Truths BOOMERS Nailed, That Need to Be Embraced by Woke Millennials

By Krystal Brown

Although there are differences between generations, the life experiences of boomers hold valuable lessons that the younger, socially conscious generations could learn from and adopt.

Hard Work Pays Off

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Boomers grew up in a time when the economy was booming, and opportunities were abundant. They learned to work hard, save money, and invest in their future. While millennials may face more competition and uncertainty in the job market, they can still benefit from adopting a strong work ethic and a long-term vision for their career and finances.

Family Comes First

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Boomers valued family above all else and often sacrificed their happiness and ambitions for the sake of their spouses and children. They understood that family is the most important source of support, love, and stability in life. Millennials, who are more likely to delay marriage and parenthood or opt out of them altogether, may miss out on the joys and benefits of having a close-knit family.

Respect Your Elders

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Boomers were taught to respect their parents, teachers, bosses, and other authority figures. They listened to their advice, followed their rules, and honored their traditions. They recognized that elders have wisdom and experience that can help them navigate life’s challenges. Millennials, who are more skeptical and rebellious, may disregard or disrespect their elders and lose the opportunity to learn from them.

Be Grateful for What You Have 

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Boomers witnessed the horrors of war, poverty, and oppression around the world. They appreciated the freedoms and privileges they enjoyed in their country and did not take them for granted. They expressed gratitude for their health, happiness, and prosperity. Millennials, who are more exposed to social media and consumerism, may compare themselves to others and feel dissatisfied with what they have. They may forget to be thankful for the things that matter in life.

Live Within Your Means

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Boomers lived frugally and avoided debt. They saved for rainy days, emergencies, and retirement. They spent wisely and responsibly and did not waste money on unnecessary or frivolous things. They understood that living within your means is the key to financial security and peace of mind. Millennials may overspend and overborrow because they are more likely to be influenced by peer pressure and advertising. They might overspend and experience stress and debt problems. 

Learn From Your Mistakes 

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Boomers made mistakes, but they did not let them define them. They learned from their failures, corrected their errors, and moved on. They did not dwell on the past or blame others for their problems. They took responsibility for their actions and outcomes and used them as opportunities to grow and improve. Millennials may refrain from taking chances or trying new things because they are more afraid of rejection and failure. They may deny or justify their mistakes or give up easily when faced with difficulties.

Be Humble and Modest

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Boomers were humble and modest about their achievements and abilities. They did not boast or brag about themselves or put others down. They acknowledged their flaws and limitations and sought feedback and help when needed. They respected others’ opinions and perspectives and did not assume they knew everything or were always right. The more self-assured and assertive millennial generation could be perceived as haughty or narcissistic. They may overestimate themselves or underestimate others, or be too proud or stubborn to admit when they are wrong or need help.

Be Loyal and Faithful

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Boomers were loyal and faithful to their partners, friends, employers, and causes. They valued commitment, trust, and honesty in their relationships. They did not cheat or betray those who loved them or depended on them. Independent and adventurous millennials may be less loyal to relationships, change partners frequently, and struggle to maintain meaningful connections.

Be Optimistic

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Boomers were hopeful about their future and the world. They believed that things would get better, that they could achieve their goals, and that they could make a difference. They faced challenges with courage, resilience, and positivity. They did not let fear, doubt, or negativity hold them back or bring them down. Millennials, being realistic and cynical, may be less optimistic about their future and the world. They may see more problems than solutions, obstacles than opportunities, and threats than possibilities. This may result in a lack of motivation, confidence, and enthusiasm to pursue dreams and change the world.

Be Kind and Compassionate

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Boomers were known for their kindness and compassion towards others, especially those in need. They volunteered their time, money, and skills to help others and supported the causes they cared about. They empathized with others’ feelings and treated them with respect and dignity. They did not judge or discriminate against others based on race, gender, religion, or background. Millennials, on the other hand, who are more individualistic and competitive, may be less kind and compassionate toward others. 

They may focus more on their interests, needs, or desires than others, lacking empathy or sympathy for others’ struggles. They may also be more intolerant or divisive based on their identity or ideology, forgetting that kindness and compassion are the keys to a happy and fulfilling life.

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