Curious Customs: 12 Peculiar Male Rituals That Make Women Wonder ‘Why?

By Krystal Brown

Men have some quirky habits that women frequently find baffling. Here are 12 male rituals that women struggle to understand. 

No-Two-Urinals Rule

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In the realm of men’s restrooms, there exists an unspoken etiquette that many men adhere to. If presented with a choice, a man will often deliberately skip at least one urinal before selecting his spot.

This unwritten rule, aimed at maintaining a buffer zone, is aimed at ensuring a semblance of privacy in an otherwise open setting. For women, who are more accustomed to the individual privacy of stalls, this particular spacing ritual can seem both amusing and somewhat baffling.

Beard Stroking

Man touching his beard
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It’s not uncommon to see a man, lost in thought, stressfully pondering a decision by instinctively stroking his beard or chin. This ritual, reminiscent of women twirling or playing with their hair, is often a subconscious act of contemplation or comfort.

The gesture, while seemingly simple, can be a source of intrigue. Especially when it comes to men without beards engaging in the act, stroking their chin. It leaves many women curious, pondering the underlying reason or purpose behind this repetitive motion.

Wallet Chain Display

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The jingling of a wallet chain is a sound many recognize. While some men adopt wallet chains as a practical measure against theft or loss, for others, it’s a bold fashion statement. This accessory, often linked with certain subcultures like punk or rock, symbolizes identity and rebellion.

Observing this metallic accessory, many women find themselves questioning its dual role. Is it a practical tool, a statement piece, or a blend of both?

Remote Control Ownership

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The stereotype of men being possessive about the TV remote control has some truth to it. This ritualistic control over channel choices, often dubbed ‘channel surfing,’ can be maddening for others trying to watch a program. Women often wonder why holding the remote is so intertwined with male identity.

Grilling Territory

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Many men consider the grill their domain, a sacred space where they command the flames and the food. This ritual, deeply rooted in tradition, often sees men taking over barbecues, even if they don’t cook otherwise.

Women, who are equally adept at grilling, frequently find this territorial claim amusing and bewildering. Why are some men hesitant to cook inside but insist on it when outside?

Pockets Over Purses

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Even when presented with the practicality of bags, many men persist in stuffing everything, including wallets, keys, phones, into their pockets. This aversion to carrying bags is a ritual that many women question, as it doesn’t seem very practical. Or perhaps they just see it that way because of the distinct lack of pockets in women’s clothing?

Shaving Routines

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While women understand the need for shaving, the rituals many men follow, from specific creams and brushes to aftershaves and particular blade angles, can seem overly intricate. The almost ceremonial act of shaving, often passed down from fathers to sons, is a male tradition that women find fascinating and complex.

Hat Adjustments

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A quick tilt, a swift turn, or a gentle tap, the world of male hat adjustments is vast and varied. This ritualistic behavior, commonly observed in those donning baseball caps or similar headgear, can serve multiple purposes. It might be a practical move to shield the eyes from the sun’s glare, a style-driven decision to achieve a particular look, or even a nervous tic during moments of anxiety.

Often done without conscious thought, the frequency and variety of these hat adjustments provide a source of amusement and curiosity for many women. They wonder about the underlying motivations behind each subtle shift or change.

Sports Superstitions

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From wearing ‘lucky’ jerseys to sitting in the ‘right’ spot during a game, many men follow religious superstitions. These rituals believed to influence the outcome of games, are viewed by many women as endearing, if not slightly eccentric.

Socks Before Trousers

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In dressing, many men follow a specific order, often putting on socks before trousers. This sequence, which might seem counterintuitive to some women, is a ritualistic habit many men swear by, asserting it as more comfortable or efficient.

Group Roasting

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Men often show affection for their close friends by teasing or ‘roasting’ them. This ritual of bonding through light-hearted ribbing is a testament to their camaraderie. While many women engage in similar banter, the extent and nature of male roasting can sometimes leave them bemused.

Bro Hugs

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The ‘bro hug’ is a dance of male bonding, a unique blend of a firm handshake swiftly followed by a one-armed, back-patting embrace. With its intricate choreography, many women observe this ritual with a mix of endearment and puzzlement.

This hybrid gesture stands as a testament to male camaraderie and brotherhood. It artfully balances affection with a sense of masculinity, ensuring the sentiment is clear and free from misinterpretation. It’s a nuanced expression of friendship, respect, and mutual understanding.

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