“It Just Didn’t Feel the Same Anymore” Women Share When They Knew Their Relationship Was Over

By Krystal Brown

Sometimes, you know a relationship is over, no matter how difficult it feels to end things. We take a look at how some women knew their relationship was over.

Dreading Date Night

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One online user said that she knew that her relationship was over when she started to hate Fridays. She says, “When I realized I dreaded Fridays, our standard date night, and saw it as something I needed to get past before I could start enjoying the weekend.”

Everything Became So Difficult

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Some people said they could not think of one specific event that made them realize they had to call it quits; rather, everything became complicated. One user said, “When I realized I dreaded Fridays, our standard date night, and saw it as something I needed to get past before I could start enjoying the weekend.”

Being Disappointed When They Called

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One woman said that when their partner’s number came up on her phone, her response was “Ugh.” Sometimes, our gut instinct tells us we are no longer meant to be in a relationship.

Lack of Effort

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Some relationships are unequal, as one partner pulls their weight more than others. One woman realized that she had to break things off with her partner when they stopped making an effort. She said, “I would always be the one to initiate talking and taking part in activities together. I realized I was the only one putting effort in.”

Seeing It in Their Eyes

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For some women, realizing that the other person is no longer invented in you makes you see that things are over. One woman said she could see in her partner’s eyes that he didn’t love her. She told readers, “You can see it in their eyes when they don’t love you anymore. I’ll never forget that feeling. “

Seeing Other People Happy

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Many women realized they were unhappy when they started seeing just how happy people were around them. One person explained her situation when she said, “I was at my best friend’s wedding. When he saw his bride walking down the aisle, he had a grin so big it looked like it could have exploded right off of his face. He was so happy to be marrying this person. And when I thought about my now-ex, I realized that I just didn’t feel that way”.

Finding Nudes

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For many people, the realization of your relationship comes as a shock, as it did in the case of one woman who said she thought her relationship was fine until she found nudes of another woman on her phone. This person was not just in a relationship but was married, so it was a very big surprise. 

Accidental Texts

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Discovering a partner is cheating was a big theme on an online thread about breaking up. Another woman realized it was game over when she got an “accidental text” from her boyfriend about hooking up that night. Realizing it was not meant for her, she simply responded, “OK, be safe,” as she assumed he sent this on purpose so she would get angry and break up with him.

Giving the Silent Treatment

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One woman could not understand how her boyfriend could ignore her for three weeks, after starting to blank her three days into their holiday, and then suddenly act like nothing had happened. She told readers, “He rolls over in bed one morning and starts talking like nothing happened. I should have ended it long before, but THAT was the moment I knew it was over.”

A Lack of Care

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Another woman sadly told online readers that when she got into a car accident, her boyfriend simply “didn’t care,” which meant it was the end of their relationship. Another person responded by telling her shocking story of the time she was in an accident. This person said, “After an accident, I needed a ride home from the hospital. He wanted to go to church first. So I waited an extra 2 hours. “

A Lack of Warmth

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In another sad story, one woman said she divorced after 21 years: “The last ten years of the marriage were devoid of any love, warmth, or caring.” It seems a common theme that people know their relationship is over when there is a gradual lack of intimacy. Another online user emphasized this, saying, “I felt lonely when he was sitting right next to me.”

Bad Marriage Proposals

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We are unsure whether to laugh or cry at one woman’s story of a badly timed proposal. The woman told readers her boyfriend “proposed to me in front of a crowd of over 3,000 people, at a job we BOTH worked at, just two weeks after we had gotten into one of the worst fights we had ever had. 

Reading stories like these shows that we are not on our own when we think our relationships are failing. We only hope these people went on to find true love elsewhere. 

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