Silver Spoons and Broken Hearts: Why Dating Wealthy Might Not Be Worth It

By Krystal Brown

While a wealthy partner might solve your financial woes, other aspects of dating a wealthy person may not be as rosy as you’d think. Here are 12 downfalls of dating wealthy people.

They Might Always Be Working

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Unless your partner comes from generational wealth, they most likely had to work extremely hard for it. This often translates to late nights at the office or hours in front of their laptops.

Either way, you will not be getting the undivided attention that can be provided by someone with less responsibilities. Unless you are prepared to live with a workaholic, you have to accept that sometimes their job comes first.

You Might Feel Insecure

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It is difficult to have a partner who is more successful than you. You might not consciously envy your partner, but it would suck if you’re working a minimum-wage job all day while your partner is on an expensive business trip abroad. You have to accept that you’ll be contributing very little to the household income.

They Can Be Stingy

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Not every rich person wants a partner that they have to support. In fact, rich people often keep their wealth very close to themselves.

The majority of their money is often tied up in stocks or investments because their main goal is to stay rich. They might even insist on you forking out cash to avoid spending their own money. Just because they are rich it doesn’t automatically mean you are.

Their Family May Not Like You

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Wealthy people judge people who have less than them. Everything from your mannerisms to your dressing is fair game. Over time, your partner might also notice these ‘flaws’ and opt for someone with the same financial status as them.

We have all seen the cringey romcoms where the guy forsakes his family and fortune to be with the down-on-her-luck girl. However, that’s that exception, not the rule.

Their Money Is Not Yours

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 Devastating, I know. Unless your partner’s priorities align with yours, they are most likely not going to spend money on the things that are important to you. So no, dating a wealthy person is not the solution to all your problems. In fact, your regular 9-5 job might not be going away anytime soon.

You May Feel Indebted to Them

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There is nothing worse than feeling like you owe your partner something for everything that they do for you. While it may not be monetary, there may be unspoken expectations.

This is a dangerous power-play and allows the wealthy partner to subtly control the other person. This sets the platform for abuse as your partner will use your dependency on them against you.

They Might Have a Huge Ego

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Rich people know the power they hold because of their vast financial resources. Unfortunately, that is often accompanied by an ego the size of our solar system. They might be pompous, arrogant, and entitled.

They also might crumble every time something does not go their way. It might start to feel like you are dating a toddler.

They Lack Empathy

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If your partner grew up rich, they most likely cannot relate to your humble upbringing. Toast for dinner? Outrageous. Taking the bus? Disgusting.

Empathy is sorely lacking when someone has never had to go through financial hardships. They are also unable to understand how taxing it is on a person’s mental health.

They Feel Sorry for You

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 No one wants to hear this, but you might just be your partner’s project. Perhaps they are filled with empathy and find the need to fix your life. Unfortunately, this might set the wrong precedent.

Your partner may just have a hero complex and not actually love you. It also means that they are ignoring their own problems by focusing on yours.

Love Is Substituted for Money

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Money can’t buy happiness, but it might buy superficial love. Some wealthy people do not know how to love their partners and think that material possessions will fix all the problems in their relationships. Their love is superficial and based on the notion that a huge bank balance will keep their partner around.

They Might Be Targets for Gold Diggers

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Wealthy people are often pursued simply because of their financial status. This means that gold diggers will zone in on your partner whenever you are not around. While your partner might be completely faithful, their high-status lifestyle might attract the wrong people.

Increased Risks

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More money, more problems, this is especially true when you have a wealthy partner. Many wealthy people are the victims of kidnappings, robberies, or fraud.

Being wealthy is like having a target on your back simply for having more money than your average Joe. Absurd right? Unfortunately, being affiliated with a wealthy person also places you at risk.

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