The Allure of the ‘Bad Gal’: Why Some Men Can’t Resist Being with Them

By Krystal Brown

What is it about the enigmatic ‘bad girl’ that lures some men into her orbit, despite the potential pitfalls?

Dating A Bad Gal Is Challenging

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Most men love a challenge, and bad gals can be difficult to deal with. Guys love to fix things, it’s just in their nature. This may seem like a turnoff, but guys don’t view it that way. They feel it is their job to try and make things go smoothly in the relationship.

Good gals have their stuff together and don’t help someone to guide them through life. They have already figured things out and this can turn off some men.

Bad Gals Can Be Less Intimidating

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In the movies, bad girls often come off as intimidating but in real life, that simply isn’t the case. Good girls make guys nervous because they appear smart and have their life together. Younger men who are not ready for commitment will choose a bad girl instead.

However, later in life, good girls become more appealing because of these traits. During this period of life, men are looking to find a good girl to settle down with and potentially marry them. Guys at this point,will avoid bad girls because they don’t feel they would make good long-term partners.

Some Guys Love Complicated Women

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Bad girls are some of the most complicated women around. They are constantly involved with drama, and they aren’t afraid to drag you into their web of chaos. Believe it or not, some men love drama just as much as bad girls do. This makes them the perfect pair when it comes to rocking the boat and causing trouble.

Bad Gals Can Be More Outgoing

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While good girls can be outgoing, many of them are introverted. Good gals will keep to themselves in social situations or only hang around people they are close to. This is seen by some men as being standoffish.

Guys often choose bad women because they are outgoing. Bad gals are often the life of the party and draw loads of attention from guys. Being outgoing makes bad girls memorable, and people tend to flock to them.

They Have a Rebellious Nature

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One thing that attracts men to bad girls is their rebellious nature. Women that are rebels are full of adventure and fun to be around. They are more willing to take risks and like to sneak around and do things they shouldn’t do. This drives guys wild, and they love the thrill they get from being around bad girls.

Another reason that would make a guy want to date a rebellious bad girl is his parents. Some equally rebellious guys get a kick out of making their parents upset. So, what do you think is a good way to make parents mad? Choose a partner that is just as wild as you are.

Bad Gals Are Attractive

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When it comes to beauty, bad girls often spend a lot of time on their appearance. They use their money to buy clothes, makeup, and other things to make them more attractive. On the other hand, good girls tend to be more modest and don’t put as much energy into looking sexy.

They Are Confident

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When a bad girl walks into the room, she does so with confidence. This ability to appear to have everything together is a trait that men find valuable. Being around a confident bad gal makes guys feel confident as well.

Additionally, men love to show off their hot confident woman, and bad girls do it well. This makes them feel powerful, and being able to land a confident bad girl is an achievement that many strive for.

Because They Create Their Own Rules

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Another reason why guys are attracted to bad girls is because they make their own rules. Bad women are not followers and are often the leaders of their group. This makes men flock to these women like moths to a flame. Most men admire women who can stand up and take charge.

They Are Less Clingy

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Men, especially young guys, aren’t looking for anything serious when it comes to dating. Bad gals are less clingy than good girls, and they are out for a good time. This makes them perfect for guys looking for the same type of relationship. Bad girls are independent and don’t need a man to make them feel whole.

Good girls are more focused on long-term relationships with deeper connections. This can feel clingy to some guys, and they often end up ditching their partner for someone less serious.

Bad Gals Can Be Unpredictable

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Men find predictability boring. They don’t want to date a woman that is always choosing the same things over and over again. Guys thrive on being spontaneous, and they want their partner to be the same way. They want a woman that will throw caution to the wind and do things out of character. Even if it’s just choosing a different restaurant to eat at, guys like change.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a guy would want to date a bad gal. They are often more attractive and less intimidating than good gals. So, if you have always been attracted to bad women, now you know why you love to chase them.

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