Ugly People Can’t Do These Things According to the Internet

By Krystal Brown

The internet is filled with various opinions and stereotypes, and unfortunately, there are claims suggesting that “ugly” people are limited in their abilities.

Become a Model

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Modelling is a near-impossible feat to achieve by anyone that is ugly or unattractive. This is a career that involves the projection of beauty to showcase different styles and moods. The loss of confidence that comes with being ugly forfeits one of the core principles of modelling, which is the sense of elegance required to stand in front of photographers and walk the runway. Another cogent factor is brands’ reliance on beauty and models’ outlooks to promote what they are selling to customers. An ugly person can’t fit into this role based on the downside of their physical look, which might not be enough to achieve the brand’s goal.

Getting on TV 

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Attractiveness plays a decisive role in the success and failure of a TV show. A general prejudice against unattractive people shapes the audience’s opinion, influencing who gets on TV. These societal standards have influenced various casting decisions for television programs, especially in reality shows, based on the market demand, visual appeal and other stereotypes that conform to the norms. Another factor that mitigates against ugly people getting on tv is the confidence issue and flawed self-perception that create a sense of defeat based on their appearance, which can be easily noticed on the screen.

Get Better Tips

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When it comes to improving your tips in the hospitality sector, it’s often said that your demeanor can play a significant role. This is further bolstered by a study by the University of California, Berkeley, highlighting the correlation between attractiveness and customer tip size. For instance, there is a general perception among customers that ugly people are mostly unapproachable and are stereotyped to be less competent, which in most cases, affects their chances of getting better tips

Make Friends Easily

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Making more friends can be tough for ugly people because, let’s face it, social anxiety, lack of confidence, and feeling awkward can hold them back. It’s not easy for them to put themselves out there and meet new people who might actually be interested. On top of that, there’s this constant pressure to be attractive and fit some ridiculous beauty standards, making it even harder to expand their friend group. It’s like they’re fighting an uphill battle.

Social Challenges

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Being considered “ugly” can make socializing a real challenge. It can lead to feelings of awkwardness and affect our body language, making it harder to approach others and start conversations. Unfortunately, society’s unfair bias against people who are deemed unattractive has created this idea that they’re incapable of having meaningful interactions or lacking the necessary social skills, simply based on their looks

Enjoy ‘Benefit of The Doubt’ From the Public

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It’s a common theme that unattractive people don’t enjoy much compassion and benefit of doubts from the general public in a situation where they make a mistake or occasional human error. A study published by the mail outlined that people attached more misdeeds to ugly than attractive people. The idea of snapping judgement based on appearance and looks conforms to the negative stereotypes about ugly people, which makes it impossible for them to enjoy any benefits of doubt and a second chance, if there did any.

Receive More Attention and Validation

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Going by the scientific experiment highlights the positive emotions that come from the secretion of dopamine hormones into our brain when we encounter attractive people; it makes people want to avoid ugly people and focus their interactions on attractive people. This theory alone makes it impossible for ugly people to receive attention and validation from people. There is also the cultural factor that plays a role in the inability of ugly people to gain recognition from people, the inherent negative bias towards ugly people, which makes it difficult to receive any sort of social attention and validation based on their looks.

Elicit Help from Others

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Getting unsolicited help from others is not something that ugly people get for free. Whether from dealing with flat tires, declined payment from the cash machine, moving heavy items or other activities. People do not feel obliged to offer a helping hand base on factors such as implicit bias, confirmation bias and rarely occurrence negative experiences they have about ugly people, which in most cases is very rare to come by.

Be More Likely to be Considered for Opportunities

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Various factors explain why ugly people aren’t likely to be considered for opportunities. This includes societal prioritization of attractiveness, cognitive bias, unconscious bias and societal stereotypes. These are unending factors that shape the decision-making process, where ugly people are most likely removed from the pool of opportunities based on their looks. Another thing is an unconscious assumption that brings the feeling of generalization into the fold of selection processes that spike the feeling that everyone emphasizes attractive people at the expense of ugly people.

Plays a Leading Role in the Entertainment Industry

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Apart from the marketability and profitability angle, ugly people who don’t fit the traditional beauty standard are not considered for leading roles based on audience perceptions and societal beauty standards. The entertainment industry emphasizes conventional beauty standards to push its market, which is apparent in its marketing strategy to use attractive faces as the catalyst for selling tickets and attracting viewers.

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