Woman Deliberately Wears a Different Colored Bridesmaid Dress after the Bride Asked Her to Wear an Unflattering Outfit

By Emma Williams

A disgruntled bridesmaid has spoken out about the grief she is receiving after wearing a different-colored dress at her friend’s wedding. Speaking on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA), the 28-year-old told readers she was recently a bridesmaid at her friend Tara and Tony’s wedding alongside three other bridesmaids. The woman said that Tara was “one of those brides where everything had to be perfect” and therefore left details of the bridesmaids’ dresses to last. 

The Bride Arranged a Special Lunch

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Ahead of the wedding, Tara invited her bridesmaids, one of whom was her sister, to lunch to discuss their bridesmaids’ dresses. The women were handed swatches of the dresses and were told they had to be that color and a certain length. The OP’s response to the swatch was to say, “Are you being serious?” Tara asked what the problem was, and the OP and one of the other bridesmaids, Jane, said the color was “unflattering,” and the dresses would make everyone look bad. One of the other bridesmaids, Amy, agreed that the bride had not chosen a good color. 

The Bride Thought She Would Be Supported

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Tara dismissed her bridesmaids’ concerns about the color, insisting that was what she wanted, and she expected her bridesmaids to agree with what she wanted. The bride’s sister Lily said she liked the color, but the OP thinks she did this so her sister did not go “full bridezilla.”

The Women Begged Their Friend

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The OP told readers that the bridesmaids “begged” Tara to reconsider the color of the dresses she had chosen, but she was adamant she wanted the “unflattering” color. Lily spoke to the women and told them that her sister is the bride, so they should all “ “respect her choices.” The OP agreed that Tara was the bride, but “that doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice the way we look, and look unattractive.”

Was Tara Trying to Make Them Look Bad?

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Amy pointed out to the others that it could be that Tara wants the rest of the wedding party to look bad so that she looks better walking down the aisle. This comment made the OP furious, which led her and two of the other bridesmaids, Amy and Jane, to do something drastic. The women decided “enough was enough,” so they would lie to Tara.

A Separate Group Chat Was Created

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The women told Tara they had ordered the dresses in the chosen color, but this was not the case. Instead, the women created a group chat to discuss ordering a more flattering alternative dress. They felt that Tara was being unreasonable, which justified them going rogue with their dresses. They all agreed on baby blue dresses, so the order was placed online, and as far as Tara was concerned, all was good. 

Wedding Day Blues

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When the wedding day arrived, and the bridesmaids were out in their dresses, Tara lost it and started to cry and yell at her friends. Lily took her sister away, and the girls did not see her again until it was time to go to the ceremony venue. The OP says that the wedding was great, but Tara was upset. 

Tara Has Been Quiet

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The OP told readers that none of the bridesmaids besides Lily had heard from Tara since the wedding. They have, however, been getting texts from Lily and the groom to say they are “horrible people” and they ruined the wedding. Tony revealed that Tara nearly canceled the wedding as she was so upset over the dresses. The OP ended her post by insisting that it was unfair that Tara wanted them to look unflattering, so she was justified in changing the dress color. 

There Was Another Option

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One sensible reader told the OP that there was another option that could have avoided causing drama on Tara’s big day. They said, “If the color was so bad, you should have declined to be a bridesmaid instead of lying and causing unnecessary drama because you were worried you wouldn’t be as pretty as the bride.”

The Dress Was Not The Only “Ugly” Thing

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Many readers got straight to the point when they accused the OP of being in the wrong. One said, “Maybe you would have looked ugly in the original dress, but from your behavior, I’d say you’re ugly on the inside anyway.” Another wondered if the story was honest: “No one would be this awful, surely.”

The Bride Shared Her Story

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The bride shared her side of the story in a separate post in which she revealed the so-called unflattering color was a terracotta/burnt orange color to match their fall theme. The bride says she was distraught by her friends running the color scheme and that they chatted through the toasts and did other things that were not fitting for a bridesmaid. From reading the bride’s post, those who felt undecided on how to vote suddenly felt sure that the OP of this post was the a**hole. 

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