10 Traits You Think Men Find ATTRACTIVE, but They Actually Don’t

By Krystal Brown

If you are a woman on the lookout for a new relationship you may be being too harsh on yourself when it comes to how you need to act. We take a look at 10 traits you think men find attractive, but they actually don’t.

Being Skinny

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Women stress about being a perfect weight and will deprive themselves of tasty food in order to keep the extra pounds at bay. However, it turns out that men actually prefer curvier bodies to skinny and straight bodies. A little extra weight around the hip and bust area is what makes most men swoon. So, ladies, embrace your curves and enjoy that butter in your toast. 

Playing Hard to Get

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Remember the old saying “treat them mean to keep them keen”? Well, it turns out that this is very bad advice as men actually like women to be straight with them. When men are dating they don’t want to be messed around and would prefer you to have the confidence of knowing what you want and going for it. While the games might work very early on in a relationship, they will soon wear thin and men will look elsewhere. 


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Giggling and acting cute in general is what a lot of women feel men find attractive but in reality, it comes across as being very annoying. The perception that an innocent, needy woman needs rescuing by a serious man has long been left behind and men want women who can have a real conversation with them rather than just being a pretty face that cannot hold a conversation. 

A Youthful Face

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Women work just as hard at avoiding wrinkles as they do losing weight as they think a youthful face with no lines is desirable for men. Men, however, want women to look natural and embrace the laughter lines and crow’s feet as a sign that a woman has lived and enjoyed life. The strive to be perfect is not as attractive as women think it is and men can get turned off when a woman spends more time on her facial routine than they do on them.

Ditching Your Friends

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A lot of women feel that they need to turn down their girlfriends when they suggest a night out but don’t be hasty, it can be beneficial. Having lots of friends can make you attractive to men as they see that you are a well-liked and well-respected member of a friend group. Yes, it is nice to spend time with your beau but spending every night with them can be stifling so change it up a bit and have a picture of nights out with your friends and great dates with your loved one. 

Pretending You Like What He Likes

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Pleasing your man can be great but only if you are being genuine. Men know when you are just doing things to make them happy or give their ego a boost so try not to try too hard. Men want you to be natural and tell them all of the things that you like rather than laugh at their jokes that you don’t find funny or be bored on a day at the driving range on a date. Men want to do the things that you don’t enjoy with their friends and that is OK. 

Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery, including fillers and botox, is something that many women will pay for in a bid to keep them looking youthful and attractive. Being filler free is something men find attractive as they like a more natural look and love the confidence that women who say no to enhancements ooze. 

Spending Lots of Money

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Shopping is not just something women do, sometimes it can consume them. While it is nice for women to look good and buy nice things to make them attractive to men, it can get too much and men will think that you are being overindulgent. 

Being Funny

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It is great to have a good sense of humor and make men laugh from time to time but be careful not to be too funny as you may be too overpowering. Some men want to be the funniest in their relationship and don’t take kindly to women being the star of the show. Of course, when the two of you are together you will have a whale of a time. 

A Husky Voice

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Husky voices have the perception of being sexy but if you are trying to put on a sultry voice that is not natural, a man will find it off-putting. Some men feel they can exert more power over women who have a high-pitched voice that fits the stereotypes of women being quiet and meek!

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