Woman Dates Her Sister’s Cast Off and Watches Her Whole Family Fall Apart

By Emma Williams

A young woman recently took to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole (AITA) to vent about her sister, who is annoyed at her for dissing her boyfriend. The 26-year-old told of her relationship with a guy called James (not his real name), whom she dated throughout college and even planned to get engaged after graduation. However, The couple’s relationship ended when she discovered he was about to cheat on her. James had not done any physical cheating, but the original poster (OP) read about him planning a date with another girl. 

Cheating Is a “Dealbreaker”

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The OP quickly broke off the relationship as putting up with a cheat was not part of her plans after graduation. Not wanting any drama, the woman texted James to say, “Good thing you’re single now, have fun,” after revealing that she knew about his other woman. James was then blocked, and the OP was ready to move on with her life; only things were not that simple.

Her Sister Was Excited About Her New Boyfriend

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Just when the OP had finally gotten over her rotten ex, her sister announced that she had a boyfriend that she wanted to introduce to everyone. Fast forward to a family BBQ, and in walks her sister’s boyfriend, James! The OP and her parents were shocked to see their daughter’s cheating ex hand in hand with their other daughter, leading to the OP walking out of the get-together. 

There Was A Reasonable Explanation… According to The Sister

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The sister called to plead innocence, telling the OP that she met him at a party and didn’t think she would mind her dating her ex as they had split up a while ago. In a bold yet honest move, the OP told her sister that she could do better and was making a big mistake. She went on to say that while she disagreed with what her sister was doing, she was allowed to make her own mistakes. 

The Consequences Were Huge

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Family drama ensued when the OP refused to spend time around her sister and James, which was made worse when their parents took the OP’s side. It was revealed that there was a history of friction between the sisters, which made it easy for them to avoid each other until the parents relaxed their attitude toward the sisters and they were invited to parties. 

The Sister Became Very Jealous

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In his bid to make amends, James was overly friendly with the OP, causing the sister to become jealous and a brat. In an upward turn of events, the OP introduced her family to her new boyfriend, Todd, who wooed everyone straightaway. It appears that sister was not the only person jealous as James got annoyed at Todd making his ex happy, believing she was deliberately rubbing his nose. 

The Sister Started Yelling

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James’ jealousy sent the sister into a spiral, who called the OP to yell at her for causing drama. The OP reminded her sister that she told her she was getting into a relationship with a cheat and that she knew her “sloppy seconds” would be no good. 

Social Media Fall Out

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Cue the sister posting hurtful messages on social media, refusing holiday get-togethers, and many arguments. The sister wants the OP to apologize for bad-mouthing her boyfriend, which led to her posting to AITA to see who people thought was wrong.

The OP Got a Lot of Support

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People quickly rushed to support the OP when they agreed she was not the a**hole. One person said, “You can choose your friends and your boyfriend, but you can’t choose your family. Your sister and James are a perfect match for each other.” Many people echoed this sentiment with another bluntly saying, “If your sister wants to go dumpster diving through your trash, she’s gonna end up smelling like garbage too.”

Some People Thought The Sister Had a Point

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While the majority agreed that the OP was correct in her actions towards her sister, others pointed out that she could have chosen her language better. One reader said, “I genuinely hate the term sloppy seconds. It’s gross and dehumanizing”. Others felt a little sorry for the sister as they believed James would hurt her too, pondering if “James planned to cheat on the sister and get back with the OP. How is this not obvious?.” 

A Potential Happy Ending

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In an update for readers, the OP said that she has taken the advice to keep no contact with her sister and has set boundaries with their parents. She told happy readers that she and Todd were spending the holidays with his parents and that she was delighted, which may not be true for her sister and her “sloppy seconds.”

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