Unrewarding Careers Exposed: Is Yours Sapping Your Soul?

By Krystal Brown

If you are so bent on making your life miserable, try one of these jobs.


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Cleaners are often victims of abuse, mistreatment, and abuse from their bosses and other staff members. Most of their jobs include sweeping several rooms, washing bedding and window and door curtains, and scrubbing the kitchen and messed-up toilets. Regretfully, many in-house cleaners receive unfair pay and are exploited by their employers. You must have a thick skin and be able to say “no” when necessary to succeed in this line of work.

Traffic Warden

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Practically everyone resents traffic wardens; who enjoys receiving a parking ticket after all? You’ll need to be tough to do this work because they usually endure a lot of insults and shouting in their daily lives. As a traffic warden in London, Dennis Sarpong states: “You get verbal assault all the time, but I don’t take it personally.”


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Coal mining is one of the most hated jobs that significantly negatively impacts employees’ health. Miners work in dirty apparel, smeared with dirt, filth, and coal residuals. Miners have a much shorter life expectancy because they operate in highly dusty and poisonous surroundings; they are also in high danger of a gas explosion or a tunnel collapse.

The Telemarketer

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Telemarketers are hired to cold call members of the public to sell them various goods and services. Many people find them highly annoying, so they frequently get hang-ups and unending abuse. Everyday suffering like this can be pretty discouraging. They are paid a substandard income, although they can earn more depending on their performance.

A Social Worker

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People pursuing careers in social service often face terrible and depressing circumstances. Social workers may find their work rewarding but sometimes face challenging events and circumstances that can negatively impact their mental health, especially when dealing with homeless, abused, and orphaned children.

Pet Food Sampler

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While some people make a career from eating pet food, it’s safe to assume that most of us find it repulsive. There is a severe risk of food illness associated with this work, which involves consuming substandard batches of animal products. You must have a refined palate and the self-control to swallow nothing but your pride to succeed in this role.

Slaughterhouse Workers

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This job is not for the weak at heart. Earning a living by killing animals can be very distressing. Work in slaughterhouses has been connected to several mental health issues.

One former employee of an abattoir continued to describe the unfavorable working environments in slaughterhouses to the BBC, saying, “They are dirty, disgusting places. The walls are drenched in blood and animal dung on the floor, and you can see and breathe the guts.” It may sound disgusting, but it’s essential in a society where people consume meat.

Portable Toilet Cleaner

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Cleaning portable restrooms is a regular task for courageous workers. The waste in a portable toilet must be sucked up by cleaners using a tank and a vacuum wand. After cleaning up any leftover toilet paper, they clean the walls and other potentially contaminated surfaces. A high-pressure hose is helpful in this situation, and plenty of sprayback results when hosing off a wall in a confined area, as you would imagine. However, some cleaners ignore it and earn, on average, $51,000 a year, according to PayScale.

Promotional Mascot

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Without promotional mascots, no list of the worst occupations in the world could be considered complete. Whether wearing a gigantic chicken costume to promote a new fried chicken business or dressing like a pair of testicles to raise awareness of testicular cancer, you’re sure to draw attention—mostly mockery and abuse.


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Although working for your country can make this a fulfilling profession, many military people struggle with mental health disorders and other illnesses. It’s difficult enough to spend long hours away from your family and friends, but adding the daily inspections of your outfit and bed can be much more taxing.


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Not only is truck driving one of the riskiest jobs in the world, but it’s also one of the most unrewarding, nerve-straining, and anti-growth. Long drives up and down the highway can be very lonely and boring, and many people see it as a vocation with no possibility for development. If you are looking for a job that will entirely halt growth and development in your life, you should try this job. Guaranteed.

Customer Support Representative

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Are you familiar with the proverb “Don’t shoot the messenger”? Customer service representatives find this to be too personal. They deal with aggressive clients who are unhappy with the business they represent and receive the majority of angry complaints. On the bright side, they can make an impact when they’ve helped address a problem, especially if the organization has a good reputation.