Woman Falls Out With Her Husband After She Boils Cinnamon

By Emma Williams

A woman with a penchant for fall found herself on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) seeking opinions after a disagreement with her husband over boiling cinnamon. She started her post on an enthusiastic note, sharing her love for boiling spice mixtures while decorating her home for the fall season.

Putting Her in The Spirit

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The woman talked about how adding apple, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon in water makes the house smell amazing. However, the poster (OP) then revealed that her mother-in-law (MIL) is deathly allergic to cinnamon, something that prevents her from going shopping at Christmas due to all of the scented candles and sprays. 

Windows Are Opened To Let Air In

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The OP said that she never uses cinnamon-spiced candles, and if she has been boiling her fall mixture, she opens the windows to let the smell out. When her husband left for work, the woman started to make her favorite mixture while she was cleaning the apartment. 

There Was An Unexpected Knock at The Door

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All was going well with the woman’s fall decorations when there was a knock at the door that turned out to be an unannounced visit from her MIL. Instead of inviting her in, the OP stepped outside to ask what she needed, but she simply wanted to hang out while her husband was at work. 

The Woman Explained Herself

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The woman explained to her MIL that she was not expecting her, so she had boiled some cinnamon, so she did not want her to enter the house. The MIL became “furious,” saying that she should not be boiling cinnamon or even owning any cinnamon candles, knowing it could make her sick. The OP reassured her that she always makes sure anything cinnamon-related is out of the way ahead of her visit. 

MIL Says She Was Extremely Inconsiderate

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Despite the OP insisting that she would not do anything to harm her MIL, the MIL rolled her eyes and walked away. Turning round to give a few parting words, the MIL told her DIL that she was “extremely inconsiderate and rude that I would be willing to risk her having an allergic reaction just because I like the smell.”

She Did Everything Correctly

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Reddit readers largely agreed that the OP was not in the wrong, with one person saying, “NTA. You are aware of your MIL’s allergy. You ensured that she was not around when you put the cinnamon on the stove, and when she showed up unannounced, you stepped outside to meet her and shut the door behind you.” In an edit to her post, the OP told readers she always made sure that she was safe and asked her husband to make sure his mom knew to tell them when she was visiting. 

There Was Some Empathy

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There was a small showing of support for the MIL when someone said, “I do feel bad for her being deathly allergic to cinnamon. I would be sad since fall is my favorite also and cinnamon is in everything. She’s probably feeling a bit left out of festivities as is so that’s probably where the overreaction is coming from.”. Support was thin on the ground, though, as most people thought she was in the wrong for turning up unannounced. 

It Was Revealed That Mother-in-Law Eats Cinnamon Rolls

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In an unexpected twist, it was revealed that the MIL eats cinnamon rolls but puts up with an upset stomach after eating them. While the OP is confused about how her MIL can eat cinnamon yet claims that she cannot go Christmas shopping in case she is exposed to cinnamon in the air, she says it is better to be safe than sorry. 

It Doesn’t Seem Like a Deadly Allergy

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When this information was revealed, readers came to the conclusion that the MIL was exaggerating her condition, saying, “She’s not allergic if she’s eating it and doesn’t need an epi pen. At most, she has an intolerance to cinnamon if it gives her a bad stomach.” Many people concluded that she probably just didn’t like the smell of cinnamon. Others suspected that the OP only boiled the mixture, suspecting she knew the MIL was stretching the truth with her “deadly allergy.”

MIL Should Take Better Precautions

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Most people believed that while the MIL had some right to be worried, ultimately, it was her responsibility to ensure that she kept herself safe. One reader said, “If MIL decides to drop by unannounced, she literally can’t get mad people aren’t accommodating her allergy 100%.’”. Others agree that the couple needs to have boundaries; after all “Who just drops by in this day and age? There is absolutely no reason to not at least text someone that you are coming over. “

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