Unwanted Separation and Uncomfortable Apologies: Man Flees In-Laws’ Demand to Sleep on Couch, Unearths Family Feuds and Father’s Domineering Ways

By Emma Williams

A man posts to an online forum, telling readers that he has moved to a hotel due to his wife’s family insisting that he sleeps on the couch.


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The man and his wife had gotten married the summer before the post was made. His wife’s family lives across the country from the couple. So up until the time of post he’s never gotten to visit them. But he had met them through phone calls a handful of times and they have always gotten along.

Come Visit

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One day, his wife’s family invited them to go stay at their home for a few days. They eagerly took them up on the offer. When they first flew in, everything went well. With him and his father-in-law watching football while his wife caught up with her mother.

It Soon Went South

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Things went South at the end of the night. They made it clear that they didn’t want him to share a bed with his wife in their home. Telling him that they expected him to sleep on the couch.


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He thought that they were joking at first. But they quickly insisted that they sleep separately. He had an issue with this, not liking the implication that he shouldn’t be allowed to sleep next to his wife. He mentions he already has a bad back and the couch in their home did not look the least bit comfortable. They also did not have a guest room.


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After a bit of arguing, he decided to leave and book a hotel room. He told his wife she didn’t have to go with him, so she chose to say. He said he’d come back the next day before going off to a Marriott about 10 miles away. Trying not to let the situation bother him.


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When he called his wife the next morning asking when he should go by, she told him that her parents want an apology for leaving the way he did. He told her he was willing to apologize to keep the peace. But they needed to acknowledge that it wasn’t appropriate to insist he can’t share a bed with his own wife.

Hearing Back

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He got a call back from his wife 10 minutes later. When hearing back she informs him that not only did they refuse to apologize, but they insisted that he needed to go back and stay on the couch for the rest of the visit. If he didn’t agree he would not be welcome back in the house.

No Way

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He told her that there was absolutely no chance that he would do that. He was also no longer willing to offer any sort of apology. His wife’s sisters then started to bother him. Saying that this was just the way their parents were and that his wife was very upset. Telling him he needs to just give in and stay on the couch for the rest of the trip before it turns into a family feud.

Father Issues

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In an update, he finds out the reason everyone was so insistent was because of their father. If he did not apologize, their father would find a way to make everyone miserable for the rest of the trip.

Uncomfortable Conversations

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This led to an uncomfortable conversation when sitting down with his wife and her sisters for dinner he invited just them out to that night. They opened up about how controlling their father can get. And how easily he is angered when he doesn’t get his way. The reason their father wanted him to sleep on the couch was to show him who the boss of the house was.

New Hotel

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Instead of letting the situation worsen by going back, instead his wife and her sisters who she rarely got to see moved to a new hotel about an hour away in San Diego for the rest of that week.

We’ll Deal With It Later

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Booking two rooms, one for him and his wife and the other for her sisters. Agreeing that the father had taken this situation too far. They happily went. Even if their father ended up throwing a conniption fit. Deciding that they will deal with the fallout afterwards.


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