11 Types of Toxic People to NEVER Have in Your Circle

By Krystal Brown

Dealing with toxic individuals in your life requires setting boundaries and communicating your feelings to protect your mental well-being.

The Blamer

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They never accept responsibility for what they do and are always eager to place the blame for any mistakes they make on you. Even when it is obvious they were wrong, they never apologize and instead, try to place the responsibility on you or other people.

Such actions might be exhausting and give you the impression that you are always at fault. Establish boundaries and explain how their words affect you so they will understand it is not acceptable to place all the responsibility on you.

The Gossip

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If a person habitually gossips about others and spreads stories about them, let them know that you don’t tolerate this kind of behavior. Associating with these people might be risky since they can want to include you in their gossip or start spreading stories about you.

Don’t let them include you in their gossip group. To avoid being implicated, break off communication or limit it to a minimum.

The Energy Vampires

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When you spend time with this individual, you always feel worn out because they continually sap your energy. They may need help regularly yet provide little in return. Whatever the cause, this imbalanced relationship can be poisonous and detrimental to your mental well-being.

Give them some room; it will benefit you. Share with them your concern for them and your belief that it is unhealthy for you to be with someone who is constantly receiving but never giving.

The Spreader Of Negativity

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Being with someone who is perpetually gloomy might be distressing. They quickly reject your suggestions, focusing primarily on negative aspects rather than thinking about alternative solutions.

It’s important to limit your contact with this person since their actions may encourage you to doubt your abilities and have pessimistic thoughts about the future.

The Victim

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This individual constantly uses the victim card to win others over. When they want attention, they could exaggerate their issues or shift blame to everyone else.

It’s never a good idea to be around anyone like this because of how emotionally taxing their actions may be. Offer them your support, but if they don’t accept responsibility for their actions, it’s time to cut them off.

The Critical Individual

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This person usually has an opinion and won’t hold it back, no matter how offensive or misguided it may be. They may casually comment on your choices with the intent to mock or critique you, and they aren’t open to hearing different points of view.

When a friend exhibits this type of behavior, call them out on it. Inform them of your feelings and request that they speak discreetly and with more respect. If they aren’t changing their behavior, you already know what to do.

The Jealous Friend

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Someone like this constantly envies your achievements and could even try to undermine you to make themselves feel better. They can disregard your successes or make offensive remarks to make you feel terrible.

Dealing with this sort of conduct may be difficult, especially if it comes from a close friend or relative. This behavior can at times be cleverly concealed and hard to detect. Therefore, you must remain alert and take appropriate action if you spot any jealousy-related behaviors.

The Controlling Individual

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This individual tends to be highly dictatorial and constantly needs to be in command. They could attempt to influence your choices or instruct you on what to do and what not to do. It’s time to hold your ground if someone is constantly attempting to dominate you. Inform the offender that their actions are unacceptable and that they have to respect your opinion. This sort of behavior can result in an unpleasant and even toxic relationship if left uncontrolled. Show them the way out if nothing changes.

The Arrogant Person

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They always put on a show and boast about their achievements. They believe they are superior to others and are not afraid to express it.

Someone like them might make you feel insignificant while they are around. Limiting your interactions with these people can help prevent the negative effects of their toxic behavior on your mental health.

The Self-Opinionated

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This kind of person is never willing to consider different perspectives because they always have to be correct. They believe their viewpoint is the only one that matters, and if it is contested, they may become hostile. It’s advised to steer clear of arguments with these folks because they may not take losing well. Set limits instead and let them know how their conduct makes you feel.

The Wasters Of Time

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Although they always try to get your attention, they never appear to have anything profound to say. They could hold you on a call for hours or barrage you with messages, which will make it hard for you to concentrate and complete crucial tasks.

Set boundaries and make it obvious that you’re not always available. Tell them that while you value the relationship, you also have other obligations that need your attention.

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