The Dark Side of Fandom: When Enthusiasm Crosses the Line into Fanaticism!

By Krystal Brown

During our childhood and teenage years, many of us indulged in admiration for our beloved celebrities, often expressing our fandom by displaying their posters on our walls. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with being a lighthearted fan, certain fan communities take their enthusiasm to extreme levels. To explore these overzealous fans, we turned to Reddit for some eye-opening encounters.

Power Rangers

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One Reddit fan decided to out himself and the whole Power Ranger community, “Venture into the POwer Rangers fandom and say something bad about Tommy. I dare you.”


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This one is not surprising to any of us. Beyonce is treated like a Queen to her fans, and one Reddit user said, “People get weirdly sensitive when I say I think she was better in Destiny’s Child.”


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Beliebers were more popular when he was younger, but some are still utterly crazy when attending his concerts. Imagine the screaming fans that are scrambling for merchandise signings and some that take it as far to stalk every hotel. There have even been requests for bleached hair.


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One user on Reddit stated, “As soon as we hit the queue to enter the stadium, I regretted my decision immensely. I could not escape; it seemed so much like a cult.”


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Anime fans are completely aware that their community is like a cult. They all have huge obsessions over their favorite characters. However, one worry is that some people speak about dating anime girls, which seems a bit bizarre.

Andrew Tate

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Even though he has been put under house arrest in Romania for taking part in organised crime and human trafficking, Andrew Tate actually has a considerable fanbase.

One Direction

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Even though they have split up, there was a huge fanbase when they first came on the scene. One reddit fan said that they recall fans “always talking about how much they love the band and trying to get new fans to join the fun”. However, Harry Styles still holds a huge place in some fans hearts and he keeps the flame burning.


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When Tumblr first came around, there were a lot of GIFs that would randomly quote Supernatural. One fan said, “God forbid you said anything negative about Destiel or Sherlock”.

Dungeons and Dragons

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Dungeons and Dragons was popular way before Stranger Things came along, and it entailed a lot of teenagers and geeks hanging around in their rooms and basements playing the game and setting unrealistic expectations. Beware the fan frenzy as the movie release unleashes a wave of even crazier fans!


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There is not one bad word spoken about Taylor Swift from her fans, and there are some that appear to know more than she does about her own personal life.


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There have probably been times when you’ve had endless messages and emails from people trying to get you into Bitcoin. One observer said, “They are absolute lunatics in there and ban anyone that disagrees with their views.”

Disney Fans

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This one is probably in the more ‘normal’ section that anything else. Disney is great, but when you’re a grown adult and walking around Disneyland head-to-toe in Disney merchandise, this can be a bit much, and slightly creepy.

Star Wars

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Even though the original Star Wars movie came out decades ago, there are still grown men walking around in their Chewbacca skippers and Yoda pyjamas.

The Air-Fryer Community

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It’s only been recently that air-fryers have become popular, and one reddit reader said, “Just because we can air fry most of the stuff doesn’t mean we should.”


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A reddit reader said, “It always astonishes me how Nintendo fans hate and treat those who criticize even the smallest things.”


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It’s hard to avoid the Royal family, especially over the past year. One reddit user said, “Living in the UK right now, it’s outright terrifying. People in poverty worshipping people taking their tax dollars.” Regardless of this, there are some Royalists that would camp outside happily for three days in order to get a glimpse of the King.

Apple Fans

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There is a huge controversy online about which phone and devices are better; Apple or Android. However, Apple fans will argue the point until they are blue in the face. Many Apple fans try their hardest to get current Android users to join their cult.

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