10 Weird Ways to Make Some Quick Cash

By Krystal Brown

Let’s look into 10 peculiar and unforeseen approaches to swiftly generate extra funds. These unconventional methods provide distinct and potentially lucrative avenues for financial gain.

Take a Chance on Fiverr’s Weird World

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There are many ways to make money on Fiverr, but some of the most well-known jobs on the site include marketing jobs, software development, graphics design, or other skills firms could outsource.

Yes, some people work online and earn money by reading news like Ebenezer Scrooge or carving inscriptions into fruit. Or, even worse, others earn money by peddling $117 “love spells”! Additionally, they have received over 450 5-star ratings, which indicates that they have earned thousands of dollars!

Sell Courses on Udemy

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While the most prominent Udemy courses have more than enough content and instructors to go around, some creative Udemy instructors have created their courses.

While I think it’s ridiculous to spend money on books on how to train as a witch, it’s obvious that others don’t agree with me.

Every field will eventually have a large audience, and if you can be resourceful and identify an untapped market, you may succeed in making money online.

Use Drones to Make Money

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While drones were incredibly costly and awkward, advances in the drone industry have created a pretty specialized market with some substantial side business possibilities.

There are a ton of opportunities if you’re curious about how to make cash by flying drones.

Some common suggestions include:

  • Distributing drone stock video.
  • Making videos on real estate.
  • Using your drone to generate passive money.

Script Reading and Voice-over Work

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Although it could be challenging to find employment as an expert voice actor, companies like Fiverr once more offer people some rather innovative ways for earning money.

You might be able to promote your products or services and record audio clips for cash if you have an accent, an intriguing voice, or the ability to adopt a character (like that Ebenezer Scrooge guy).

The thought of “pay me $5 and I’ll record a few seconds of me saying something” appeals to me a lot since, if you are successful in getting enough clients, your hourly rate might be fairly high.

Furthermore, engagements like this are the simplest $5 I’ve ever heard of, even if business isn’t booming.

Participate in Surveys or Medical Studies

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For a while, I believe, a medical research study on my campus asked volunteers to do nothing more than consume two apples each day and occasionally provide blood.

The job also compensated nicely. I believe they were shelling out $300 for 2 months of fruit consumption and blood donation (besides, who wouldn’t want free fruit?)

I wasn’t eligible for the research, but if you reside in a big city, there are probably other medical trials going on right now. Being a research participant might be a terrific way to make additional money, provided you are eligible for it and agree to all of its requirements.

Earn Money by Writing Reviews

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Although writing reviews is a gray area owing to the number of false reviews out there, it’s clear that businesses are prepared to pay huge sums for 5-star ratings and semi-honest comments.

Reviews have a significant impact on how effective a service or business is online, from Amazon’s listings to local firms on Google My Business.

Businesses will pay to outperform their rivals, and there are many opportunities to provide review articles for cash.

Sell Photos of Feet

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You read it right—you can make money by selling images of your feet.

After shooting a few images and sharing them, you could get $5 to $20+ for each image, which is simple and quick money you could make while sitting back and doing nothing.

A great spot where you can put your images for sale and engage with millions of customers is a website called FeetFinder.

Video Games and Television

Man and woman playing
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Have you heard that watching TV or playing video games may earn you money?

Awesome websites like InboxDollars and Swagbucks allow you to make money while you sit on the sofa!

While earning $1 to $5 while having fun isn’t much, it’s better than nothing. Some video games allow you to effortlessly earn real money.


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Why not start keeping bees? 

Many consumers want to buy locally and are looking for fresh honey. As soon as your bees begin to produce honey, you may start earning up to $15 for 12 ounces of honey!

Plus, you get unlimited free honey!

People will purchase food-grade honey as well as goods made with honey, such as face treatments and lotions. You can create a wide range of goods and even start a business with honey products.

Remember that learning how to raise bees takes time, as does waiting for them to produce honey. You will also need to spend money on the setup.

Selling Your Hair

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People are prepared to spend several hundred dollars, if not thousands, on your gorgeous hair.

Long braids are common, and wig dealers are constantly looking for real hair to provide their clients with more lifelike alternatives.

Your hair must be neat, nourished, and shiny, and it must be no less than 6 inches long. Your hair should normally be untreated and undyed as well. If your hair color is unusual yet natural, you might get paid more for it.

Make sure to consult a wig dealer for the price before you put scissors on your hair!

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