Cracking the Code: 13 Intriguing Tricks Men Use to Attract Women! Are You Being Played?

By Krystal Brown

Have you ever wondered how some guys seem to be able to catch the eye and capture the interest of women with ease? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, there are a few attraction tactics that men can employ to pique the ladies’ curiosity.

In this article, we will explore some of the most effective attraction tactics that men can use, and we will discuss why they work. We will also provide tips on how to use these tactics ethically and respectfully. So, if you’re looking to improve your chances of attracting women, read on!

The Bachelor

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You must watch The Bachelor if you haven’t already! However, many men have admitted to pretending to be interested in the series or its sister shows to win over potential partners. Make it make sense…

Pumpkin Patches

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Many men behave as though they are interested in activities like going to pumpkin patches and other fall-themed activities that make women excited.


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Though intriguing, philosophy is not for everyone and isn’t particularly romantic. To impress a woman who enjoys philosophy, some men may enroll in philosophy courses or study philosophical texts. However, acting impressively because you want to win a lady’s heart seldom works.

Taylor Swift

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Guys may believe that by pretending to like these pop stars, they might boost their chances of earning a girl’s affection. On the other hand, pretending to enjoy someone else’s musical preferences is unsustainable over time. Being open about one’s preferences is preferable.

Lifting Weights

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Some men make it a daily habit to work out in the gym. Others, however, push themselves to perform a task they dread to win the favor of women.

A man who takes care of his physique is admired by many ladies. However, there are more effective ways to seduce a female than to pretend to be interested in lifting weights.


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Baseball is America’s favorite sport, and for many guys, attending a game with colleagues is an enjoyable trip. But some people put up with uninteresting experiences to impress attractive women. 

Of course, it is perfectly fine to be interested in a game, but doing so because you are genuinely interested seems like a more noble thing to do.

The Brothers Jonas

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Girls adore the Jonas Brothers, a very popular boy band from the early 2000s. Some men pretend to enjoy the music of the Jonas Brothers to win over their crushes. Most of the time, it is unsuccessful since real Jonas Brothers fans can immediately spot the deception.

Being A Vegan

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Being a vegetarian is admirable, but trying to seduce a female by acting like one doesn’t always succeed. Who knows? One should always be truthful about their eating choices. She might just like a meat eater too!

Somebody had to learn the hard way. They claimed to love being a vegetarian throughout high school, although they regularly ate large amounts of meat. The relationship didn’t last.


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A well-read man is attractive to many women, and browsing the bookshelves of a nice bookstore is charming. A smart lady, though, can see a fake from a thousand feet away.


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Men can dance naturally in different ways. Even those who are completely incapable of dancing will nonetheless do it to appear more impressive to the woman they admire. It might be romantic and enjoyable to dance, but it is unnecessary to seem as though you adore it.

Purchasing A Motorcycle

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Some ladies may find motorcycle riding to be appealing since it may seem masculine and daring. However, there are risks associated with riding a motorbike, so it’s important to be sincere about your passion before making a purchase.

Someone discovered a startling link. He wrote on a forum where this issue was discussed: “I know so many guys that got bikes because they wanted to impress the girls. It seems that men are more likely than women to be interested in motorbikes.”

Acting Like A Social Butterfly

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Generally speaking, women are more drawn to guys who are at ease in various kinds of social settings. She needs to see that you can handle social situations well and that you have plenty of friends who can attest to your admirable character. 

But in reality, most guys don’t care about social life or how admirable their character is. Being social or not should be a personality preference thing and should not be used to trick women into a relationship.

Making Themselves Scarce

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This is one popular trick that has been largely popularized by the alpha male culture. The idea is to make yourself scarce as much as possible to draw the lady’s attention. Most men who practice this trick go as far as hurting themselves and even others just to get a girl. Why stay away from someone you want so badly, though? Sounds counter-intuitive.