Avoid These Costly Mistakes: 10 Wedding Budgeting Blunders Brides Regret

By Krystal Brown

Wedding budgets can be tricky to stick to and we take a look at 12 common reasons brides regret when planning their wedding.


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Many brides regret spending a large proportion of their wedding budget on photography. While every couple wants beautiful pictures of their wedding, photographers can charge a small fortune for their services and brides often regret going overboard with photography packages. While couples will display a few of their favorite photographs from the big day in their home, the majority are left in a very expensive album that comes out for people to look at every few years.

Disposable Cameras

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On the subject of photography, some couples choose to have disposable cameras on every table at the wedding. This is a fun idea as it allows guests to take candid photographs of one another and it is a lot of fun when the bride and groom get them developed. However, in this day and age disposable cameras can be expensive to develop and the quality of the pictures compared to what you will get on a smartphone or with a photobooth is just not worth eating into the budget.

Dress Alterations

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Dress alterations can be very expensive so you should keep them to a minimum. So many brides regret buying their dress too early when their weight is prone to fluctuating. Brides have shown regret in hoping they would lose enough weight to fit in a lower-sized dress or making the mistake of changing what shoes they wear on the day meaning the length of the dress needed to be altered.


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Flowers can make a wedding venue look beautiful but they are very costly and brides often regret spending a lot of money on an excessive amount of flowers only for them to be eaten up by a large room. Flowers that are out of season can also be overly expensive and brides wish they would have chosen a more budget-friendly option. On the flip side, some brides feel they wasted money on low-quality flowers and wished they would have splashed out on flowers that would have lasted longer in the homes of family members.

Wedding Guests

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Budgeting blunders are not always about brides regretting blowing the budget, sometimes they wish they were not so frugal. To keep their budget down, many couples will keep the number of guests small so that they don’t have to cater to large numbers. Undoubtedly, fewer guests mean fewer costs but some brides wish they would have splashed out and invited all of their friends rather than a select few.


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Food is likely to be the biggest expense at weddings and some people regret their food choices massively. For those who splashed out on expensive food only for it to be left on templates regret not choosing comfort food or a traditional buffet that everyone would love. Conversely, those who cut corners with their food regret not putting out nicer food for their guests.


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Some couples choose to splash the cash on an expensive backdrop to their wedding, whether it be at the church or on a beach. These backdrops will look good on photographs but ultimately people will be looking at the bride and groom and will not be judging the happy couple for how extravagant their wedding venue looks. Lots of brides have commented that they could have upgraded their honeymoon or spent more on entertainment if they hadn’t been so obsessed with how their venue looked.


bride dancing at wedding
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Many couples have regrets about their choice of music whether it be an expensive DJ that ended up playing music that the guests did not enjoy or a band that failed to hit the mark. Getting people up on the dancefloor is essential for those who want a great evening with their guests but it is so important to do your homework to make sure you are getting enough bang for your buck.


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Brides dream of the ultimate transportation for their wedding but cringe when they see how much vintage cars cost. Nevertheless, a lot of money is spent on transporting the bride and groom to the venue and guests are catered for too, all of which adds up. In the end, this is something that causes regrets after the event when brides realize that normal cars or coaches would have been much cheaper.


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Another significant wedding cost is the invitations. Some couples send a “save the date” card as well as the main invitation, evening invitations, and thank you cards. All of this stationary adds up to a small fortune and many brides joke that they should have just sent an email! While an email is taking things a bit too far, invites can be kept to one main one, and perhaps the thank you can be done by email or text message.

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