Woman, 29, Rushed to Urgent Care with a ‘Fluttering’ in Her Ear and Breaks Down in Tears of Horror After Learning There’s a Spider Stuck Inside It

By Emma Williams

Desirae Kelly, from Missouri, woke up one morning feeling a strange sensation in her ear. She described it as a “fluttering” feeling as if something was moving around inside her ear canal. Initially, she dismissed it as a passing earache or perhaps a piece of earwax. In later interviews, she said, “’I thought it was the tassels on the end of my comforter, so I went back to sleep.”

The Video Was Posted on TikTok

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A 29-year-old woman posted a video of herself sitting in the emergency room waiting for a nurse to remove a spider from her ear. She was crying and said she was embarrassed and disgusted by the situation. Although she posted a video of her ordeal, it was clear to viewers that she was traumatized about the event.

The Fluttering Intensified

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However, as the day progressed, the fluttering sensation intensified, accompanied by an increasing sense of irritation and discomfort. Unable to bear the discomfort any longer, Kelly decided to seek medical attention.

Earpocalypse at Dawn

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She headed to the nearest urgent care clinic, hoping for a quick diagnosis and solution. Desirae didn’t want to risk flushing her ear herself, so she waited until urgent care opened at 8 am. However, as she waited, the feeling in her ear changed from fluttering to painful.

The News Hit Kelly Like a Ton of Bricks

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Desirae admitted that she teared up as the nurse prepared to flush her ear and remove the obstruction. Upon examination, the doctor informed Kelly that he suspected an insect had become trapped inside her ear canal. The news hit Kelly like a ton of bricks. The thought of having a spider or some other creepy-crawly creature lodged in her ear sent shivers down her spine.

Her Heart Was Pounding

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The doctor proceeded to carefully flush out Kelly’s ear canal with water, hoping to dislodge the unwelcome inhabitant. Kelly braced herself for the sensation, her heart pounding in her chest. After a few tense moments, the doctor triumphantly announced that the insect had been successfully removed.

The Reality Was a Shock

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“I stood up, and as I did, the spider fell from my shoulder to the ground. I watched it scurry across the floor, its eight legs moving rapidly. It was a black spider, and it was disgusting.” She went on to say, “’I should have known this wasn’t just a normal little bug,’ she said. “

Enough to Make Anyone’s Skin Crawl

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Kelly was overcome with relief. Tears of horror welled up in her eyes as she realized the extent of her predicament. The thought of having a spider so close to her eardrum was enough to make her skin crawl.

An Uncommon Occurrence

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A spider can get into your eardrum, but it is very rare. Spiders are attracted to dark, warm places, and your ear canal can provide a suitable environment. However, the eardrum is a thin membrane separating the outer and middle ear.

The Unthinkable Intruder

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It is unlikely that a spider would penetrate the eardrum, but it is possible if the spider is small enough and has a sharp object, such as a leg or claw.

She Was So Thankful the Ordeal Was Over

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The doctor assured Kelly that she would be fine and that there was no need to worry. He prescribed ear drops to prevent infection and sent her home to rest. Kelly left the clinic feeling grateful for the doctor’s quick thinking and expertise. She couldn’t shake off the feeling of disgust and violation, but she was thankful that the ordeal was over.

A Sense of Appreciation

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The experience left a lasting impression on Kelly. She became hypervigilant about insects, constantly checking her ears and surroundings for any signs of unwelcome visitors. She also developed a newfound appreciation for the delicate nature of the human ear.

It is Important to Seek Medical Attention

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Kelly’s story reminds us of the unexpected challenges that life can throw our way. Verywell Health recommends tilting your head to the side and shaking gently if you think you have an insect in your ear.

DIY Fixes and Medical Caution

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If that doesn’t work, they suggest pouring some vegetable oil or warm water into your ear canal. If you’re unsure, see a doctor. It also reminds us that even the smallest creatures can cause us the greatest discomfort and fear.

Over 2 Million People Watched Her Video Online

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Over 2 million TikTok viewers watched in horror as Kelly told her story, with one person writing, “Girl, I am traumatized,” and another saying that they will never go to bed without wearing earplugs again. One viewer said, “’You lived my worst nightmare. I’m so glad you are okay!” and it is fair to say that many others agreed.

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