12 Toxic Beliefs About Masculinity That Are Holding Men Back In Relationships

By Krystal Brown

In today’s rapidly changing world, relationship dynamics are evolving, requiring men to rethink outdated beliefs for healthier partnerships. We highlight twelve misconceptions men should address to enhance understanding, communication, and intimacy. By discarding these notions, emotional bonds, open dialogue, and fulfilling relationships can flourish. Embracing change leads to a harmonious shared life.

1. Men Can’t Do House Chores

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The enduring notion that guys should avoid housekeeping because it is “women’s work” is an antiquated idea from a time when the majority of women were not employed at all. In today’s sexually inclusive culture, the concept has no relevance. Sharing household duties isn’t only about being fair; it’s also about respecting your spouse enough not to deal with them like a maid.

2. Victimization Is Not Masculine

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Physical and mental violence is not limited to women; many men face victimization as well. The toxic assumption that this cannot happen prevents men from detecting abuse and receiving help. Regardless of your gender, don’t be afraid to inform your spouse if you have an abusive past or are facing abuse. Effective relationships cannot flourish when past trauma is disregarded or neglected.

3. Males Usually Take Charge

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A good relationship involves mutual respect and collaborative decision-making, therefore a single individual should not be in charge at all times. This idea may stop people from freely exchanging ideas and opinions and it can lead to power imbalances in relationships. Making decisions and claiming control all the time makes women feel insignificant and inferior and puts undue pressure on men to do it all.

4. A “Real” Man Doesn’t Cry

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Someone who loves you won’t mind if you cry, and letting them see your vulnerable side can help you become more intimate. There is no reason why guys shouldn’t be able to show this basic human response to several emotions. Men’s emotional health will suffer, and genuine communication and self-expression will be drastically reduced in an atmosphere where crying is seen as an inappropriate way to vent. 

5. Men Cannot Be Friends With Women

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Male and female platonic friendships are healthy and have just as much value as relationships between people of the same sex. It is extremely unfair and nearly always wrong to assume that men can only develop meaningful relationships with women when there is sex involved. Recognizing and enjoying platonic bonds with the opposite sex enhances and eventually improves men’s lives.

6. Men Do Not Need Therapy

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 The damaging belief that men should deal with their troubles in silence is immensely destructive; talking about what’s bothering us is essential and healthy for everyone. This belief prevents men from getting help when they do and is anti-self-development and anti-growth. Better understanding, compassion, and commitment in relationships are the results of promoting open communication with both loved ones and professional therapists.

7. Men Do Not Display Affection In Public

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We’re not advocating that you make out with her at the in-laws’ meal, but there is nothing wrong with someone displaying affection in public when it is suitable. Relationships will suffer if men are taught to be discreet while declaring their love in public. Take pleasure in your partner, whether it’s by holding hands or just a brief kiss. These small acts can improve your relationship and make you both feel safe and loved.

8. Every Man Should Be Physically Fit

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Simply put, this theory is insane. Maintaining this perspective creates a damaging emphasis on physical strength instead of emotional intelligence, wellness, or compassion. Not every guy needs to be a bodybuilder to show his masculinity. Women value strengths beyond physical ones, so don’t focus on becoming a muscle-bound Superman if that’s not your thing. A good relationship depends on both people respecting and acknowledging one other’s unique traits.

9. There Are Some ‘Feminine’ Hobbies That Men Should Avoid

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Hobbies shouldn’t be gender-specific. You should like whatever makes you happy. It’s obsolete and confining to believe that some hobbies are inappropriate for men. Men may express themselves more fully and experience higher personal fulfillment when given the freedom to pursue what they enjoy. Happier people become better spouses because they possess extra fascinating skills or expertise to offer to their chosen spouse. Win-win situation!

10. It Is Weak To Be Vulnerable

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Men all too often confuse weakness with vulnerability. To be upfront with your spouse and honest about your emotions, anxieties, and doubts requires genuine strength. Without this openness, a man cannot expect his spouse to understand him completely or his moods, which might limit their intimacy and seriously impede effective communication. So instead of avoiding it, let’s embrace vulnerability!

11. Men Must Provide

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Not that contributing to a relationship is unimportant, but the belief that men ought to perpetually be the primary financial providers has become outdated in our day of sexual equality. To achieve balance and reciprocal support in a relationship, it is acceptable for a woman to make money more or to help her spouse through difficult times. It doesn’t lessen a man’s value as long as he isn’t being purposefully lazy.

12. They Should Always Take The Initiative

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This belief puts a lot of demand on men. It can cause feelings of inadequacy, particularly if there are underlying natural causes affecting their sex desires, such as stress, illness, or aging. Additionally, it keeps up the negative narrative. Additionally, it supports the negative myth that women should abstain from having sexual experiences. Let’s promote, as an alternative, the notion that initiating should be a shared obligation.

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