Unseen Advantages: 10 Ways Women Have Privilege Over Men

By Krystal Brown

While the focus is often on male privilege, this piece delves into ten inconspicuous benefits that women hold over men, acknowledging that privilege can appear in varied forms amongst individuals.

Parenting While Staying at Home

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“Yes, I’ve worked at it for eight years. I don’t get asked to attend events for other stay-at-home moms because they are “mom circles,” even though some days are fantastic and other days are gruelling. No one is excluding me directly, but nobody seems to think that a stay-at-home parent is always not a mother,” as one stay-at-home dad pointed out.

Being Shy

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A man who started working at a new place nine months ago recently found out from a colleague in a different department that two women thought he was rude for not saying hello when he first started. The man was surprised by this, as neither of the women had said hello to him either. He felt that it was unfair for him to be considered rude for not introducing himself to everyone when he was the only new person in an established workplace.

Talking to Children of Strangers

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One man remarked, “Kids adore me since I didn’t grow up much myself, so they bond with me easily. But I feel like I have to deliberately avoid them or push them aside because others would look down on me in some manner.”

Another lady related an incident that she felt might have gone differently if she had been a guy. “When I was in line at Walmart once, an adorable child was standing in front of me. I waved and grinned at him. The father handed the baby to me, a total stranger, after asking whether I would want to hold him. I believe that if I had been a guy smiling at the child, his reaction would have been different.”

Condescending Looks

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“I’m not sure how to place it, but I was harassed by a woman while I was in school. She constantly made fun of me, and when I responded with one comeback, she began to cry. LOL,” a man remarked. “Commenting on appearances in general, whether positively or negatively. Many of the ladies I know will berate men for being bald, obese, or otherwise unattractive. Being obscene and frank about the guys they are attracted to. I detest them both. I seldom ever hear guys talk about women in the same manner,” another person said.

Unlike Men, Women Are Not Pressured to Support the Family

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It’s a known fact that society expects males to provide most if not all, means of support for the family 

These days, both men and women are working tirelessly to establish themselves in the business sphere and find what suits them. Men in relationships are increasingly choosing to take on the role of homemaker for a variety of reasons, such as parenting or supporting their spouse’s job.

Yet men are still made fun of for their choices, and women must watch while the guy they love is constrained by an outdated stereotype.    

Expression of Emotions

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“I suppose I felt envious when I discovered I would never feel secure enough to convey how I felt to anybody else after hearing my sister talk about an issue that was troubling her. I simply feel that as a man, I’d be considered a weakling for doing so,” a man said. 

“I feel that I must express my thoughts in a way that won’t offend others. Particularly when I’m injured or exposed. I often take great care to avoid acting in a toxic way. It causes me to question a lot of my gut instincts. I shouldn’t have to worry about being viewed negatively or as dangerous if I express my jealousy. It’s only reasonable to ask others to appreciate that because I’ve worked extremely hard to regulate my emotions and behaviors,” another person said.

Being Short

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One individual stated that “heightism is not even discussed in our society.”

“It’s beginning to be talked about,” another man observed. Though it is still far from enough, it is at least the beginning. Exposing the hypocrisy of women who claim they won’t date short guys yet become enraged when men claim they won’t date a certain type of woman. Generally, weight is often used as an illustration. This incites women, and it is then noted that weight is under their control whereas height is not. 

Getting Favors 

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Society favors women. If you are held back because it’s raining and a vehicle with only one sitting position shows up, chances are they will likely lift a lady if one is there, rather than you. Call it chivalry. It is just one of many instances where women are naturally favored above men. 

Reaction to Failure 

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Usually, when a woman tries a venture and fails, she is most likely to be praised for her efforts and encouraged to try again. We can’t say the same thing for men. Society demands success from them without room for failure which can help one push more toward succeeding. 

Women Are More Likely to Be Granted Custody of Children in a Divorce

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In the case of a divorce, it is less likely that the man gets custody of the children and not the woman. Most judgments favor the women, even when the man has not been found to have a questionable lifestyle.

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