18 Unconventional Culinary Delights that Push the Boundaries of Taste

By Krystal Brown

We take a look at 18 unthinkable foods that even the most adventurous of foodies will turn their noses up at.


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People either love or hate cilantro and when we say hate it, they hate it. People who have a severe dislike of cilantro say it tastes like soap and not even the best chef can hide its taste. While some people sprinkle this divisive herb over everything in sight others believe it to be the food of the devil.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

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Rocky Mountain Oysters are not oysters but bull testicles, which is why they are not top of the list of foods to eat. An acquired taste, Rocky Mountain oysters are eaten mostly by adventurous Canadians and are said to have a calamari-like texture. 


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The smell of durian alone is enough to make people run a mile but Southeast Asian people call it the King of Fruit as the bad smell is worth it for the taste that some people cannot get enough of. 

Shark Fin

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Shark fin soup is a delicacy in China but few people choose to eat it due to the ethical issues surrounding the capturing of sharks. Even if shark fins tasted like the best thing on earth, people could not overlook the environmental impact of this food. 

Casu Marzu

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Casu Marzu, a sheep milk cheese from Sardinia is eaten alongside the live insect larvae that live within it. If the thought of this makes you squeamish you are not on your own as so many people profess that they would not try it if you paid them to.


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Surströmming is a type of fermented herring eaten lovingly by Swedish people despite the intense aroma that some people could not even be in the same room as. Fans of surströmming say that once you get past the smell you will reap the rewards but we will take their word for it. 


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Balut is a fertilized duck egg eaten in the Philippines. This food is unique in taste and unique in the very small number of people who are happy to eat a duck embryo. 


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The liver is very nutritious but it is not for everyone due to its unique texture and pungent taste. For some people, they can tolerate chicken livers cooked in sauces by great chefs but plain old calves liver is bottom of the list of things to eat for most people. 


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Insects are becoming a common food among those who want to eat more sustainably and they have long been eaten by cultures around the world. However, the thought of eating cockroaches and other bugs is far from the minds of a lot of people. 

Pickled Pigs Feet

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Pickled pigs’ feet are eaten by various cultures around the world but the gelatinous texture and unsightly looks make them a huge turn-off for people who would rather enjoy other parts of the pig.

Turtle Soup

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Like shark fins, turtle soup is now not ethical to eat due to conservation concerns, and Americans who once could not eat enough of this once staple food are taking it off the menu. 


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Caviar may be a luxury food in some circles but eating fish eggs for fun is not for everyone. Rich and salty with a unique texture, this expensive delicacy is either love or hate.  

Black Pudding

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Black pudding is a staple food in the UK and residents cannot get enough of this blood sausage that is usually eaten for breakfast. Some people hear blood and run for a mile, especially when it is meant to be eaten first thing in the morning. 


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If the thought of eating blood is enough for some people, adding in sheep’s liver, lungs and heart would blow their minds. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that is loved the world over but is hated in equal measure. 


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The deadly pufferfish is a delicacy in Japan but many people are put off trying as they associate it with death. For most people, eating pufferfish, most commonly known as fugu, is not worth the risk. 


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Natto is another food that is a delicacy in Japan and is made from fermented soybeans. Natto has a slimy texture and a very pungent smell with a flavor that packs a punch according to those who have been brave enough to eat it. 


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The decision on whether to put anchovies on pizza will divide any room as some people cannot get enough of these small oily fish and others cannot get enough of them. With a strong and recognizable flavor, anchovies are an intense taste you will never forget.  


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Escargots, otherwise known as snails, are eaten in abundance in France, but so many people cannot get past the skinny texture of this common garden pest. For many people, escargot covered in butter and garlic is gastronomic heaven and for others, it is a hard no. 

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