, ultimately, the decision to have kids is not the OP’s to have; it is her sister’s and her brother-in-law’s.

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